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How to Get to Havasu Falls Without Hiking


Arizona is a favorite vacation spot for people who love to spend their days in nature. It lets you escape city life and enjoy your time around lakes and waterfalls. Havasu Falls Arizona is a beautiful wonder of nature that attracts tourists throughout the year. Most people decide to hike to the falls and enjoy the views on the way. But those who do not enjoy trekking wonder, “How to get to Havasu Falls without hiking?”

So, if you also want to get to Havasu Falls without hiking, you’re at the right place. This article tells you all about Havasu Falls weather, the alternatives you can pick instead of hiking to the falls, Havasu Falls hotels, and more.

Where is Havasu Falls?

Havasu Falls is located on the Havasupai Indian Reservation, around 200 miles west of the Grand Canyon National Park, a place best known for celebrating a romantic birthday with your loved one. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that, Havasu Falls is among the most popular tourist locations from nearby and distant areas to enjoy their vacation. 

The unique scenery makes these falls a favorite among visitors. Red rocks surround the blue-green waterfall and look like a “straight out of the movies” view.

Often confused with Lake Havasu, the falls are far from the lake. Most people make their Havasu Falls camping reservation for three to four days to make the best out of their stay at Havasu Falls.

How to Go to Havasu Falls?

Most people go to Havasu Falls from Lake Havasu City to the trailhead and then to the falls. The trip usually begins at the Horseshoe Bend parking lot, where visitors park their vehicles before heading to the hike. Here’s the most common route towards the falls:

  • Walk to the canyon’s edge, where you will see the Havasu Falls trail.
  • Follow the signs on the trail to reach Havasu Creek or the Bright Angel Trail. 
  • Rest here for a bit and start hiking toward Havasu Falls.
  • Enjoy your time at the falls and head back the next day.

The Bright Angel Trail is 11 miles compared to the 10-mile Havasu Creek Trail. Thus, most visitors opt for the Havasu Creek Trail.

How Long is the Hike to Havasu Falls?

The 10-mile hike takes four to five hours to reach the falls, taking an elevation descent of 2,500 feet. You require almost the same to hike back, making it a 7-8 hour-long round-trip.


Havasu Falls weather is essential when considering hiking to the falls, as it can be quite hot in summer. If you plan to visit Havasu Falls, Arizona, in the summer, start your hike early and take plenty of water and electrolyte fluids. After the first three miles, the hike to the village of Supai has shade, while the rest is not shaded well.

The Havasu Falls hike is challenging; the hikers must be physically healthy. Also, ensure your hiking boots are waterproof, or carry lightweight sandals for streams.

Hiking for four to five hours is not quite convenient for anyone going on a hike for the first time. While the hike leads you to a beautiful view you will always cherish, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Thus, you can always opt for other options if you do not want to hike to the falls. Check out how to get to Havasu Falls without hiking.

How to Get to Havasu Falls without Hiking?

Now that you understand the basics around hiking to the Havasu Falls, it’s time to answer the big question: Can you see Havasu Falls without hiking?

Yes, you can see Havasu Falls even if you do not want to hike to the falls. Keep reading to know all other options:

Horse Tours

Did you know you could hike on a horse instead of walking? 

Horse transport companies around the falls offer horse transportation services that allow you to enjoy the hike without tiring yourself. Make sure to book the tour in advance. Alternatively, you can bring your own horse; however, that requires providing horse feed and paying a fee. 

Riding through the Havasu Falls trail on horseback can be a comparatively comfortable experience, but it could also be risky.

Mule Tours

Get a sneak peek into older times by booking a mule tour to see Havasu Falls without hiking, not having to carry your load. While you cannot ride the mules for animal welfare, they can carry your luggage while you hike to the falls. 

The Havasupai Tribe offers the service to visitors to make their trip easier. You can carry four bags of 32 pounds on one pack mule at max. The bags must not be larger than 36 inches in length, 19 inches in width, and 19 inches in height.

While horse and mule tours make your journey easy, they may be underweight sometimes. So, many people do not endorse the use of these animals on your trip to Havasu Falls. Organizations like the SAVE Foundation have come forward to protect animals from abuse. Make sure to report if you come across any animal cruelty incidents.

Helicopter Tour

If you want to skip hiking altogether, helicopter tours are the best. Thus, the most suitable solution to “how to get to Havasu Falls without hiking” is renting a helicopter to see beautiful Havasu Falls Arizona.


The helicopter gives you an eight-minute aerial view of the landscape throughout the ride. Though you might not see the falls closely, the experience is to remember for a lifetime. A helicopter tour is also suitable for families with young kids and elderly or differently abled members. 

