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Most Beautiful Places in Mississippi


Wondering where to go in Mississippi? Mississippi is the hub of some of the most beautiful places in the world.

It is a Southern state of the United States with the Mississippi River to its west. This state is the birthplace of many world-class musicians, including Blues music. It is also known as ”the Magnolia State,” and is known for its beautiful beaches, charming towns, and fertile farmlands. It has become a popular tourist spot for many years. Whether you are going with family, your partner, or a group of friends, it is a great vacation destination with so much to do and so much to see.

To make it easier for you to explore the most beautiful places in Mississippi, we have categorized them according to the type of visitors. You can find the most beautiful places in Mississippi for adults, kids, and couples. The list of places is endless however we have compiled the six best places for each category, so what are you waiting for? Scroll through these places, grab your partner, and embark on an unforgettable journey to Mississippi.

Top Attractive Places in Mississippi

Countless beautiful places in Mississippi offer great activities for everyone. Here we have gathered and compiled a list of 18 most beautiful places divided into 3 main categories. Each category consists of 6 lovely places. We hope you find the perfect place to visit in Mississippi according to your interest.

6 Most Beautiful Places in Mississippi for Adults

Whether you are looking for a peaceful and calm experience in nature or adventurous activities such as hiking or boating, you will find everything in Mississippi. Following are the most beautiful places in Mississippi for adults, along with all the fun activities you can do there.

Elvis Presley Lake – Tupelo

You must have heard about the legendary musician, Elvis Presley, being a music lover, have you? If yes, you cannot miss this place. This lake is named after him and is located in Tupelo. Just around the lake is Elvis Presley Birthplace and Museum, where you can find all the objects from Elvis’s childhood. Go for a drive to the nearby town of Tupelo and have the nostalgic experience of visiting the birthplace of your favorite musician.


This place is quite popular among hikers, boaters, and campers. There is a lovely campground located on the east shore where you can set up camp with your friends. If you are looking for a peaceful experience with a great view, this is the place for you. You can enjoy a bonfire or barbecue with your friends beside the calm lake.

Windsor Ruins – Port Gibson

Are you into knowing the history of mysterious places? Get ready to experience a great historic lesson at the Windsor Ruins in Port Gibson.


This historic landmark stands between breathtaking scenery. It is unlike any other tourist attraction. The remains of the Windsor Ruins attract tourists and make them forget about the past of slavery, war, and disaster. It was built by a wealthy plantation owner, Smith Coffee Daniel II, between 1859 and 1961. A fire in 1890 ruined the whole building, and only 29 enormous Corinthian columns were left behind. It has been the site of filming for many Hollywood films, including Raintree County (1957) and Ghosts of Mississippi (1996).

Tourists who are into history should add this place to their bucket list while visiting Mississippi. Windsor Ruins is an iconic place for them to visit and experience the inspiring history.

Clark Creek Nature Area – Woodville

Experience nature at its best in the Clark Creek Nature Area. This mesmerizing place is the perfect combination of hills, waterfalls, and forests. It is considered to be an outdoor treasure in Mississippi. The area extends to 700 acres consisting of over 50 waterfalls that are almost 30 feet tall. Evoke your inner outdoor enthusiast and experience cycling and hiking through the forests. Clark Creek is also known for its amazing wildlife, as while trekking, you can come across birds, snakes, and other animals.


The hills are steep, and the forest is dense, so make sure to carry all the necessary things for the trek. It is advised to wear proper shoes for the trek and carry water and some snacks with you. If you are young and an enthusiast, do not miss out on this awesome adventurous place in Mississippi.

Vicksburg National Military Park – Vicksburg

If you want to explore the history and facts of the Civil War, we recommend you explore the Vicksburg National Military Park. This park preserves over 1400 historical monuments honoring the soldiers of the war. Inside the park is the USS Cairo Gunboat and Museum, where visitors can see all kinds of artifacts of the Civil War era. Some other worth-seeing spots inside the park include the 141 cannons and carriages, Vicksburg National Cemetery, Visitor Center, Nine historic fortifications, and 15 historic bridges.


