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How Long are Hard Boiled Eggs Good for?


Are you one of those diet-conscious people who calculate his everyday nutrients, including carbohydrates (amylose & amylopectin), proteins, fats, etc.? If you are wondering, hard-boiled eggs are one of the best and pure forms of proteins that you can ingest every day and keep yourself fit and healthy!

These eggs can be consumed in any form, be it in sandwiches, incorporated in salads, or add to spaghetti, etc. What’s more than adding loads of fully cooked eggs to several Easter dishes? If we keep on talking, it would be a lengthy discussion on the usage and benefits of hard-boiled eggs in various recipes, Our main point of concern here is how long hard-boiled eggs are good for with and without a shell.

Let’s begin with comprehending the best way these eggs are stored.

How Long Does a Hard-Boiled Egg Take for Healthy Storage?


After you have sufficiently cooked an egg, you can keep it for almost seven days in your refrigerator. Just rapidly cool down the hard-boiled eggs at room temperature and set them in your fridge for further storage. As per the FDA (Food & Drug Administration), peeled or unpeeled eggs do not affect the efficacy of an egg, and it will remain healthy for a week.

However, unpeeled eggs should be covered in airtight conditions within a refrigerator for more desirable effects. On the contrary, hard-boiled eggs in shells are perfectly fine to be placed anywhere at cool temperatures. In a nutshell, if you want to keep hard-boiled eggs in the fridge, they can be stored in both ways – with or without shells.

There are generally two prominent conditions of keeping hard-boiled eggs, so we should comprehend both one by one:

How Long are Hard-Boiled Eggs Good for in the Fridge?


Eggs can be frozen for up to one year, so make sure to check if you’re using fresh eggs or frozen ones. If you want to grab the fresh & the best taste of hard-boiled eggs, it’s always preferred to keep them at low temperatures, not exceeding at least 40° Fahrenheit. If you appropriately place these unpeeled eggs in an area in your refrigerator, it will keep the same pristine taste for seven days! In simpler words, fully cooked eggs, if refrigerated, can be used for a week. The head of food safety, USDA, recommends eating peeled-off eggs right after they are boiled, but if you wish to store them, make sure to provide a sealed environment for safer results up to seven days.

How Long are Hard-Boiled Eggs Good for at Room Temperature?

It’s not only about the cooked eggs, but USDA suggests avoiding keeping any unpreserved food item at room temperature above two hours, which means sidestepping temperature from 40-140 (°F). The primary reason behind most bacteria, yeasts, and even molds, can immediately grow there to spoil your food.

So, if you do not want to shield the cooked eggs in your fridge, make sure to peel them off and eat them right away or within two hours. After that, the efficacy of hard-boiled eggs will drop to zero, leading to their expiration.

Do You Need to Keep Hard-Boiled Eggs at a Particular Place in the Fridge?


If you want to store the cooked eggs for consecutive days in a fridge, make sure to place them somewhere below inside it where there are minimal chances of heat exposure. When you open a refrigerator, the items placed at the front or those on the edges are quickly flashed to the external warmth, somehow providing them a high temperature. We want to keep the eggs chilled all the time, and for that, it’s better to preserve them in depths or specific fridge compartments. A more convenient way is to store the hard-boiled eggs in closed conditions!

A Brief Guide to Label & Store the Hard-Boiled Eggs

First of all, try getting a plain, airtight bag/container for the fully cooked eggs. After putting the eggs in the bag, mark the accurate date to remember when the eggs were cooked and how further they can sustain their shelf lives. Never try to merge the eggs boiled on Sunday with the ones cooked on Monday!

Obviously, these two will acquire different expiry dates, so it’s better to consume the ones labeled early and then step to the next ones. Also, separately label the cooked and uncooked eggs as both look alike when seen.

A Little Trick to Recognize Foul Eggs


It’s essential to keep a check on the cooked or uncooked eggs if they are safe to consume. The rotten eggs are more prone to bacteria, particularly salmonella, which make them unhealthy to eat. You can quickly figure out if the egg has expired! It gives you a specific, irritating sulfur smell, unbearable for most people! If you experience such issues, just throw the eggs straight away!

Final Discussion

It depends on a person how he/she takes care of the food items. If you appropriately preserve the hard-boiled eggs within a shell and in the refrigerator, they will genuinely last a week, so you can consume them in different ways in your meals. A quick tip is to cool these eggs around two hours after boiling and place them somewhere in the corner of your fridge with little to no heat exposure. You will subsequently observe the best results!

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