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How Far is Houston from Dallas


Whether you want to go to Houston for a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or a work trip, there are multiple ways to get to Houston from Dallas. Some people prefer taking a flight, while others enjoy the natural scenery on a road trip. Visitors wonder how long it will take them to reach Houston. The time taken to travel between both locations significantly depends on how far is Houston from Dallas.

This article covers all the details on the distance between Houston and Dallas, what to do on the way to Houston from Dallas, and much more. So, let’s dive in!

How Far is Houston from Dallas?

Houston is 385 kilometers from Dallas. 

If you wonder, “How many miles is Houston from Dallas?” The distance is around 239 miles.

How Many Hours is Houston from Dallas?

It takes 3 hours and 29 minutes to drive to Houston from Dallas on a non-stop road trip. However, the time taken to travel to Houston by bus and flight varies.

Mode of TransportTime TakenBest For
Car3 hours 29 minutesEnjoying stops on the way
Bus3 hours 45 minutesCost-effectiveness
Plane55 minutes on a private plane
5 hours on a commercial flight

How Far is Houston from Dallas by Car?

One of the most popular choices is to drive to Houston from Dallas while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery. You can choose from two routes: I-45 S and Hwy 6S. 


I-45 S is a preferred route to reach your destination fast. On the other hand, I-45 is a longer and older route that takes more than 4 hours to cover.

Here’s how you can go to Houston from Dallas, especially when starting a 7-day road trip:

  • Start driving from your location and stop at Duncanville if you want.
  • Now, keep driving until you reach Ennis and resume your journey to Richland.
  • Stay on the road until you reach Jewett, where you can stop to refuel or enjoy your meal.
  • Start driving again and stop at Buc-ee’s if you want any essentials, or keep moving until you reach The Woodlands. It is a favorite to relax after a long, straight drive. 
  • Leave the Woodlands after relaxing and exploring the region for a while; you’ll reach Houston from The Woodlands in around 40 minutes.

However, the journey is long, and people do not travel non-stop, eventually adding to the total travel time. Furthermore, the time to reach your destination will vary according to your driving speed, fuel, meal breaks, and if you plan to stop at other locations. 

The time taken to travel from Dallas to Houston depending on the driving speed is:

Driving Speed (mph)Driving Speed (km/h)Travel Time
30 mph48 km/h08 hours
40 mph64 km/h06 hours
50 mph80 km/h04 hours 48 minutes
60 mph97 km/h04 hours
70 mph112 km/h03 hours 25 minutes
75 mph120 km/h03 hours 12 minutes

How Far by Bus to Houston from Dallas?

Besides driving to Houston from Dallas, many people prefer taking a bus for added convenience. However, it may take more time than road travel depending on the route.

You can take the RedCoach bus from Houston to Dallas or opt for Greyhound.


RedCoach leaves Union Station, Dallas, and drops you off at Clay St & Louisiana St, Houston. It offers two choices:

  • One route takes 3 hours and 45 minutes to reach Houston from Dallas
  • The other route takes you to Houston in 7 hours and 30 minutes


Alternatively, Greyhound also operates between Dallas and Houston. The tickets are affordable, and the buses leave for Houston from Dallas at least twice daily. You can catch a bus from Houston to Dallas at the Dallas Bus Station. It takes between four hours to five and a half hours to drop passengers in Houston.

How Far is Houston from Dallas by Plane?

If you prefer flying instead of road trips and trains, here’s how far is Houston from Dallas by plane in hours:

The flight distance between Houston and Dallas in a straight line is 224 miles or 361 kilometers, 15 miles less than the road distance. So, a private plane flight to Houston from Dallas takes around 42 minutes.

However, a commercial flight will take longer to travel because of security clearance, transit time, and travel time to and from the airport.


Thus, flights to Houston from Dallas take approximately 5 hours.

The commercial flight time is 55 minutes, but adding 2 hours for TSA security and travel time between the airport and the location increases your flight travel time.

Most people take flights from Dallas/Fort Worth Airport to the George Bush International Airport. Alternatively, you can fly to Houston Hobby Airport, Umont Jefferson County Airport, or College Station Easterwood Field Airport.

