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How to Get to the Bean in Chicago


Frank Lloyd Wright once said, “Eventually, I think Chicago will be the most beautiful great city left in the world.” Chicago is indeed gorgeous and the safest city and the Bean makes it even more charismatic!

The Bean is a kidney-shaped iconic monument with a mirror surface. It is in the Millennium Park where thousands of visitors come to see and take photographs of this one-of-its-kind piece of art. People from all states and cities throughout the US travel to Chicago to see this marvelous spectacle.

You can reach The Bean via the different transport options we have covered for you in this article. So, let’s get started.

How to Reach The Bean in Chicago

The Bean or Chicago Bean is located in the Millennium Park on Michigan Avenue, easily accessible to all public transport. While you have to walk a little to get to The Bean, many local transport options, including buses and trains, take you to Millennium Park.

Here’s how you can reach The Bean in Chicago:


Trains in Chicago take you to Millennium Park from different locations in the city. They include:

CTA: Subway from Harold Washington Library to Washington; takes 3 minutes. You can catch the train every 5 minutes.

Metra: The Metra train from Van Buren St. to Millennium Station; takes 6 minutes. However, Metra takes more time and comes every 30 minutes.

Chicago L: The Chicago L is the rapid transit system in the city that also serves the surrounding suburbs in Illinois. You can take the Chicago L from Monroe-Red and Washington/Wabash. Choose from the Blue, Brown, Green, Purple, or Red line.



If you are not too fond of trains, you can also get to the Bean in Chicago by bus. Take the bus from Michigan & Jackson to Michigan & Madison within 5 minutes.

You can take the 147, 151, 56, 20, 6, or X4 to reach The Bean.

Bus stations near The Bean in Chicago:

  • Michigan & Randolph
  • Michigan & Washington
  • AM Michigan & Randolph
  • Washington & Wabash


Uber: Uber is a convenient option as you can take it from anywhere around Chicago.

Lyft: Lyft is another choice besides Uber to get to The Bean from any part of the city.

Divvy Bike

While you might not have expected bikes on the list of options for “How to get to The Bean in Chicago,” Divvy Bikes are ideal. Divvy bikes are a popular mode of transport in Chicago that you can take through the city. You can find hundreds of Divvy bikes across the city at Divvy Stations. The best part is that you can park them in parking on the perimeter of Millennium and Grant Park.

Estimated Time to Reach The Bean

Mode of TransportEstimated Time
Bus5 minutes
CTA5 minutes
Metra6 minutes
TaxiAs less as 1 min
Walk~ 21 minutes

Parking at The Bean

Parking at the Bean is incredibly convenient because of the numerous parking garages nearby. Some of the parking garages around the Cloud Gate include:

  • Grant Park South Garage (325 S. Michigan Ave.)
  • Grant Park North Garage (25 N. Michigan Ave.)
  • Millennium Park Garage & Millennium Lakeside Garage (5 S. Columbus Dr.)

Parking at the north end close to Randolph is the most convenient option for coming out nearest the Bean.

You can also enjoy cheaper parking using SpotHero in Chicago, IL. The app helps you save money and secure your parking spot in advance.


The Bottom Line

The Cloud Gate, or The Bean, is an iconic tourist attraction for free in Chicago. Whoever visits the city should definitely pay a visit here. But, if you are wondering how to get to the Chicago Bean, this article covers all the details. Choose from the train, bus, or taxi to visit The Bean. Alternatively, Chicago offers Divvy Bikes for locals and tourists to travel around the city. You can also use SpotHero, a local app that saves your parking spot at a lower price.


What’s the nearest train station to The Bean in Chicago?

The Millennium Station is the nearest Train station to The Bean, only a two-minute walk from the park.

What’s the nearest bus stop to The Bean in Chicago?

AM Michigan & Randolph (Chicago), Michigan/Randolph and Michigan & Washington (South), and Michigan & Randolph (North) are the closest to The Bean.

What is the closest L station to The Bean?

The nearest Chicago ‘L’ stations to The Bean in Chicago are Monroe-Red and Adams/Wabash. The closest is only 3 minutes on foot from The Bean.

What time is the first and last train to The Bean in Chicago?

Metra operates as early as 04:50, and the last train for the day reaches The Bean at 12:58 a.m.

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