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Is Prague Worth Visiting?


A trip to Europe is incomplete without visiting the Czech Republic, and if you wonder where to go in the Czech Republic, there’s a lot to explore, including the beauty of Prague. The capital of the Czech Republic is a must-visit place, not to be missed. This beautiful city is known for its unmatched charm, astonishing history, and natural beauty.

From baroque buildings to gothic churches, this city is the perfect destination for a vacation with family or friends. If you wonder whether Prague is worth visiting, the answer is YES!

In this guide, we will tell you what makes this city worth visiting, the best things to do in Prague, and places you can visit here, so grab your glasses and read our comprehensive guide.

Things to do in Prague

The answer to, “What is Prague famous for” lies in its ultimate beauty which makes it a top attraction for tourists. People, especially young adults, come and explore loads of fun activities here. If you plan a trip to Prague, must put the following places on your travel itinerary or else you’ll regret it.


Are you a meat lover and wondering to explore the best things to do in Prague? Then, visit Kantyna without a second thought. It is thought to be one of the best restaurants in Prague. Here, many meats are freshly butchered to treat your taste buds. The restaurant’s ambiance is aesthetic, as the seating is in an old bank building, giving it a historic vibe. The chefs at Kantyna get your favorite cuts from their kitchen to make your meal delicious. Anyone who is into burgers can expect the juiciest beef burgers here.


A visit to Kantyna is a must while on your trip to Prague to make it worth visiting. Enjoy a fine meal with your friends and family or a romantic date with your girlfriend. This place is perfect for all crowds.

Charles Bridge

A trip to Prague is incomplete if you miss the famous Charles Bridge. If you know history, you must know that this is the oldest bridge in Prague and an architectural highlight of the city. It was built between 1357 and 1402 and is almost 621 meters long and 10 meters wide. Whether it is daytime, sunset, or nighttime, the breathtaking sight of the bridge is every traveler’s dream. Charles Bridge provides a magical experience for the visitors. During the day, the bridge’s architecture is to be cherished, while at night, the bridge becomes a crossing for all the lovely couples.


This monument makes Prague worth visiting as every traveler likes to take an image of the bridge in their eyes. Enjoy a peaceful walk on the Charles Bridge and refresh your soul in Prague.

Old Town Square

Known as the heart of Prague, Old Town Square is a must-visit place for tourists. In the 12th century, the town square was considered just a marketplace, but as the city flourished, the Town Square gained popularity. The Baroque and Gothic-themed historical buildings surround the square and several tourist places. Visit the Old Town Hall and explore the Gothic chapel or learn the mechanisms of the Astronomical Clock. The Town Hall comprises several ancient buildings, later connected for administration and council meetings.


If you are visiting Prague, consider Old Town Square an opportunity of a lifetime! It defines the beauty of the whole city from the center.

Prague Castle

Prague Castle is a castle complex with several palaces, historical buildings, gardens, and much more. Explore Czech history at the Saint Vitus Cathedral, where you will find Czech coronation jewels, the mausoleum of the Czech kings, religious relics, and sculptures. At the Old Royal Palace, you will see where kings’ coronation ceremonies were celebrated and assemblies and important meetings took place. The ceremony of changing the castle guards is a must-see for everyone who visits the Prague Castle. There are several gardens in the Castle with exotic flowers and plants. Enjoy a stroll at the Royal Garden, one of the most famous gardens where kings used to take walks.


Prague Castle is an important tourist spot for anyone who is visiting Prague. Make sure to explore this historical place, as it makes Prague worth visiting!

John Lennon Wall

The John Lennon Wall in Prague symbolizes political expression and freedom of speech. It is named after the famous singer of the Beatles band, John Lennon, who wrote songs of freedom when the country was under communist rule. Tourists can visit this colorful and creative spectacle to admire the cool quotes, lyrics, names, and portraits on the wall. The colorful wall makes an ideal background for pictures, so take a picture here. You can bring your markers and spray paints, leave your stamp on the wall, or write an inspirational quote on freedom and peace.


This place is an ideal destination for all John Lennon fans, and it’s worth a visit for those of you who like art and colors. So, there’s no point in waiting, right?

Is Prague Safe?

For tourists or families planning to visit any city, there is always a major concern of safety! But, fret not. Prague is completely a safe city for anyone and everyone. Visiting the places mentioned above is entirely safe. Tourists can walk in these areas day or night without any fear.

However, one should be alert while visiting any crowded place. Common issues observed in Prague are pickpocketing and petty scams. Keeping your valuable items hidden while walking through crowded areas is advisable. Use ATMs in well-lit areas and keep your cash in a hidden pocket, and you will be completely safe in Prague.

Bottom Line

Prague is a well-loved tourist city and is crowded throughout the year. However, Spring is the best time to visit Prague as the weather is pleasant, the crowds are fewer, and prices are lower. Several things and places make Prague worth visiting, including its history, scenic beauty, culture, and art. From the charming view of the Charles Bridge to the architectural beauty of the Old Town Square, Prague should make it to the top of your travel itinerary while visiting the Czech Republic.

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