The helicopter ride costs $100 to $200 per person with one bag; children 2 years and under fly free. However, you need to pay extra for additional luggage. 

So, the question arises, “How to get to Havasu Falls flying?”

Reach the Hilltop before 10 am to reserve your spot, as the rides are on a first-come-first-serve basis. Arrive at the helipad 30 minutes before departure, show your ID, and sign a waiver before departing.

But remember that the helicopter tour services prioritize the needs of tribal members over visitors. So, you might encounter a delay in your tour if any such situations arise.

Can you Get to Havasu Falls by Bike?

While most tracks allow mountain bikes, you cannot take one on the Havana Falls hike. The Havasu Falls trail is unsafe for mountain biking, resulting in the restriction. Furthermore, the noise of mountain bikes will impact the serenity and atmosphere of the falls. 

So, you can hike, book a horse tour, or experience the beauty of the falls through a helicopter ride. 

How to Get to Havasu Falls by Car?

You can visit Lake Havasu City by car but cannot reach the falls on a vehicle because of the trail. The only way to go to the falls is through one of the two hiking trails, as there are no roads. So, you can enjoy a road trip to the trailhead and hike to the beautiful blue-green waters of Havasu Falls.

Here’s how you can get to Havasu Falls by car:

  • Drive west on I-40 from Flagstaff
  • Take the I-40 Business Exit and then Exit 123 toward AZ-66.
  • Turn Right on Indian Road 18 until you reach the Hilltop (the trailhead)

Can You Get to Havasu Falls by Boat?

Now that you know “how to get to Havasu Falls, Arizona,” you might wonder if you can get to Havasu Falls by boat.

Though hiking along the trails is the only way to reach Havasu Falls, you can enjoy the scenery from the Colorado River. The tours start at Las Vegas or Lake Mead. You can opt for a river tour that makes a stop at Havasu Creek, which is the originating point of Havasu Falls.

Sit in the boat in the serene water and rejoice in the magnificent falls falling from Havasu Creek.

Best Time to Visit Havasu Falls

Though the Havasu Falls hike can be challenging in peak summer, most tourists visit the area between June and August. The temperatures may go up to 115°F, but that does not restrict the visitors. The stream flowing through the canyon helps lessen the warm feel in peak winters. You can rest there and cool off when hiking in high temperatures. 

On the other hand, winters are usually a no-go time because of low temperatures at the canyon, falling to 30°F. Thus, most people prefer visiting the falls in summer and spring.


Where to Stay At Havasupai Falls?

Staying at the Havasu Falls is compulsory when visiting as per the tribal rules and regulations. You can opt for camping at the campground or book yourself a room at the lodge. 


The campground can accommodate 300 campers every night and follows the first-come-first-serve rule. The camping sites do not offer any amenities, but you can find water in the village. Moreover, the village store has basic necessities. Alternatively, a cafe near the lodge in Supai Village serves delicious food.

Campsites also have composting toilets in multiple locations. 

You will need to bring all the necessities when visiting the camping site. Some must-haves include:

  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • Backpack
  • Hiking shoes and waterproof shoes
  • Weather-appropriate clothes
  • Sunscreen 

The tribe starts taking Havasu Falls camping reservation on February 1st of every year, and the sites book up fast. Call at (928) 448-2121 to get a camping permit. 

The Lodge

Alternatively, you can stay at the lodge. It has 24 rooms so you must book at the earliest if you do not prefer camping. The rooms cost over $100, with a maximum of four people in one room. The lodge also has WiFi to help you stay in touch with your family and friends back home.

Call (928) 448-2111 to make your reservation. 

Havasu Falls Hotels

If you want to stay in a hotel near Havasu Falls before heading to the falls or want to enjoy hotel comfort on your way back, don’t worry. You can find some pretty decent hotels here.

 Some of the best Havasu Falls hotels include:

  • Island Suites (close to downtown Lake Havasu City)
  • London Bridge Resort (located in Lake Havasu City)
  • The Grand Hotel (Near the Grand Canyon)
  • Heat Hotel (A waterfront hotel in Havasu City)
  • Motel 6-Lake Havasu (Adjacent to Windsor State Park)

Havasu Falls Hiking Regulations

  • You cannot hike to and from the falls within one day. Hikers must spend the night in the canyon at the lodge or designated campsites. 
  • You might see some pack animals like mules and horses on the trail; wait for them to pass and move to a side. 
  • Do not touch the archeological formations, wildlife, or plants during your hike or stay in the region.
  • You must pay an environmental care fee, entrance fee, and lodging fee before getting on the hike. 
  • Hikers cannot hike to Havasu Falls when the temperature exceeds 115°F.

