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How Far is Key West from Miami


If you are set to vacation in Key West with your partner, family, or friends, you’ll love it!

Key West is the southernmost American city, only 90 miles from Cuba. It is one of the most popular beach destinations in Florida. The beaches are incredibly beautiful, with endless activities to enjoy; explore water sports or relax by the water seeing the sun go down.

While planning the trip, the big question is, “How far is Key West from Miami?”

How Far is Key West from Miami?

The distance between Miami and Key West is 159 miles or 256 kilometers.

It takes approximately four hours to travel between both cities non-stop. However, most visitors make stops to delight in the beautiful Florida cities along the way, making the trip longer. The travel time also depends on your route and driving speed.

The drive to Key West from Miami is only 4 hours, but most people extend their trip over 3 days to make the best of it.

How do you get to Key West from Miami?

You can drive US-1 to reach Key West or opt for a ferry from Marco Island; both routes are beautiful in their own ways.

RouteDistanceDriving Time
US-1150 miles~ 4 hours
US-41 & ferry from Marco Island110 miles on road190 miles on water~ 5 hours

US-1 is a suitable choice for travelers who prefer a road day trip to Key West from Miami, whereas Marco Island is the best pick for nature enthusiasts. This five-hour journey, including the ferry ride, makes your trip even better!

How Far is Key West from Miami by Car?

Highway 1 (US-1) is the most common choice when driving to Key West from Miami. It is a 4-hour-long route that takes you through some amazing locations. The drive to Key West from Miami also includes numerous islands and bridges that connect the 34 Florida Keys islands; you will love the sights when driving over the ocean.

The route is straightforward; take US-1 from Miami to Southern Glades and Manatee Bay. Drive US-1 to Homestead and take the Overseas Highway to Key West. This beautiful drive has the Gulf of Mexico on the West and the Atlantic Ocean on the East – a treat to the eyes!

The standard speed limit on Florida’s highway is 65 mph, ensuring you reach your destination at the earliest. However, be ready to experience a drop in driving speed on US-1. Mostly, the speed is 55 mph, which might be as low as 35 mph at some points.

How Far is Key West from Miami by Boat?

The other option is driving to Marco Island and getting a ferry to Key West. This trip takes around 5 hours with a 2-hour drive and almost 3 hours of ferry ride.


Get onto Highway 41 and follow it to the Southern tip of Florida, moving towards Marco Island.

Leave around 5 or 5:30 to get onto the ferry by 7:30 am. Also, keep your photo ID with you to board the ferry.

How Far is Key West from Miami Beach by Bus?

Alternatively, if you prefer traveling by bus, Greyhound and Flixbus offer services to travel to Key West from Miami.

You can get the bus from Miami Intermodal Center, Miami Beach, or Downtown Miami to the Key West bus station. Tickets cost $25.99 on average; the bus drops you off at Key West in around 5 hours.

How Far is Key West from Miami Airport?

The air distance between Miami and Key West is 130 miles or 209 kilometers, and it takes almost 46 minutes to fly between both cities.

However, as most people do not have a private plane and take commercial flights, it takes more time. Flying commercial takes longer because of traveling to the airport and security clearance besides air transit.

Departure Airport: Miami Airport (MIA)

Arrival Airport: Key West International Airport (EYW)

You can choose from American and United Airlines; a non-stop trip takes approximately an hour in the air, coming to around 3.5 to 4 hours.

What is the Best Time to Visit Key West from Miami?

Usually, visitors plan trips to this part of the country in summer to relax on the shore and dip in the water. Though you can also visit Key West in winter, it’s not the most preferred.


So, plan your trip between March and May; avoid early fall (because of hurricanes) and uncomfortably warm season.

The Bottom Line

If you are headed to Key West from Miami for the first time, you may be concerned how far Key West is from Miami. The distance between both cities is 256 kilometers or 159 miles, and it takes you almost four hours to drive to Key West from Miami. Alternatively, you can take a bus or boat to Key West from Miami, but it takes a little longer. Whether you travel by car, bus, boat, or a plane, you will love the journey. Even driving does not seem tiring because of the gorgeous views on the road to Key West from Miami.


Is it safe to drive from Miami to Key West?

The drive to Key West from Miami comprises US-1, a safe route. Many visitors opt for a road trip because of the scenic views and safety.

Can I rent a car to travel to Key West from Miami?

If you wish to take a road trip, rent a car from Miami, drive it to Key West, and bring it back to Miami. Alternatively, check for rental car services that let you take the car from Miami Airport and drop it off at Key West Airport.

Can Key West be a day trip from Miami?

Yes, you can take a day trip to Key West from Miami if you do not plan to stop at other locations on your way. However, most tourists plan a 3-day trip to explore more stops.

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