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How to Motivate Your Personal Training Clients


So, you’ve entered the world of personal training. You want the job satisfaction and flexibility the position offers. And you want to help the populations you’ve been working with all your life–and now, literally, those right in your own birthplace–at a new, fresh angle.

It’s a win-win, right? Motivating others to healthier, more energetic lives?

That’s the training side. For the training side to succeed, though, clients need to respond. How do you motivate personal training clients? We’ll show you some of the best strategies on how to motivate. Keep reading to get the inside scoop.

Use Positive Reinforcement

To motivate your personal training clients, use positive reinforcement to help set habit-forming behaviors. A key part of promoting positive reinforcement is creating goals for your clients that are achievable and measurable. Each step of the way, acknowledge the progress clients make and celebrate their accomplishments, no matter how small. This should be tailored to each client to build confidence and motivate them for the next step.

Setting a plan of achievable goals will help set the pace and increase motivation over time. Additionally, show clients the direct connection between their work and the results they want to achieve. Reinforce the idea that they are capable of achieving any goal they set.

Build Engaging Workouts

Be sure to tailor your workouts to suit each client’s individual goals, needs, and abilities. You will know more when you get ASFA’s Group Fitness Bootcamp Certification.


Also, talk to your clients beforehand and find out what they want to accomplish and what they need help with. Construct your plans within these parameters and remain open to input and adaptations if the client wants to change things up.

Keep things fresh and interesting by mixing up a variety of exercises and equipment. Allow them to voice their opinion and honor their preferences. Make them feel seen and appreciated throughout your fitness training session.

Work Around Personal Challenges

You must recognize and work around personal challenges to help clients reach their goals. Every client has different challenges. That’s why it is important to adjust sessions to meet the individual’s needs. For example, if a client has physical limitations, it is important to develop exercises that can be modified to safely accommodate the client.

Additionally, clients can be motivated by providing feedback during sessions. You should also be offering social support in between. Professionals should reward their clients as they reach milestones and provide motivation as needed.

Break Through Plateaus with Creative Progression Techniques

Breaking through plateaus is often difficult. Creative progression techniques can help break through stagnancy. You can set micro-goals or have clients create workouts based on the trainer’s guidance. Moreover, offering rewards along the way, like small treats, can keep clients on track.


Praising small successes and focusing on client goals rather than only physical results can help keep clients from becoming discouraged. Additionally, being available for questions and providing an encouraging atmosphere can help clients push past their mental blocks.

Practice These Tips on How to Motivate Others

Learning more about how to motivate your clients is very important for your personal training business. More than the financial aspect, you want them to succeed and achieve their goals. Well, this can only be done if they don’t give up.

It is important to connect with your clients on a personal level and create productive client experiences. Encourage your clients to take ownership of their progress and remind them to celebrate their successes. This is key to keeping them motivated.

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