What to Do on the Way to Houston from Dallas?

The drive to Houston from Dallas is beautiful if you take the countryside route. You can enjoy the greenery and open fields when passing through these areas. Let’s tell you some of the best locations and what to do on the way to Houston from Dallas. 

Experience the Showboat Drive-In Cinema

If you have never been to a drive-in cinema, the Showboat in Hockley can be a fun, quick stop on your way to Houston.

It is a cash-only drive-in cinema with a snack bar that displays the latest movies every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Choose from multiple options, order your food, and tune into FM 98.1 to listen to the film while sitting in your car and watching it on the big screen.

See Wolves at Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary

Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary is another good place to take a break on the way to Houston from Dallas, especially if you have children. While the sanctuary interests visitors of all ages, children are amazed to see wolves.

The sanctuary cares for wolves and provides them with a safe environment. The guides tell you about the wolves, and you might also hear sad stories about some of them. However, the sanctuary aims to care for the wolves and provide them with a healthy environment. 

Besides learning about wolves, buy souvenirs from the gift shop when ending your trip.

Refresh at the Navarro Mills Lake

Navarro Mills Lake is a man-made reservoir that welcomes visitors throughout the year. Most people visit the late for fishing, but many also enjoy boating, bird-watching, and camping at the lakeside. The cake has various fish varieties, including white crappie and catfish.

Visit the Ellis County Museum

The Ellis County Museum in Waxahachie is one of the best stops on the Dallas to Houston road trip. They have an extensive range of war, baseball, vintage, and other exhibits showcasing the country’s heritage. The artifacts interest people of all ages, from children to the elderly. There’s also a gift shop to get small gifts and souvenirs. The best part is that there is no admission fee, as the museum runs on donations.

Roam Around in Hillsboro

Hillsboro is a small town on the way to Houston from Dallas that makes an ideal choice for a quick spot to relax. The Roadside America Museum is a famous tourist location in the town. Furthermore, you can roam around the beautiful city, visit the Hill County Courthouse, and explore the antique shops. Don’t forget to try the BBQ while you’re there.


Enjoy Fishing at the Purtis Creek State Park

If you’re looking for a fun place to take a break on your way to Houston from Dallas, add Purtis Creek State Park to the list!

The state park is incredibly spacious, with hiking and biking trails and clean facilities. The park is also popular for camping, boating, and fishing. You can go kayaking or enjoy picnics around the beautiful lake. Moreover, the park has raccoons, birds, turtles, and frogs.

However, you might find aggressive dogs on the trails.

Relax at the Fairfield Lake State Park

Fairfield is another expansive state park spread over 1460 acres with a 2400-acre lake where you can enjoy camping and boating. It is one of the most relaxing things to do on the way to Houston from Dallas.

Go hiking or set your camps in the ground to spend time in nature. However, the park does not have facilities for overnight camping. Depending on the time of your visit, you might have the lake to yourself with very few visitors. 

Taste Wine at Messina Hof Estate Winery

Visiting a winery is always exquisite, seeing how they make wine and tasting delicious varieties.

The Messina Hof Estate Winery in Bryan offers a free winery tour and champagne breakfast when you book the B&B. Alternatively, visit the winery to learn about the history of the place and taste premium wine. 

Enjoy a delicious dinner after the winery tour and wine tasting.

Learn History at Pearce Collections Museum

If you are a history lover, the Pearce Collections Museum is a good place to take a break on the way to Houston from Dallas. 

The Pearce Collections Museum exhibits Civil War displays and artifacts. You will also see collection paintings, including oil and watercolor paintings to interest art lovers. The guides tell you about the exhibits to help you understand history.

See Lights at Santa’s Wonderland 

Santa’s Wonderland is one of the most beautiful attractions in College Station between Dallas and Houston during the holiday season. Additionally, you can visit Texas A&M University and tour the George Bush Presidential Library while you’re here.

Waco Mammoth National Monument

If you’ve been a fan of Manny from the Ice Age, the Waco Mammoth National Monument may interest you on your way to Houston from Dallas. 

This monument in the city between both locations has gigantic fossilized skeletons. You can also explore hiking trails, dig pits for kids, and picnic areas. While in Waco, visit the Dr. Pepper Museum and Magnolia Market to make the best of your tour.

