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Editorial Policy

Whether it’s about analyzing the latest scientific discoveries, finding the differences, or sharing parenting tips – Biomadam is committed to upholding the highest standards of editorial policies and excellence.

At Biomadam, our goal is to be a trusted source of accurate, inclusive, and evidence-based information across family & relationships, fashion & lifestyle, health & fitness, home & decor, kitchen & cooking, and science topics.

The Biomadam Voice

We understand that online information can sometimes feel impersonal or overwhelming. That’s why we approach every topic through the lens of our readers, presenting content in an authoritative yet compassionate manner. We strike that balance between showing expertise and making you feel cared for. Think of us as a knowledgeable friend guiding you through life’s journeys.

Content Reliability

Biomadam stands with the best practices and ethical codes for journalism to make sure our readers get engaging and trustworthy information. We have experienced graduates and seasoned professionals in their respective fields to write informative content. These people are none other than:

  • Healthcare experts
  • Journalists
  • Cooking enthusiasts
  • Architects and home décor specialists
  • Relationship advocates, and
  • Fashion lovers

In addition to covering various topics, Biomadam also features travel blogs. We do not compromise on content quality, so we made sure to hire travel enthusiast having years of experience in exploring the world. Our writers love going to new destinations, and then pen it down for readers to discover and start a new adventure.

Besides, we have also teamed up with contributors who present a high standard of quality in their work. If their blog post meets our quality standards, we give them space on our website. Their contributions are further reviewed by a team of experts to ensure they align with our editorial policies.

Editorial Process

Our content is thoroughly researched and fact-checked by a team of skilled staff. We do not go beyond researching and writing from authoritative and reputable primary sources, particularly for science articles. Most of them have their primary sources from reviewed scientific and medical journals, and trusted academic institutions.

All medical and health claims in our content are reviewed by our Medical Review Board comprised of healthcare professionals to meet accuracy and stick to the latest guidelines.

Diverse Voices

We are committed to helping people at our maximum by providing diverse knowledge surrounding their lives. All this is done regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion, culture, geography, body type, ability, or experience. We actively work with a range of writers, expert sources, reviewers, illustrators, and more to create inclusive, anti-bias content that matches the concerns of our global audience.

Content Updates & Reader Input

Our content is routinely re-evaluated and updated to ensure we are adding the latest research findings, recommendations, statistics, and trends. We value reader feedback and strictly follow them by identifying areas of improvement and new content needs. You can submit feedback or correction requests via Email or our contact page.

By being fully transparent about our processes, we aim to build trust with our readers at Biomadam. From all our science blogs to our current role as a leading voice across multiple verticals, like family and relationship – we remain deeply committed to providing information that is useful in all aspects of life.