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How to Make Life Easier for a Working Mom


As a working mom, you know that the juggling act is real. You’re trying to be the best employee possible while also being the best mom you can be, and it’s not always easy. You deserve a break! In this article, we will explore some tips on how to make life easier for working moms.

Hire a Cleaning Service

When you are a working mom, it is important to have a clean house. But, it is also important to have time for your family. Hiring a professional cleaning service such as happy home helpers can help you have both. Here are some tips on how to hire a cleaning service:

Find a Reputable Company: There are many cleaning companies out there. You want to find one that is reputable and has good reviews.

Schedule a Consultation: Once you find a few companies you like, schedule consultations with them. This way, you can see their work firsthand and get an estimate of what they would charge to clean your home.

Get References: Ask the companies for references from past clients. This will give you an idea of what others thought of their services.

Compare Prices: Get estimates from each company and compare prices. Make sure to also compare the services they offer so that you are getting the best value for your money.

Hire the Company: After you have done your research, it is time to hire the company! Be sure to sign a contract so that both parties are clear on the expectations and terms of the agreement.

Give Your Kids More Responsibilities

It can be difficult for working mothers to find the time to do everything they need to do. One way to make life easier for yourself is to give your kids more responsibilities. Giving your kids more responsibilities will teach them important life skills and help them become more independent. It can also free up some of your time so you can focus on other things. Some things you may want to consider having your kids do are:

  • Help with cooking and cleaning
  • Walking the dog or taking care of pets
  • Yard work or helping with household chores
  • Running errands or doing grocery shopping
  • Taking care of younger siblings

Of course, you’ll want to tailor the tasks to your child’s age and ability. But giving them even a few additional responsibilities can make a big difference for both you and them.

Keep a Planner

As a working mom, it is important to keep a planner to stay organized and on top of your commitments. A planner can help you keep track of your work schedule, appointments, and other important deadlines. Having a planner can also help you to set aside time for yourself and your family. When choosing a planner, look for one that suits your needs and lifestyle. There are many different types of planners available, so take the time to find one that will work best for you.

Consider your budget, how much space you need, and what features are most important to you. Once you have a planner, be sure to use it regularly. Write down everything that you need to do in order to stay on track. Be sure to review your planner regularly so that you can adjust your schedule as needed. By keeping a planner, you can make life easier for yourself and stay on top of your commitments.

Learn to Say No

Working mothers need to learn how to say no to make their lives easier. This can be difficult, as many working mothers feel guilty about saying no to their children or their bosses. However, learning how to say no will help you to better manage your time and priorities. Here are a few tips for learning how to say no:

  • Start by saying no to small requests. This will help you to get used to saying no and will also show others that you are serious about not always being available.
  • Practice saying no in a firm, but polite way. You do not need to give an explanation for why you are saying no, but simply state that you cannot do what is being asked of you.
  • Remember that it is okay to say no. You do not need to justify your decision or explain yourself. Just politely decline the request and move on.

Have Your Own Hobbies

It can be difficult to find time to pursue your own hobbies when you’re a working mom. However, it’s important to make time for yourself so that you don’t get burned out. Here are some tips for fitting in your hobbies outside of the house:


Schedule it in: Add your hobby time to your calendar just like you would any other appointment. This will help you make sure that you actually have time for it.

Find a Nearby Class: If your hobby is something like painting or want to start yoga, look for classes that are close to your office or home so that you don’t have to travel far.

Do it with a Friend: See if one of your friends also wants to do the same hobby with you. This way, you can kill two birds with one stone by spending time with a friend and doing something that you enjoy.

Live Your Best Life

So there you have it. From time management hacks to ways to get more help around the house, there’s always a way to make things easier for yourself. You can even start working from home, if you want to earn money being a mommy! So put your feet up and have that well-deserved cup of tea you’ve been wanting. Enjoy!

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