Explore the park by going on a 16-mile guided road tour. If you want to stay active then you can also choose to trek through the Al Schelling Hiking Trail which is a 12.5 miles long trail. Such a long trail can make you hungry but don’t worry along the way you can find an Italian restaurant, Billy’s Italian Restaurant. Grab a pizza or pasta from here and enjoy it while exploring the park. Don’t miss this place on your trip to Mississippi and unravel the secrets of the Civil War.

Dunn’s Falls Water Park – Enterprise

Planning to go for a summer getaway? What is better than going to Dunn’s Falls Water Park which is the home to the 65′ tall Dunn’s Waterfall?


This man-made waterfall is the tallest one in Mississippi and was created by John Dunn in 1850. This waterfall was built to power a grist mill. Refresh yourself with a visit to this beautiful water park. Here you can involve yourself in different activities such as fishing, boating, canoeing, and swimming. The area under the waterfall is not so deep and is ideal for swimming. Kill the heat and enjoy swimming in the cool water under this tall waterfall. Picnic tables, grills, and campsites are also available at the park.

If you are fed up with the summers and need a quick getaway, do not hesitate to go on a trip to Dunn’s Falls Water Park with your friends and family.

Ship Island – Gulfport

Looking for a summer adventure on the beach? Pack your bags and head to Ship Island in Gulfport.


Enjoy a ferry ride from Gulfport to get to the island. On your journey, you can see Bottlenose Dolphins playing around in the water. Have fun playing in the water with your friends. Hiking, shelling, and kite-flying are some great ways to spend time on the island. Ship Island’s snack bar offers a variety of beach essentials such as hats, bathing suits, and beach toys. You will even come across some unique species of birds here on the island. Enjoy a cold beer while sunbathing at the beach. Chandeleur Brewing Company is popular among visitors and locals for offering great quality beers.

Experience the beauty of tranquil nature and the calming beach at Ship Island. It is not to be missed on your trip to Mississippi.

6 Most Beautiful Places in Mississippi for Couples

If you are planning a trip with your lover, think no more, Mississippi is where you should be! This state offers a variety of beautiful places for couples providing them with the ultimate romantic experience. Here we have compiled a list of the most beautiful places for couples for you to choose from for your trip.

The White House Hotel – Biloxi

Looking for a place with a romantic vibe? Book a suite at the White House Hotel with a beachfront location along the Gulf of Biloxi.


If your partner likes historical places then lucky for you most of the historical attractions are just around the corner from the hotel. The rooms and suites are designed in such a way as to get you into a romantic view. The honeymoon suite overlooks the gulf. You can enjoy the beach view from your room with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Cora’s Restaurant and Bar offers a great menu with dishes of Mississippi cuisine. Share a glass of wine with your love in the most romantic ambiance. The facilities of luxurious pools and hot tubs are also available for couples.

The White House Hotel is perfect for a romantic getaway so don’t miss it out!

Tishomingo State Park – Tishomingo

Take your wife or girlfriend to an outdoor adventure at the Tishomingo State Park. What makes this place so special are the giant rock formations and many waterfalls that are not seen anywhere else in Mississippi. Spend your time at the park doing plenty of activities including fishing, hiking, canoeing, and rock climbing. Grab your partner’s hand and walk on through the beautiful trails while enjoying nature around you. Couples can spend the day in nature and their night in the rustic cabins in the park.


If your girl likes the beauty of nature and loves an outdoor adventure then don’t miss out on this place in Mississippi. It is ideal for outdoor enthusiast couples.

The Natchez Trace Parkway – Natchez

Do you want to take your girlfriend on a romantic long drive in Mississippi? Take her to the 444-mile Natchez Trace Parkway.


