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Struggling to Maintain Your Matter Hair? Here are Some Useful Hacks


If you are having problems with detangling your hair, do not seek scissors yet. There are some non-invasive solutions that will help you deal with matted hair. Matted hair can be quite problematic since it can cause problems like scalp inflammation and scalp damages. On the other hand, it can be the cause of your hair falling down. The worst scenario of treating your hair is the possible frustration where you will end up chopping your hair off because of the inability to have it sorted out. But, if you are using proper tools and ways for your hair to be detangled, then you will not suffer any of these side effects. The good thing is that nowadays you have a lot of things you can use as the possible solution for making your hair nice and tidy. Here are just some tips on how to maintain your hair and therefore prevent matted hair.


Hair Breakage

If you are trying to maintain your hair length then you need to avoid any kind of hair breakages. It is not a solution to take your hair and try to detangle it forcefully. This will not only be a painful process but will cause hair loss and breakages that will leave your length uneven. But if you are using some tools and products, and loads of patience, your hair would be all sorted out. Here are some things you need to bear in mind:

  • Deep moisturizing conditioner– this is the of your hair’s hydration. If you want your hair to be healthy and shiny, you need to maintain good levels of hydration. This type of conditioner provides enough moisture that will straighten your hair cuticles. This will make your hair softer so that all the knots are easily detangled and therefore all the breakages are prevented.
  • Spray your hair with water- if you face the problem of stubborn knots that cannot be detangled then the key thing is to spray some water to the tangles. This will make them loosen up a bit and make your job easier. The crucial thing with managing matted hair is to maintain your hair well moisturized. Deep hair moisturizing and water spraying before the final detangling is the key factor for preventing any kind of hair damage.
  • Comb- you need to invest some money in a good detangling comb. You cannot use any kind of comb for this process. Instead of this, you need to go for a comb with widely spread teeth. This will prevent the comb from being stuck to your tangles which can be abnormally painful and almost impossible to deal with.
  • Sectioning clips- these clips will keep your hair separated, especially the parts that are not worked on from the ones that are previously detangled. Separating your hair into smaller sections that are manageable is the first step in successful detangling.

Wash Day

Sometimes, calculating your hair’s wash day is more demanding than coming up with the solution of the most difficult equation. This is because our hair sometimes feels way too clean to be washed and way too dirty not to be treated. It is recommendable, depending on the period of the year, to wash your hair at least two times a week. This is because of the quality of your hair’s follicles. Namely, if you wash your hair too often then you are risking your scalp being damaged and dried. On the other hand, if you leave your hair dirty for some longer period of time, then you will risk developing fungi on your scalp which can, later on, cause some other problems like dandruff, and hair loss. If you are having problems with your matted hair, then you should not drench your hair from the scalp till the end. Everything you should do is spray your hair with water and detangle all of your knots. This should not be done forcefully. On the contrary, you should take some time and do this gradually without your hair being damaged, or in the worst scenario, cut off.

How to Painlessly Detangle Your Hair

Detangling your hair is a process that will take you a lot of time and is extremely painful if not done properly. The shortest way to painless detangling is by using the proper tools like a wide-tooth comb and detangling brush. These tools are specifically designed for your hair being painlessly detangled. Hold every section of the hair you are having detangled so that you are preventing tension at the scalp. Keep your hair moisturized so that detanglers are easily slid through your hair and make the very process less painful.


Matted hair is very problematic since the problem is rooted in the quality of the hair’s follicles. This can be changed by a proper diet, including proteins and carbs, that will make your hair quality much better.

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