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10 Hour Road Trips From Chicago


If you are thinking of spending your next weekend away from your city or planning to discover the best places near Chicago – we got you! Whatever the case is, we understand time is a crucial thing, so after complete research, here are some adorable places at a 10-hour distance from Chicago.

Whether you want to choose a short road trip with your family or want to spend a long weekend with your loved one – explore everything within a 1000-mile range from Chicago below!

So, together let’s hit the road and cruise through the roadways from this Windy City to make memories.

Where is Chicago?

Whenever we think about the marvelous skylines, Cloud Gate, and Skydeck, Chicago is hard to miss. It’s a city of high culture, jazz, and sports located in the state of Illinois. Chicago, Illinois, is famous for being the third largest city in the United States of America, with a population of almost three million people.

10-hour Road Trips from Chicago

Road trip fanatics, get ready! Almost all the fun places and roads are open for your long excursion. You can hop on to a fun car vacation from a windy city. The possibilities are endless, from every New York City, Indiana Dunes, and Wisconsin Dells to a short road trip to Milwaukee. Here are the best places you can visit that can take about 10 hours to reach:

New York, USA

Road/Routine: I-90 E and I-80 E

Distance: 789.9 mi

Driving time: 12 hours


When we think about sports, music, Broadway shows, galleries, and museums, New York pops up without any doubt. Fortunately! An almost 10-hour road trip from Chicago to New York is a land full of amusement. There are some top places to visit in New York, such as Fifth Avenue, New York Grand Central Terminal Station, Central Park, the Empire State Building, Times Square, and the Statue of Liberty.

In case you are worried about what are the best places to stay in New York, especially with the kids, it gets a bit of a problem. Leave your worries; here are some of the best and most secure accommodations in New York as it is overall a safe place to visit:

  • The Manhattan at Times Square Hotel
  • Pod
  • YOTEL New York Times Square
  • The One Boutique Hotel
  • Four Points by Sheraton
  • Crowe Plaza Times Square

Before booking, make sure to confirm if they allow pets to stay with you. As a solo female traveler, remember to check the online reviews before getting any accommodations.

Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Route/Road: US-35 E

Distance: 754.7 mi

Driving Time: 12 hours

Some people reach their destination, Charlotte, in around 10 hours, but most people take 12 hours to reach this romantic place with their families. If you’re looking for a good weekend spot, Charlotte has some great offers for you! It provides vacation rentals and the best hotels to stay in.

Remember to visit the Min Museum and the U.S. National Whitewater Center while you are in Charlotte. Independence Park is another eye-catching place in Charlotte to visit with your family.

Can you take a Train from Chicago to North Carolina?

Unfortunately, it is not possible. There is no direct train from Chicago to Charlotte. However, there is a way, but it will interrupt your smooth road trip from Chicago. You can take the services from Chicago Union Station and reach Charlotte Amtrak Station via Charlottesville.

Asheville, North Carolina, USA

Route/Road: I-65 S and I-75 S

Distance: 654 mi

Driving Time: 10 Hours


Welcome to the mountain town, which offers beauty, art, and culture like none can. This mountain town is in the Blue Ridge Mountains and is no doubt a wonderful vacation hub. Asheville is a perfect family vacation spot, giving you the opportunity to hike freely. I recommend you visit this town in the winter season; although a 10-hour road trip from Chicago during winter can be hectic, it will be worth it.

Washington, DC

Route/Road: US-35 E

Distance: 754 mi

Driving Time: 12 Hours

Washington, DC, is known for more things and places other than the White House. It has so many national monuments, museums, Dupont Circle, and the best Italian restaurants. There are tons of trendy and pet-friendly cafes. You can also have a romantic art gallery date with your lover.

Don’t worry if you’ve chosen a quick road trip from Chicago to Washington, DC, as it has the best affordable and secure hotels. You can stay in the Omni Shoreham Hotel, the Hay-Adams, and the A.C. Hotel by Marriott Washington DC Downtown. Other than that, you will find the best places to eat in Washington DC; you must try half-smoke hot dogs, pupusas, and mumbi sauce. You can further read about the distance from Washington to New York here if you have further plans of visiting another city with your family.

Georgetown (Washington DC)

Route/Road: I-90 E and I-76

Distance: 696.3 mi

Driving Time: 11 hours


In Georgetown (Washington DC), you are in for a ride to the historical beauty, upscale shops and restaurants, and cultural venues. This is just an 11-hour road trip away from Chicago. You can witness the astonishing beauty of Old Stone House, The Exorcist Steps, and the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. I personally want you to visit Blues Alley; I bet you would love the jazz sessions there.

