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Things to do in Aguadilla Puerto Rico


Could there be a better vacation than planning a trip to Puerto Rico? If you love traveling or want to spend the best time with your friends and family this summer, Aguadilla has some great options for you! This small town on the northwest coast of Puerto Rico has amazing vacay-ideas and opportunities. The city is known for its unique history, culture, and natural beauty that will surely leave you in awe. Being with your loved ones is itself a beautiful feeling, and this place adds more to it. Enjoy the incredible Atlantic Ocean views besides experiencing enthralling beach feelings at Crash Boat Beach. There are a variety of other fun things to do when traveling to Aguadilla, but its specialty is the beaches, waterparks, and cuisines.

Make your stay memorable with a heaven of good feelings at Aguadilla. This article will help you explore the best things to do when going to the town, so continue reading and save your time.

Top 10 Fun Things to do in Aguadilla Puerto Rico

It wouldn’t be wrong to call this city a “hidden gem” as it has some amazingly beautiful places to visit. From the breathtaking ocean views to enjoying wine at the beachside – you will definitely get all in a single trip! Below are the top ten fun things to do in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.

Enjoy Diving at the Playa Crash Boat Beach

Did you plan to dive your heart out this summer? The Playa Crash Boat Beach is among Aguadilla’s most popular tourist destinations. People love spending time here with their family and friends as it offers excellent scuba diving and snorkeling options. Even if you’re a beginner diver visiting Aguadilla for fun, this beach is a fantastic spot! The beach is fully occupied in summer, and sometimes families do not find parking.


Soak yourself up in the sun while having fresh juices. You can take your girlfriend and enjoy live romantic songs while tasting the best local cuisines. And, of course, Crash Boat beach is an aesthetic place, so do not forget to take plenty of photos!

Get Entertained at the Las Cascadas Water Park

If you’re traveling with kids who want nothing but fun-filled days at water parks, take them to the Las Cascadas. It is the biggest aquatic theme part of the Caribbean that is a thrilling and exciting spot to cool off on a hot sunny day. There are several water slides for kids and adults, a lazy river, and a giant wave pool that offers something for everyone! Some of the most-liked slides here include Tornado and Tsunami, which speedily sends you down through twists and twirls.

Besides, if you’re looking to spend some time relaxing, there are many shaded areas too! You can sit by the side of the lazy river and enjoy the vintage scenes while sunbathing. For those with children, the Kiddie Pool is a fun option. This shallow-slide area is a perfect fit for your little ones. Not just these, but Las Cascadas offers a variety of other amenities to ensure your comfort level, including wine bars and restaurants.

Explore the Antiquity of Punta Borinquen Lighthouse

If you love to explore new places and take an interest in historical points, Puerto Rico has an option for you. Like many other exciting spots, this Punta Borinquen Lighthouse catches most tourists’ attention. It is a historic landmark on the western side of the island. The lighthouse was built in the late 1880s and tells numerous stories about weather, colonization, architecture, and battles. When visiting Borinquen, you can hire an experienced guide and learn more about its history and significance.


The place dates back to the Spanish colonial era, so you’ll encounter more about the ruins of the beautiful place. There are a few spots to visit in the Punta Borinquen Lighthouse, such as Borinquen Beach, a Spanish Well, Ruinas del Faro, a hiking route, and whatnot! Enjoy the breathtaking views from the top of the lighthouse and save copious memories.

Take a Walk at Guajataca Forest Reserve

Guajataca is a short drive away from the museum, so after gasping much of Aguadilla’s culture, head on to this forest reserve. If you’re a nature sucker and love seeing greenery, this place will soothe your eyes. It spans over 9000 acres area and spreads a variety of beautiful flora and fauna. The reserve is a fit hiking trail covering almost 40 km of the forest area. Thus, if you plan to go hiking with friends this time, the Bosque Estatal de Guajataca offers easy to challenging tracks. You’ll encounter breathtaking waterfalls and loads of remarkable trees on the way!

Also, make sure to pack a picnic lunch on the way to the forest, as there are multiple spots to sit and relax. Having good food while absorbing the countryside will give a more profound sense of appreciation for its elegance. So, never miss the chance to connect with nature and soak in the island’s beauty when traveling to Puerto Rico.

Discover the History at Museo de Arte de Aguadilla

If you’re a fan of art and history and love voyaging to discover different cultures – Aguadilla is the go-to place! It has several museums, of course, but the most popular of them is the Museo de Arte de. Arte de is a small yet significant artwork created by the Puerto Ricans where more than 1000 artworks are present, and that too, from the 1600s. These fantastic pieces of art include artistic sculptures, beautiful paintings, handicrafts, and much more that depict the insights of Puerto Ricans and their culture.


Some parents prefer taking their kids to a vacay-destination that also serves as a learning opportunity, and museums are the go-to for that! You can participate in art classes and workshops to hone your artistic skills. In short, going to Aguadilla without visiting its museums is a total waste.

