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Tips on Preparing the Home for the Puppy?


The appearance of a puppy in the house is an important event that completely changes the lives of all its inhabitants. How well you will prepare for this event depends on how quickly the dog gets used to the new place, and what your further relationships will be. So, in this article, we are going to speak about the key points that will make your hand puppy’s life easier and happier.


Adaptation always takes some time, however, it is better to take the puppy at a certain age – ideally from 2 to 3 months. By this moment, it is already good standing on his paws, and in addition, by this period it is already possible to start primary vaccination. If you take a puppy away from its mother before two months, it can become serious stress for it, and it is often the reason for insecurity and other behavioral deviations.

As for the time of the year when it is better to get a puppy, breeders advise doing it in spring or early autumn, as it is more convenient to walk with the dog in this period. Besides that, try to make the day when you take the puppy your weekend, bring a pet in the morning or before lunch at home, and it will take almost a whole day for adaptation.

A Place for the Rest

The first to starting the preparation for the dog’s appearance in the house is to create a corner for it.

The place for the puppy should be located away from drafts and doors should be quiet and have a good overview. The corner of the room will suit optimally: put a medium dog bed here – the baby should be comfortable, calm, and warm. Accustom the puppy to the place gradually, using treats and tenderness for this, you can also put a toy or a ball there. Remember, that a place is a puppy’s personal space, that should be associated with positive emotions.

Choosing a Bowl


What do you need to know when getting a puppy? That you will need a lot of different things, but one of the first purchases should be bowls for food and water. You will certainly need several kits, as over time, the pet will grow up and it will be inconvenient for it to eat from the “puppy’s” bowls.

It is important to take into account several points here: dogs of medium breeds and larger will need a bowl on a regulated stand, and long-eared pets need a bowl of a special shape so that their ears do not accidentally fall into it. For dogs with a flattened muzzle, it is better to choose shallow bowls.

The place, where it is better to put the bowls, can be a kitchen or a corner in the hallway. Having put them there once, do not move them anymore, in order not to confuse the dog. Remember, that the bowl with water should be always full and be in constant access.

What about Meals?

How to make the right balanced diet – that’s else what you need to know when buying a pet. If you take it from the breeder, ask him about it, and if you have taken a pet from the street or a shelter – it is better to talk with a veterinarian.

However, most experts agree that it is better to start with specialized puppy food. They are well balanced in nutritional elements and enriched with vitamins and minerals. Carefully read the ingredients that food consists of, on the package. The main products that are added to a quality feed are chicken, beef, turkey, rabbit, and horse meat. Some manufacturers also include fish or seafood in the recipe.

The First Toys

Remember, that a pet should have a lot of different toys. Give preference to ropes, balls, rings, and rubber squeakers. Pay attention, that ropes should be made of natural materials, for example, cotton or linen, and other toys – of safe and rather tough rubber.


Other Recommendations

Imagine that the puppy is in the house. How to prepare for this event? If possible, remove all small objects that the pet can chew or accidentally swallow, lift up from the floor or mask the wires. We also recommend you roll up the carpets in all rooms, but, of course, leave the place for the dog. Despite the fact that puppies are extremely curious creatures, we do not recommend you show them the whole house on the first day.

First, let the baby get used to the place created for it and the surrounding area. At the same time, limit his access to those places that you consider dangerous in advance. It can be a kitchen, a pantry, a bathroom, or a balcony. If the puppy does not move from his place, there is no need to carry him anywhere else – buy him the best items to make him happy, or give space to get comfortable without other help. Sooner or later, it will open for itself the role of a fearless researcher.

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