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How long can Raw Salmon Stay in the Fridge?


Salmon fishes are some of the healthiest dishes on the planet. This delicious fatty fish is not only rich in nutrients, but it may also help lower the chance of developing several disorders. More than that, it tastes great and can be used in many ways.

Fish like salmon are a good source of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids. This has been demonstrated to reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, and reduce illness risk. Among other things, protein is needed for healing, bone health, and muscle preservation. For a 100-gram serving of salmon, you get 22–25 grams of protein.

Many B vitamins, essential for energy production, reducing inflammation, and safeguarding the heart and the brain, can be found in salmon. A 100-gram serving of salmon delivers 75–85 percent of the selenium’s daily value (DV). According to the National Cancer Institute, these vitamins and minerals may support bone health, boost thyroid function, and protect against cysts and cancerous tumors.

How long can salmon stay in Fridge?

Fishes such as salmon and other seafood do not store well and can only be kept in the refrigerator for two days. On the other hand, if you buy fresh salmon, prepare it right away. It’s best to cook frozen fish the same day it’s thawed and reheated.

Generally speaking, fish can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two days if it is to be consumed right away. The FDA recommends just one to two days in the fridge for fresh fish, shrimps, prawns, scallops, and squid.

Using a paper towel and cold water, gently dry the salmon after removing it from its packaging. Wrap the fish in a layer of aluminum foil, then the second layer of plastic wrap. Before you wrap up the salmon, you can also add lemon slices for flavor. Please put it in the bottom of your refrigerator, which is likely to be the coolest. For your safety, keep your refrigerator at 32° Fahrenheit or 0° Celsius.

 These are all possible benefits of salmon consumption for weight management, weight loss, reduced appetite, increased metabolism, insulin sensitivity, and decreased belly fat.

How long does Salmon stay in Freezer?

Within two days of purchasing salmon, it must be stored in the freezer. Frozen salmon keeps well for up to three months. Refrigeration and freezer storage of salmon should be done the same way. But take extra care to make sure it’s properly sealed. The fish will spoil as soon as it is exposed to other elements. Please keep track of how long the salmon has been frozen by placing it in a freezer bag marked with the date.

It’s a good idea to order your fish vacuum-sealed so you can store it for up to eight months in the freezer. You can enjoy your salmon for weeks or even months to come if you know how to store it properly. And it will still taste fresh!

How to store raw salmon?

Maintaining the right temperature is the most critical aspect of keeping any seafood, including salmon fresh. Salmon fish is very susceptible to temperature.

When you buy salmon, you should refrigerate it in its container as soon as you can. It is safe to keep fresh salmon in the refrigerator for up to one day. Take a cool bag with you so that you can get your fish home safely and ensure that the cooling chain doesn’t break down.

A few options are available to you once you get it home to keep it fresh until you’re ready to prepare it.

Guideline for storing raw salmon in the freezer

A moist tail and reddish-brown gills are signs that the salmon is fresh, not a brown one. Choose fillets and steaks with translucent or shining skin and firm flesh without gaps between the muscle fibers for fillets and steaks.

  • Wrap salmon in plastic if it’s merely wrapped in paper and put it in the fridge on top of a plate. It’s about to catch any drippings if you want to prepare it that night. In the refrigerator, salmon steaks and fillets can be kept fresh for up to two days.
  • According to the FDA, if you cannot refrigerate the salmon, you can store it on ice for two days. Place the fish on a tray of crushed ice in a pan, and then add additional ice on the upper side of the fish to keep it submerged. As needed, replenish the ice.

Freezing of raw salmon should be done as follows:

  • When freezing fish, make sure it is fresh salmon. Don’t freeze 3 days of refrigerated raw salmon again.
  • Using freezer-grade plastic or heavy-duty foil, secure the salmon tightly around it.
  • A power breakdown lasting more than two hours should result in the discard of the fish. Fish that has ice crystals and feels cold is safe to consume, according to, as long as the outage is short-lived.


The best way is that use fresh salmon. It is full of nutrients. If you want to store it in the fridge, you can store it for 2 to 3 days maximum. And in the freezer, you can store it for three months or more if you follow the freezing guideline correctly. If you are not following FDA instructions while storing raw salmon, please avoid using it. It’s not safe for your health. And we care about you.

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