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Pot brownies have become a star dish at many parties, sometimes knowingly and unknowingly at other times. As the name suggests, pot brownies are brownies made from the pot. But what is the pot, and are these brownies healthy for you?

Keep reading the article to know what pot brownies are and their effects on your body.

Pot Brownies

Pot brownies are chocolate edibles made with cocoa, flour, and other ingredients to give them a brownie look, but the catch is that they contain “weed’ or “cannabis.” Pot is just another name for marijuana and is added to brownies for an intoxicating effect. Pot brownies are also known as hash brownies, weed brownies, fun brownies, hashies, special brownies, etc.

Alice B. Toklas introduced the concept of pot brownies in 1954 in her cookbook. They are typically prepared by adding some cannabis to the pre-made brownie mix. However, some people prefer using cannabis-infused fat such as cannaoil or cannabutter. As these oils become a thorough part of the brownies, it improves the availability of THC.

Pot brownies do not look different from regular brownies and might not taste significantly distinct if you have had weed before. The weed flavor depends on the concentration of cannabis, and you can observe the effects within an hour of eating the brownies. The effects of marijuana may last between three to twelve hours.


Smoking Marijuana vs. Pot Brownies

The effects of pot brownies compared to smoking marijuana have been a topic of interest among cannabis consumers. Some people prefer inhaling it, while others like marijuana edibles. The question arises, “Is one of them healthier than the other?”

Smoking marijuana shows effects within as few as five minutes. On the other hand, pot brownies or other marijuana edibles may take as much as three hours as food takes time to digest and reabsorb molecules into the bloodstream. Calculating the amount of THC you might be getting is difficult considering various factors, including your diet, health diseases or conditions, medicines you take, etc.

Thus, it is possible to overdose on marijuana through pot brownies. Yet, it does not mean that smoking cannabis is healthier, as it damages your left and right lungs directly. There is a higher chance of overdosing on marijuana when eating pot brownies without considering the marijuana content.

Effects of Pot Brownies

As mentioned, the intake of pot brownies is not encouraged as it is challenging to monitor the intake of marijuana through edibles. You might not know how much cannabis each piece of brownie contains, leading to overdosing. Many incidents have been reported in the US about the use of marijuana brownies. Three bus drivers had to lose their job, and a school teacher was dismissed for taking marijuana in edible form. Similarly, a Judo fighter, Nick Delpopolo, could not participate in the Olympics because he tested positive for marijuana. He protested, mentioning that he had pot brownies without knowing. But he had to be taken out of the Olympics.

While pot brownies are not fatal, they can cause various physiological symptoms:

  • Motor disabilities
  • Psychosis
  • Panic attacks
  • Paranoia
  • Hallucinations

The Bottom Line

Pot Brownies have been a topic of interest, considering their efficacy and level of intoxication. Many people believe they are not harmful, but consuming them in slightly higher amounts can lead to overdosing. It can be difficult to calculate the dose of marijuana when eating pot brownies or other marijuana edibles. Cannabis intake through pot brownies shows an effect in around an hour, lasting as much as 12 hours. You may experience signs and symptoms like psychosis, panic attacks, hallucinations, and paranoia.


Why make pot brownies?

People opt for pot brownies for an added chocolate flavor to marijuana instead of inhaling it directly. They have become a party staple but are not allowed in schools and colleges.

What is the smell of pot brownies?

Adding cocoa, frozen or defrost eggs, and other ingredients significantly reduces the pungent aroma. You might feel a slight smell when baking the brownies, but it is not quite noticeable for others in different rooms.

Who started pot brownies?

Alice B. Toklas introduced the concept of pot brownies in 1954 in her cookbook. Later Mary Jane Rathbun became an American medical cannabis rights activist and was known for baking cannabis brownies for AIDS patients.

What is the world’s biggest pot brownie?

The world’s largest pot brownie weighed around 850 pounds and measured 3 feet by 3 feet in width and length; the height was around 15 inches. It contained 20,000mg of THC, equivalent to 66 joints.

Are edible brownies stronger?

Cannabis experts suggest that edible cannabis is stronger than inhalation, and you may get higher with the same amount of marijuana in edibles. They give their effect later compared to direct inhalation, but it may be more severe than the same amount of THC in vapors.

Are edibles good for you?

Cannabis users and activists endorsing medical cannabis recommend the use of cannabis for treating symptoms of autism and other disorders. However, regular intake of marijuana edibles is linked to psychosis which can lead to long-term mental health issues.

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