Can you Hike Havasu Falls without a Permit?

You cannot hike to Havasu Falls without a camping permit or reservation at the lodge. The tribes give only a handful of permits every week so you must get yours at the earliest. The reservations are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

The permit costs around $395 to $500 per person in 2023; it costs $395 if hiking and an additional $200 for a helicopter ride. You can enjoy the trip for three nights and four days with up to 12 people in your group.

In case you cannot find a permit for the day you want to visit, check the Cancellation/ Transfers tab. While they do not offer refunds on permits, many people choose to sell theirs through the Havasupai reservations website. You can sell your tickets on the website if you cancel your trip.

Remember that the tribes do not give permits to tour companies, and you must make your Havasu Falls camping reservation yourself.


How to get to Havasu Falls from Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is not the closest to Havasu Falls Arizona, but it is an easy, enjoyable ride. It takes you around 3.5 hours to reach Las Vegas from Havasu Falls. 

  • Take US-93 South from Las Vegas 
  • Merge onto I-40 E/US-93 S at Kingman toward Flagstaff/Phoenix for 4 miles
  • Exit at Andy Devine Avenue (Exit 53) toward AZ-66 E/Kingman Airport
  • Turn left to E Andy Devine Avenue and follow it
  • It later merges with E Highway 66/AZ-66; follow this for 50 miles
  • Turn Left on Indian Road 18 until it ends at Hilltop

How to Get to Havasu Falls from Phoenix?

When visiting Havasu Falls from Phoenix, you can take the road and reach the falls in around 4 hours.

  • Drive on I-17 straight and take the exit on AZ-69 N at Exit 262 toward Prescott
  • Then, merge onto AZ-89 toward Chino Valley
  • Move to AZ-89 to I-40 
  • Take the I-40 Business Exit, followed by Exit 123 toward AZ-66 
  • Turn Right on Indian Road 18 until the road ends at Hilltop 

Important Tips to Consider When Visiting Havasu Falls

  • Do not forget to get your permit or reservation when visiting Havasu Falls.
  • Cell phone service is unavailable during the hike and at the campground.
  • Havasu Falls, Arizona, is usually crowded, so you will not get solitude on the hike or in the camps.
  • Keep an eye out for snakes and scorpions during the hike and camping.
  • Keep a first aid kit with you, as the village has no public healthcare facilities.
  • When visiting the falls in summer, avoid mid-day and opt for the coolest part of the day; also, carry a hat with you.
  • Flash flooding is common in monsoon, so watch out for dark clouds or rain and move to higher areas.

The Bottom Line

Havasu Falls is a beautiful spot on the Havasupai Indian Reservation, around 200 miles west of the Grand Canyon National Park. It takes approximately 4 hours to hike to the falls through the Havasu Creek or the Bright Angel Trail. In case you wonder, “How to get to Havasu Falls without hiking,” taking a helicopter ride is the best choice. However, that only gives you an aerial view of the falls. Alternatively, if you feel comfortable, you can opt for a horse or mule to help you with the hike. Make sure to get your permit or reservation to enjoy a hassle-free trip.


Can you swim in Havasu Falls?

Though most people go to Havasu Falls to enjoy the scenic views, you can swim behind the cascading waters. The water is around five feet deep, allowing you to enjoy a swim.

Can you hike at Lake Havasu Falls without camping?

The hike to and from the falls takes around 8 hours, and many people want to return the same day. However, you cannot visit the falls in a day, and you must have a permit for camping or a reservation at the lodge to embark on your hike.

How to get to Havasu Falls from the Grand Canyon?

While you can drive to the Havasu Falls trail, the Grand Canyon Shuttle is an affordable and convenient option many visitors prefer. It is a 2-hour long journey that costs you around $125 for a round trip. The seating is comfortable and you can enjoy the scenic views on the road.

Can you bring alcohol to Havasupai?

You cannot bring alcohol to Havasupai as it is a dry reservation. So, you will not find alcohol at the camping site or village either. You can be fined or face incarceration if you have alcohol with you when visiting the fall.

Are there any guided tours available for Havasu Falls?

You might find guided tours for Havasu Falls offering hiking, horseback riding, and helicopter tours. However, they cannot get you permits or reservations commercially.

Can you hike to Havasu Falls without a guide?

You can hike Havasu Falls without a guide if you are confident in your hiking skills. You do not necessarily need a guide to go to the falls; get the permit for a hassle-free visit.

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