Experience the most breathtaking views during your drive through the parkway. There are plenty of other fun activities for couples on the Trace Parkway. There are many campgrounds here where you can set up a camp and spend a romantic evening with your partner. Picnic tables are also available if you are in the mood for a picnic. If you do not want to drive then you can walk through the scenic trail of Trace Parkway while holding hands with your loved one. Enjoy cycling and horse riding on these beautiful trails.

Experience nature at its finest on the Natchez Trace Parkway with your partner. Embark on a romantic getaway to this scenic place on your trip to Mississippi.

Bonne Terre Country Inn & Café – Nesbit

Plan a romantic stay at the Bonne Terre Country Inn & Café. This beautiful place is located in the highlands of Mississippi. There are 15 guest rooms with the most beautiful view of the grounds. The rooms are equipped with fireplaces, televisions, and private baths. Couples can admire the antiques found in the luxurious rooms. Enjoy breakfasts and dinners at the café which offers American-style food. Couples are greeted with fresh flowers and strawberries covered with chocolates. You can either relax at the pool with your wife or take her on a stroll to explore the grounds surrounding the inn.


If you are looking for a romantic ambiance then book your room at the Bonne Terre Country Inn & Café and make unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

Gold Strike Casino Resort – Robinsonville

Make your romantic vacation exciting by visiting the Gold Strike Casino Resort at Robinsonville. Rooms and suites are available for couples. Other facilities of pool and spa are also available. Add an exciting element to your trip by playing at the casino. You can have the most fun-filled time at the casino for hours. All types of cuisines are available here, ranging from buffets to steaks. There is something for everyone’s taste. Enjoy playing golf with your spouse at the golf course within the resort.


Gold Strike Casino Resort is sure to add a thrill to your romance. This place is for couples who like a blend of romance and excitement on their trip.

Gold Nugget – Biloxi

If you’re excited to explore the best things to do in Biloxi, Mississippi, visit the Gold Nugget on the Gulf Coast. It is a great luxury experience to level up your excitement. There are suites and rooms with stunning views. Couples can enjoy the view of the coast from their balconies while sipping fine-quality wine. There is a variety of dining venues located on the premises where visitors can enjoy the food of every cuisine. Whether you prefer seafood or steak, you can have them here in a romantic setting. This place is full of life and entertainment. Enjoy the coastal nightlife with your girlfriend at this beautiful place in Mississippi. 


Make sure to add this to your list of Mississippi’s most beautiful places to visit. If you are looking for entertainment and excitement then it is not to be missed.

6 Most Beautiful Places in Mississippi for Kids    

Planning a trip with kids can get tricky, it is hard to keep them entertained for long. They need a variety of places with a variety of activities. Lucky for you, Mississippi is a perfect vacation spot for families with kids. There are so many parks, museums, and beaches which will keep your kids entertained. We have compiled a list of the 6 most beautiful places in Mississippi for kids and all the activities you can do here.

Hard Rock Cafe Biloxi — Biloxi

Want a fun place to hang out with your kids? Head straight to the Hard Rock Café. It offers an entertaining atmosphere for both adults and kids.


This rock and roll themed café features live music performances which enhance the overall entertainment factor of the restaurant. It offers a variety of food options for your little picky eaters. From mouth-watering desserts to yummy burgers, they have everything the kids love. Enjoy fine dining with great music memorabilia at the Hard Rock Café.

If your kids are into music and entertainment then take them to Hard Rock Café without any doubt. Keep it on your list of destinations to visit in Mississippi on your next trip with your family.

Biloxi Beach — Biloxi

Who doesn’t love going to the beach on a summer day? The beach is an ideal place to take your children for a fun-filled day, especially if you’re traveling from New Orleans to Biloxi.


