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Best Gifts For Young Gymnasts


“To be a champion, you must train like a champion.”

And to train like a champion, you must have everything that makes you feel like a champion!

Young kids are often interested in gymnastics. While many take it as a timely sport, a few invest all of their interest and energy into the sport.

So, if you also have a young gymnast at home, there is nothing better than gifting them something they can use in practice. It could range from leotards to gymnast rings or wristbands that make them cool gymnasts.

We have compiled a few gift options for young gymnasts that they will love!

Progress Checklist

Gymnastics is a tough sport, and the participants must always be at the top of their game. Each level of training requires a different skill acquired through intensive training.

For example, some level 4 skills include handstand, cartwheel, long hang kip, front handspring, back extension roll, etc.

So, if you have a young sporty gymnast around you who loves to show a new skill every time you meet, the progress checklist can be just the right gift for them.

Ask their parents about their skill level and get an appropriate progress checklist printed and framed for their room.

Gymnastic Journal

Besides the progress checklist, a gymnast journal can be an excellent option for an emerging gymnast star. It helps them stay calm and composed by penning their fears and weak points in the journal.

You can also encourage them to mention their achievements in the journal that they can look forward to.

Pick a plain journal with their favorite quote or buy a specific gymnastic journal with specific portions.

They can set their goals, track their progress, and mention their favorite motivational quotes to improve their performance.

Tie & Dye Gymnastics Leotard for Girls

It won’t be an exaggeration to say there is no better gift for a young girl gymnast than a gorgeous tie & dye leotard.

Girls love leotards, and they never have enough of them!

You can get them a tie & dye leotard, opt for one with rhinestones or buy a piece with a motivational quote according to their choice.

The best part is that you can also find matching wristbands and scrunchies with the leotards.

Watch Me Flip Gymnastics T-Shirt

While most gymnasts like leotards, the demand for cool t-shirts never goes down.

Gymnastics is not only based on flawless techniques and practice. It is a subtle combination of technique, practice, and motivation. No fitness gymnast can become big when they do not have the right motivation.

Motivational and cool quotes on t-shirts and equipment give them a push. Printed cotton t-shirts are comfortable and breathable for sweaty practice days.

Get your young kid a “Watch Me Flip” cotton t-shirt and see them flip with happiness!

Gymnastic Shorts

Gymnastic shorts are equally good for boys and girls and come in a wide variety of options.

When looking for a pretty pair of shorts to go with the shirt, get one that fits well. It should not be loose, or it might get stuck in any of the equipment and result in a sprain or fracture.

You can find shorts in different materials and designs. Make sure to buy one with a high-quality waistband and a professional cut. Most gymnast shorts are made of polyester and spandex, but there are many options to choose from!


Gymnastics Medal Holder

Has your young gymnastic star won medals just sitting in their boxes? Why not display them in the living room?

Get a wooden or plywood medal holder to hang those hard-earned medals and appreciate the sports enthusiast.

Though you can find many, the best choice is to get a customized medal holder saying “Champ,” “Champion,” “Star Gymnast,” or anything more personalized.

Gymnastics Game Floor Mat

There’s nothing better than a gymnastic floor mat that is equally good for practice and aesthetics.

The large floor mats provide ample space for the gymnasts to practice. They are available in a variety of materials. Yet, it is better to buy one with memory foam. Also, make sure to purchase an anti-slip mat for better adhesion to avoid hazards.

Find them in various designs for your living room or bedroom theme. We are sure it will be a practical gift for the young sportsperson.


Hand Care Kit

Gymnastics is a sophisticated, gorgeous sport on the outside, but it requires aggressive training. The training can be rough sometimes, and children and adults end up with ripped hands.

It is a common sight in gymnastics training, so trainers do not give much importance to it. However, you can take care of your little gymnast’s hands by giving them a hand care kit.

The kits typically have a healing balm to help heal wounds, followed by nourishment and moisture for their skin.

You may also make one yourself by buying a healing balm, an ointment, a grindstone to remove callus, and a long-lasting moisturizer.

Gymnast Rainbow Wristbands

Have you seen a young gymnast without wristbands? We have not!

Wristbands are the favorite accessory among gymnasts, and they love cute, classy wristbands that match their dresses.

A rainbow wristband is one of the most liked gifts among young gymnasts. They can wear it with almost all of their dresses and flaunt their style.


Gymnast Headbands

Besides wristbands, headbands are also a favorite and essential accessory for gymnasts. They not only look dainty and professional but are also immensely functional. Headbands come in several designs, and you can buy them according to your child’s choice.

Finding the best gift for young gymnasts might not be easy, but you can never go wrong with headbands if they fit well.

They are the most convenient for keeping hair tamed during practice and looking gorgeous.

Gymnastics Bag Pack

Every gymnast needs a backpack to keep all their belongings, and a perfect-sized bag is the perfect gift.

You may need to consider a few factors when looking for a gymnastics bag pack. It should be:

  • Right size
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Durable
  • Sleek design

Air Beam

The air beam is a good gift for a learning gymnast if they have been asking you for a gymnastics beam.

It is not exactly like the beam, yet the raised center line in the cushioned beam gives the feel.

They are inflatable that they can use for practicing before actually stepping onto the beam. The cushioning on either side provides additional support to save the child if they lose balance. This equipment enables them to focus on landing without the fear of injury.

Spring Core Balance

If you are looking for a suitable gift for a gymnast child that may be helpful and not take up a lot of space, choose the spring core balance.

It is a fun way for athletes, dancers, and gymnasts to strengthen their core muscles. It helps them increase their overall mobility and their ankle range of motion.

It has heavy-duty industrial-grade metal springs onto a non-slip lower platform and a cushion for added safety and comfort.

Gymnastic Bars

Gymnastics require unmatched body strength and flexibility to perform the acts. Gymnastic bars are the most important equipment to help them build upper body strength.

Practicing with horizontal gymnastic rods can be quite beneficial in improving their body strength. Also, it is recommended to place a padded mat on the ground to avoid injuries.

Gymnastic Rings

Gymnastic rings perform the same function as gymnastic bars but take less space. You can easily find them online. Make sure to buy wooden gymnastic rings for kids with beeswax. It ensures that they do not slip and prevents rugged hands.

Attach the rings anywhere in your house without needing outdoor space to help your young gymnast improve their shoulder, back, and neck strength. They also help release tension and are best for children with social anxiety and aggression issues.

Landing Crash Mat

Padded landing mats are a necessity for all gymnasts, young or adults. But, they can be handy for children in their learning phase.

They help them practice while preventing injuries in case of a mistake or fall. They come in various dimensions, and some of them are also foldable. You can fold the landing mats and place them anywhere in the house.

Mats made with nonporous vinyl are puncture resistant and easy to clean. Most of them are around 4-inch thick, ensuring enough cushioning for your young gymnast during practice.

The Bottom Line

It can be a hassle to buy the best gift for young gymnasts as they can be quite picky. However, the experts at Goodevas recommend buying gymnastic rings, climbing sets, or a cute leotard. A customized medal holder also makes its place on the list of the most popular gifts for gymnast kids. Buying a gift should be based on what the child likes and what makes them happy. We hope the article helped you choose a suitable gift for your little gymnast.

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