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Tips on How to Make a Smoothie Thicker


Smoothies are fun to make because of how many different combinations are possible. But, not all of these combinations are all that great. Some don’t taste good, some aren’t healthy, and some aren’t thick enough to be enjoyable.

This last problem is precisely what we’ll be discussing today. Many people have an issue with their smoothie being too thin and watery. As a result, they want to make it a lot thicker and creamier to drink. If you’re in the same boat, the details in this article should help out.

We’ve been making smoothies for a very long time, and giving them the perfect thick consistency is not as hard as it sounds when you know what you’re doing. That said, follow the tips on how to make a smoothie thicker we’ve shared below if you’re struggling with it.

Some Suggestions for Making Thicker Smoothies

Many people prefer thicker and creamier smoothies as opposed to thinner, watery ones. They taste better and are more filling as well, which is precisely why so many people love them. If you’re looking to add a thick texture to your smoothie too, follow these tips to do so:

Use a Thicker Liquid Base

The first and most obvious suggestion for anyone that wants thicker smoothies is to use a thicker liquid as the base for it. So many people make these drinks in water. It’s no surprise that the same drinks end up all watery and unsavory. This is easily avoidable with thicker liquids.

For example, you can use milk instead of water or other thin liquid-like juice. Not only is it creamier and thicker, but milk also has additional nutrients of its own. The kind of nutrients and benefits it offers depends entirely on the type you use.


If you’re looking to cut down on some pounds, we’d advise that you use unsweetened milk. But, if you’re looking for a delicious and thick smoothie, you can use any milk. This includes sweet chocolate milk, whole cream milk, and other types.

Use Less Liquids

Another ideal way of making your smoothie thicker is to use less of the liquid in the first place. This is especially the case if your base is water. It goes without saying the more water there is, the thinner the drink will feel.

If you add more solid ingredients such as dragon fruits, vegetables, and others of the sort while removing some of the liquid, it will make your smoothie much thicker than usual. This is the quickest and most convenient way for anyone to manage this.

But, keep in mind that you still need to have an adequate amount of the liquid base. So, don’t remove too much of it in hopes of adding a thicker texture. If you do that, the smoothie might become undrinkable.

Fruits with Soluble Fiber Help

One way to make a smoothie much thicker is to add fruits with soluble fiber. These are a type of dietary fiber, and they have further subtypes of their own. Certain fruits contain all kinds of different soluble fibers, and that makes them exceptional for thickening smoothies.

Soluble fiber is hard to break down completely. Because of that, it maintains a thick consistency even after being blended and mixed with other ingredients. That said, it should be a no-brainer how this can help you make smoothies thicker.

If you’re interested in what kinds of fruits offer this fiber, there are many options you can try. For example, some of the most popular ones that come to mind are bananas, peaches, mango, and avocados. Not only can they help thicken the smoothie, but they all taste good too.

Don’t Mix Any Ice

One of the most popular tips people give to those who want to make their smoothie thicker is to add ice. While this is a common suggestion, it’s a misleading one that you shouldn’t follow. We highly recommend that you do the opposite and not add any ice to your drink.

The reason behind this is plain and simple. Ice will indeed help make the smoothie thicker at first. But it will very quickly melt away. This will leave cold water behind, making the drink even thinner and more watery than it already was.

Instead of doing this, you can try to add many other things. Forget about putting ice into the mixture and instead follow the other tips that we’ve shared in this article. They’re much better and healthier ways of making your smoothies develop a thick texture.

Use Other Thickeners

Fruits with many soluble fibers aren’t the only natural ingredient you can use to thicken a smoothie immediately. There are lots of other things you can try as well. For example, chia seeds are great for making the texture less thin.

Alternatively, some oats can also do the trick for you if you use those instead. You can also use yogurt to add a creamier feel to the smoothie. In short, there are many options out there, and they can improve both the taste and texture if you choose right.

Things like peanut butter, nutmeg, cream, etc., can also help you make a deliciously thick smoothie. But, do keep in mind that you should only add these things depending on your goals. Some of them might not be good for weight loss or have other disadvantages you should know.

Use a Meal Replacement Powder

Many people make smoothies a big part of their diet because they want to avoid unhealthy snacking and eat better for weight loss and muscle gain. If you’re one of these people, then meal replacement powders are arguably the best option for thickening your smoothie.

These powders are supplements similar to protein shakes, but there’s one big difference. They’re meant to help you replace meals. For example, if you add them to smoothies, they’ll give you as many nutrients as an entire meal would.


There are so many flavors available for these powders, and you can get any single one that matches your taste buds. They taste great and are excellent at making smoothies thicker while providing lots of nutrition. Meal replacement powders also keep you full for longer times.

If you’re drinking the smoothie as a snack, these supplements are an ideal option because they’ll stop you from eating other things that’ll needlessly add calories to your diet. So, on top of all of their great bonuses, they’re also very healthy and great for fitness.

Freeze the Fruits You Add

One of the simplest ways to make smoothies thicker than they are is to freeze the fruits you’re meant to add to them. For example, if you freeze some mango or peach slices before adding them in, the drink will be noticeably smoother compared to a smoothie without frozen fruits.

It’s another very convenient method. All you have to do is freeze the fruits a few hours in advance or overnight if you intend to drink the smoothie during breakfast. Then take out the frozen ingredients and add them to the mixture.

This will give the drink a better texture, and it’s incredible during warm summer days because of how refreshing it feels. As it’s so easy to try too, many people prefer this method of changing their smoothie’s texture.


Those are all the methods that we have to share for now. Each of them is effective in its own way, and we’ve gone into more details about precisely what these ways are above. You know all there is to about giving your smoothie a thicker feel to it by this point.

All of the suggestions above are tricks we’ve tried out ourselves to make our smoothies develop better textures. Each one has been of help to us. It can help you as long as you follow our advice precisely as you see above.

Hopefully, our tips can help you out, and you’re able to enjoy much better, thicker smoothies from now on. Just remember to stick to the guidelines we gave, and you’ll be enjoying much better shakes in no time!

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