Children of all ages and even adults enjoy sunbathing at the beach. While parents relax on soft white sand, kids can go and play around in the warm water of the beach. Biloxi Beach offers many activities for its visitors including kayaking, fishing charters, and lighthouse tours. Kids love all kinds of water activities and the beach is the best place for them. There are also many resorts surrounding Biloxi Beach where you can stay with your family and enjoy the beach view from your balconies. Have a fun-filled vacation at the Biloxi beach with your family and make some exciting memories.

Mississippi Children’s Museum — Jackson

Do you want your kids to have a fun educational experience on vacation in Mississippi? Then grab your kids and head straight to the Mississippi Children’s Museum.


This museum offers a great opportunity for children to learn through play. The goal of the place is to promote learning by offering interactive exhibits and displays. The museum is split into five main galleries and covers a wide range of educational themes such as science, art, literacy, health, and Mississippi heritage. Kids love the bright-colored theme of the museum and can get hands-on experience with art. Bring out the creative side of your kids by exposing them to these galleries offering different activities. Kids can enjoy making a song and dancing.

Explore history and creativity with your kids in a fun-filled way at the Mississippi Children’s Museum. This place must be on your list of family-friendly places in Mississippi.

Jackson Zoo — Jackson

What could be a better place to take your kids than the zoo? Kids always love visiting the zoo and if you are in Jackson make sure to visit the Jackson Zoo.


Every year more than 200,00 visitors visit the Jackson Zoo. There are over 120 species of animals found in the Jackson Zoo with over 800 animals including spider monkeys, African elephants, Snow Leopards, Gopher Tortoises, and many more. Zoo has animals from Asia as well including pandas, tigers, and leopards. By visiting the zoo, kids can learn about different animals and their history. There are many educational and interactive exhibits at the zoo that the kids enjoy. A dining facility is also available at the zoo so while you grab a snack from the restaurant your kids can enjoy different treasure-hunting games offered by the Zoo’s School Group Scavenger Hunt.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack up your bags, grab your kids, head to the Jackson Zoo, and have an exciting day with your family.

Roosevelt State Park — Morton

Roosevelt State Park is a lovely site with plenty of recreational activities. This park has a picturesque landscape that is admired by children and adults alike. There are several fun places at this park including tennis courts, a softball field, nature trails, a swimming pool and water slide, playgrounds, and disc golf. Other fun activities for kids include fishing, boating, and water skiing. With so much to do your kids can never get bored at this charming park. Apart from these, there are some other facilities at the park as well such as a banquet hall, performing arts & media center, visitor center, meeting rooms, picnic area, game room, and picnic pavilions.


Any family trip to Mississippi is incomplete without visiting this one-of-a-kind recreational park. So, don’t forget to add this place to your travel itinerary.

Geyser Falls Waterpark — Philadelphia

Kids love to get into waterparks and enjoy them to their fullest! Did you plan to take your kids along while going on a trip to Mississippi? If yes, get your tickets booked for the Geyser Falls Waterpark. It is among the must-visit places in the state, comprising 23 acres of land within which 8 acres consist of sandy beaches and palm trees. There are 12 major water slides, pools, and other activity areas beside the waterfall. Enjoy playing with your kids in the water. You can celebrate your kid’s birthday at special birthday huts. There is an ice cream parlor and snack bar where children enjoy snacks.


Have a wet and wild adventure at the Geyser Falls Waterpark with your family. This exciting waterpark is not to be missed while visiting Mississippi.


Mississippi is an ideal vacation spot with many beautiful places. This state is located in the Southern part of the United States just along the huge Mississippi River. Whether you are visiting with your family or girlfriend, Mississippi has a variety of places for everyone. We have mentioned the top 18 most beautiful places to visit in Mississippi.

From calming beaches to adventurous trails, historical buildings to museums to exciting fun-filled parks, they have a full package for everyone. After going through all these incredible places, decide which suits your taste and plan your trip to Mississippi accordingly. Have fun exploring the most beautiful places in Mississippi!

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