National Mall

Route/Road: I-90 E and I-76

Distance: 700.7 mi

Driving Time: 11 Hours

National Mall is a well-known landscape park near the downtown area of Washington, DC. This place borders multiple museums of the Smithsonian Institution and contains a couple of art galleries, cultural institutions, and various memorials, sculptures, and statues.

Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

Route/Road: I-57 S and US-67 S

Distance: 643.4 mi

Driving Time: 10 Hours


It is a perfect place for the foodie ones, as it is a foodie city. It is located in the Arkansas River, and its popular sites are the William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum, the Old State House Museum, Pinnacle Mountain State Park, Esse Purse Museum, and the Little Rock Zoo. It is the most populated city in the U.S. The temperature around here is mostly mild, the food is beyond great, and people are friendly.


Route/Road: I-65 S

Distance: 716.2 mi

Driving Time: 11 Hours

Taking a road trip from Chicago to Atlanta would be an amazing idea! There are so many fun places you can go to with your family and friends in Atlanta. Jot down the following places for your next vacation:

  • Georgia Aquarium
  • Centennial Olympic Park
  • High Museum of Art
  • Zoo Atlanta

You can stay in the below-mentioned places while enjoying a vacation in Atlanta:

  • Hilton Atlanta
  • Holiday Inn & Suites Atlanta Airport
  • Crowne Plaza Atlanta – Midtown, an IHG Hotel

Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

Route/Road: I-65 S

Distance: 601.0 mi

Driving Time: 9 Hours


The historical association of this land with the Civil War is unforgettable. However, there are some cool places you can visit with your kids and buddies after an almost 10-hour-long road trip from Chicago. Visit Chattanooga Choo Choo, Lookout Mountain, Ruby Falls, Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum, and Hunter Museum of American Art. A picture spot is the famous Walnut Street Bridge, a memory to never forget.

Note: The mentioned estimated time and routes are for your planning purposes only. There can be some inconveniences throughout your road trip due to traffic, weather conditions, events, and construction projects. You can quickly and easily check these factors before starting your road trip.

Long Distance Travel Tips for Pet Owners

Almost 37% of pet owners do not prefer leaving their furry friends at home and prefer traveling with them. It is completely fine, although if you are traveling with your pet for more than 10 hours, it can be challenging. However, there are some ways to help you make this 10-hour-long road trip from Chicago an enjoyable experience with your pet:


Before hopping on to a straight 10-hour ride, how about you go for at least 2 or 3 hours with your pet? Observe their reaction and train them accordingly.

Vet Visit

Mark the checkboxes for your pet’s vaccinations, medications, or any documentation they require to travel for a long time. Make sure to check for parasites, too.


Chicago Law and Regulations

As long as you stick to cute, friendly, and harmless pets. You have got nothing to worry about. Although, carnivorous animals are not allowed to enter the premises. I hope you do have any.

Prepare for the Trip

Once you have planned 10-hour road trips from Chicago, you better ensure you are all geared up. Pack food, water, towels, extra clothes/tires, a full gas tank, a leash, medications, favorite toys, and water disposal items.

Map out the Stops

Whatever road you take from Chicago, don’t forget to check out the spots where you can rest. Check their nearby safety situations and if it is suitable for your pet to walk or you to rest for a while.

Pet Travel Insurance

It is not mandatory; however, most people prefer to purchase travel insurance for pets before embarking on long-distance traveling.


Please don’t get overwhelmed; traveling with pets can be a responsible journey, but it is full of loving and memorable moments. So cherish it along with a 10-hour road trip from Chicago.

What is the safest seat for your pet in a car?

Your furry friend needs to stay relaxed and comfortable throughout the ride. The front seat is not ideal for pets due to airbag damage. So, keeping your pet in the back seat while traveling long distances is best.

Closing Chapter: 10-Hour Road Trips from Chicago

A fun 10-hour road trip from Chicago is all you need to strengthen family bonds and create lasting memories with friends. Moreover, if you are planning to spend your weekend at a new place where you can enjoy recreational activities, then buckle up on Friday. Take a 10-hour road trip from Chicago, leave the hustle and bustle of Windy City, and head to the city of romance.

There are so many wonderful places just waiting for you to have your life-changing experiences. On this road trip, our kids won’t get bored, or if you are traveling solo, it would be a perfect time for you to broaden your horizons. So, what are you waiting for? Buckle up, blast your jam, and hit the road.

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