Enjoy Indoor Activities at the Ice Skating Rink

The Aguadilla Ice Skating Rink is the only skating point open throughout the year. This place in the Caribbean region is a unique yet fun-going spot for both children and adults. After visiting the best beaches and sunny areas, people prefer taking a break, and none other than Aguadilla Skating Rink is a perfect option. Solo skaters, couples, friends, and even families can come and enjoy this indoor activity. If you don’t own skates, many are available for rent.

Moreover, the amusement place also has ice hockey options, so you can join any team or watch the game. The Puerto Ricans or locals of the area find it a great spot for birthday parties as they offer the best theme packages, including tasty cuisine, décor, and skating. So, pack your bags and head on to the rink for an unforgettable experience.

Go Surfing at Wilderness Beach

This beach is a perfect location for all those who love to play around sand and sea. Schedule a day off to spend at Wilderness Beach, covered with lush vegetation, and enjoy the day away from the busy city life. The crystal clear water at the beach is perfect for swimmers to delight in, and it’s even better when you are with a group of best friends. Moreover, you can lounge on the beach to relish tanning from dusk until dawn.


Families are seen enjoying surfing as Wilderness Beach is famous for its waves. Beginners are instructed to take lessons from the instructors there. Besides, the marine life at the beach makes it an ideal fit for snorkeling. You just have to rent snorkeling gear from the locals there and explore what is under the water! What could be a better day than soaking in water?

Watch the Sunset from the Mirador

Another tempting activity to experience in Aguadilla is watching the beautiful sunset from the Mirador! If you happen to pass by or plan to visit the hillside, Mirador is an aesthetic option. This hilly area along the roadside overlooks the city to present breathtaking panoramic views. Whether you are a photography enthusiast or a nature sucker, it is a must-visit spot on the trip to Aguadilla that is open 24/7.

The top point of Mirador lets you experience the beautiful water waves of the Atlantic Ocean surrounded by hills and colorful houses of the city. You can also bring a picnic and enjoy the beautiful scenery while having a meal with your loved ones. Apart from all these romantic views, you can explore small hiking trails with your girlfriend or a bunch of friends. Overall, it’d be a great experience to romanticize the moments with your loved ones.

Get Yourself a Drink at the Beer Box

Just like the mind-boggling beach views, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, has numerous local beer brands where the Beer Box stays on top. Whether you’re a casual drinker or trying it for the first time on the trip, the breweries will do the work! A group of people took the initiative from a small microbrew in 2012 that has now reached the point that you can get a wide range of craft beers from local to international. The bar also has a cozy atmosphere, making it a perfect spot for a night out with your date or even friends.


Besides getting a variety of beers for a party night, you can also enjoy eating delicious food. Get yourself mouthwatering burgers, sandwiches, or other snacks after full-time entertainment by live music. While on a road trip, young adults usually stay here to spend an entire night dancing!

Spend a Day at El Parterre

Yes, they call it right! The Aguadilla is called La Villa del Ojo de Agua, meaning “the City of Spring Water.” It has a couple of beautiful parts, with El Parterre being the best for pictures. Whether you’re a tourist visiting the town to explore or a local planning a day out, this ethereal spot is a popular destination. With numerous recreational activities and pleasant walking paths, the Parterre offers something for everyone. The park has several trails that wind through the lush greenery and provide stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

Friends can play their most-liked games on the park’s court, such as basketball and volleyball. Besides, it has a spacious playground for kids, so the families can fully enjoy their holiday. Tourists who are interested in visiting the historic points can consider it in the list as a must-see place. Overall, the El Parterre is a blend of peace and pleasure for anyone visiting Aguadilla.

Why is Aguadilla Puerto Rico Famous?

Aguadilla is a beautiful coastal city on the northwest side of Puerto Rico that has drawn the attention of many tourists for a couple of years. But why is the city so famous? One of the main reasons is its incredible and adventurous spots, besides being rich in traditions, festivals, music, and art. It wouldn’t be wrong to call Aguadilla the “surfing capital of the Caribbean” because of its great surf spots. Thanks to its stunning beaches, exciting hiking and surfing sites, and rich cultural heritage, it is a perfect pick for people planning their vacation. Families from all around the world choose this island to catch some of the best waves at the beach shores, such as Crash Boat Beach, Surfer’s Beach, and Wilderness Beach.

In addition, the city has plenty of other attractive options, being home to different historical landmarks and having a variety of food options. You will find exciting histories of the locals and military there in the Punta Borinquen Lighthouse, El Parterre, Casa de Piedra, etc. When it comes to beaches, tourists choose none but Aguadilla town! The town is home to several gorgeous stretches of sand, such as Playa Rompeolas and Playa Crash Boat. These beaches are perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and relaxing in the Caribbean sunshine. Overall, the coastal island has numerous whys and wherefores to stand among the popular destinations for travelers, especially for beachgoers and surfers.

Final Takeaway

You will definitely enjoy making memories when traveling to Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. The people of the Caribbean are called the happiest people – thanks to the beautiful setup of the region! The active police security and low crime rates make it an ideal choice for tourists planning their vacation on an island. No matter what you choose to see in Aguadilla, it will leave you in awe. It’s a dreamland with a fusion of natural and man-made spots, including beaches, forests, parks, food places, etc. Don’t forget to capture the mesmerizing moments when exploring the things mentioned earlier, and enjoy!

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