Join Festivities in Todd Mission

Todd Mission is a popular tourist location, particularly in the fall when they have the Texas Renaissance Festival. There are also artisans, performances, historical reenactments, and yummy food at the festival you wouldn’t want to miss.

The Woodlands Children’s Museum

The last one on our list of stops during the Dallas to Houston road trip is The Woodlands Children’s Museum, designed specifically for children.

This cute little Museum in The Woodlands is perfect for people with young children as it caters to kids under five. You will find numerous exhibits and play areas for preschool children. The imaginary play grocery store and café attract the little visitors. However, the place is not too big, and no food or drinks are allowed.

Casino on the Way to Houston from Dallas

The River Poker Club


The River Poker Club is a perfect location for exciting games with available slots. It offers a luxurious environment whether you want to stay all night or enjoy a quick game. The club is an exclusive location that high-stakes players particularly enjoy. Whether you’re a first-time player or a pro, there’s something for everyone.

Winstar World Casino and Resort

Winstar World Casino and Report is a well-known casino on the way to Houston from Dallas. It is 80.4 miles from downtown Dallas and spans over 500,000 sq. ft. It has nine gaming plazas, high-stake rooms, and poker and bingo games for visitors. It can take you around 40 minutes from Downtown Dallas to the casino.

Rounders Card Club

The Rounders Card Club in Spring is a poker haven that provides a relaxing environment to players. The casino has built trust among the visitors over the years and feels like an old friend where you can sit and play with your friends. It also has drinks, food choices, and everything you need. Plus, Thursday night is Women’s Night, so ladies can enjoy their time.

Best Time to Travel to Houston from Dallas

Most tourists visit Houston from March to May and September to November because of moderate temperatures. Winters can be cold, whereas summer months bring in a large number of tourists, making it crowded. Spring and fall also have most festivities as the weather settles.

However, if you love winter, December and January can be ideal for you as the temperatures are not too low, and accommodation is less expensive.

The Bottom Line

Houston is a Texan metropolitan city welcoming visitors throughout the year for recreation and work purposes. So, the most important concern is how far is Houston from Dallas. You can opt for a Dallas to Houston road trip, take a bus to Houston from Dallas, or book a flight to Houston from Dallas. Furthermore, enjoy exciting things to do on the way to Houston from Dallas for a fun-filled trip. 


What direction is Houston from Dallas?

The flight direction to Houston from Dallas, TX, is South (158 degrees from North) on the South East side; the compass direction is SSE.

How Safe is it to Drive to Houston from Dallas?

The drive to Houston from Dallas is safe and smooth, even for solo women. When you take the I45, the drive is straightforward and safe, especially during the day.

How do I travel from Dallas to Houston without a car?

Taking a bus is the most suitable option if you do not have a car. However, you can also rent a car from one of the credible and trusted providers. Some people also prefer flying to Houston instead of a road trip.

What airlines fly to Houston from Dallas?

You can choose from five operators when looking for flights to Houston from Dallas. Select your favorite from America, Southwest, United, JSX, and Spirit Airlines. 17 flights take passengers from Dallas to Houston daily, most operating in the afternoon.

What are the cheapest airlines flying from Dallas to Houston round-trip?

Spirit Airlines offers the cheapest one-way and round tickets to Houston from Dallas. Spirit Airlines is 59% cheaper than others. Furthermore, evening flights on the route are cheaper.

What is the cheapest way to get from Dallas to Houston?

Taking a bus from Dallas is the cheapest way to reach Houston. Bus tickets cost less than flights to Houston from Dallas and drop you off at the location in 4 hours. You can choose from Greyhound, Redcoach, and Flixbus, depending on your preference.

Is Dallas to Houston an easy drive?

The drive to Houston from Dallas is easy if you take the motorway. It takes around three and a half hours to four hours down Interstate 45 South. You can also take the longer route, moving through the countryside for beautiful views.

How far is Houston from Dallas Fort Worth Airport?

Driving from Dallas Fort Worth Airport to Houston takes around 3 hours and 45 minutes. Alternatively, you can take a flight from the airport and reach your destination within an hour.

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