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How Far is Savannah From Atlanta


If you are planning your trip to Savannah from Atlanta with your partner, friend, or family, you are up for a wonderful ride!

Savannah is a charming vacation spot with picturesque locations and fun activities to make your trip memorable. The best part is that you can enjoy a quick road trip without worrying about expensive flights from Atlanta.

This article covers everything from details on how far is Savannah from Atlanta to ways to get to Savannah from Atlanta and more.

How Far is Savannah from Atlanta, Georgia?

Savannah is 249 miles or 401 km from Atlanta.

You can cover the distance by car, train, bus, or flight, according to your preference. While flying seems the fastest, taking a road trip does not take much time either. Let’s tell you fast: you can reach Savannah from Atlanta by car.

Ways to Get to Savannah from Atlanta

You can get to Savannah from Atlanta by car, bus, or plane. Traveling by car is the most cost-friendly and does not take too long. Driving to Savannah from Atlanta also allows you to detour and visit other interesting attractions on your way. At the same time, air travel can be the best pick if you don’t prefer road trips. But it is less economical.

Mode of TransportTravel TimeCost
Car3 to 4 hours$50
Bus5 to 6 hours$30 – $60
Plane1 hour (private flight)$100 – $200

How Far is Savannah from Atlanta by Car?


Savannah from Atlanta distance driving is around 3 hours and 33 minutes. It may vary depending on your route, speed, and stops you make on your way.

When driving from Savannah to Atlanta, you can choose the Macon Route that takes you on Interstate 16 or opt for the alternate route on Interstate 20.

The Macon Route

  • Exit Atlanta via Interstate 75 along Reynolds Nature Preserve.
  • Drive past Blacksville and continue to Macon from High Falls State Park.
  • Now, take the Interstate 75 South or leave Macon through the Interstate 16 route.
  • Keep moving until you enter the city of Savannah.

You can make detours on your way and visit the Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary, Indian Springs State Park, Museum of Aviation, Ocmulgee Wildlife Management Area, Ocmulgee Wildlife Management Area, Mill Creek Regional Park, and Savannah National Wildlife Refuge.

The Alternate Route

  • Take Interstate 20 from Atlanta.
  • Pass through Conyers and take a break in Madison for a while.
  • Next, follow the interstate to Barnett and take routes 278, 80, 296, and 1 to Swainsboro.
  • Move to the main route to Route 57 and join Interstate 16.
  • Now, the route joins the Macon route at Wild Georgia Safari Park.

Enjoy stops at Stone Mountain Park, Georgia International Horse Park, Hard Labor Creek State Park, Oconee National Forest, and George L Smith St Park when getting to Savannah from Atlanta.

How Far is Savannah from Atlanta by Bus?

Taking a shuttle to Savannah from Atlanta or a bus is another convenient and cheaper option when visiting Savannah from Atlanta. Greyhound bus to Savannah from Atlanta leaves four times daily and takes you to Savannah in around five hours. These buses have free Wi-Fi and numerous other amenities.

The bus leaves at 232 Forsyth Street in downtown Atlanta and drops you off at Savannah bus station with a stop at Macon bus station.

How far is Savannah from Atlanta by Plane?


If you prefer flying instead of traveling by road, here’s how far is Savannah from Atlanta GA airport:

The flight distance is typically less than the road, around 223 miles or 360 km from Atlanta to Savannah. A straight flight between the two will take around 38 minutes.

So, if you have a private plane, you can reach Savannah within an hour. However, when taking commercial flights to Savannah from Atlanta, you must add travel time from your location to the airport, security clearance, and flight transit to calculate the total time.

If you book your ticket from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) to Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport (SAV), the flight time is an hour and 6 minutes. Add an hour for commute and 2 hours for TSA security lines and boarding.

So, a commercial flight takes around 4 hours.

Alternatively, you can take the flight from Atlanta to Hilton Head Island and take a taxi to Savannah. Getting to Savannah from Atlanta takes around 3 hours and 25 minutes via this route.

Around 26 flights take off to Savannah daily from Atlanta. American Airlines and Delta are the most popular airlines from Atlanta to Savannah.

Stops Between Atlanta and Savannah

Now that you know how to get to Savannah from Atlanta, why not tell you about all the gorgeous attractions on your way?

The most popular tourist locations between Atlanta and Savannah are Indian Springs State Park, Oconee National Forest, Stone Mountain Park, High Falls State Park, and more.

When visiting Savannah from Atlanta, you can visit 31 locations depending on your preference and route. Some of the most popular ones are:



Furthermore, you can stop at Senoia to walk through the areas where The Walking Dead was shot. Pick one of the tours and take pictures, learn trivial details, and experience the home of the Walking Dead in real time. Whether you are a group of friends, have kids along, or are enjoying a getaway with your lovely partner, Senoia is a perfect pick!


This centrally located city in Georgia is one of the most popular stops along the way to Savannah. Macon has interesting museums, beautiful parks, and galleries with magical art pieces. You can visit the Tubman Museum, Ocmulgee National Monument, and the Big House to enjoy even more on your trip.

Stately Oaks

Stately Oaks is not among the most commonly visited spots when driving to Savannah from Atlanta. However, it is a beautiful attraction for history lovers. You will love to see this pre-Civil War home if you have never visited one.

Museum of Aviation


If you are a fan of the military or love jets in general, this amazing Museum of Aviation in Robins Air Force Base is the perfect stop. The museum is on the southeast corner of the Robbins Parkway and Oak Avenue intersection. The entry is absolutely free, and the volunteers guide you through the museum. Kids can also enjoy rides at the entrance.

Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary

Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary features rare animals and birds in their natural habitats in a clean, spacious area. The sanctuary is spread over 250 acres and has more than 1,500 animals. It is not too far from the route to get to Savannah from Atlanta and offers massive parking spaces. Thus, you do not have to worry about parking your vehicle safely. As the sanctuary is non-profit, you can donate as much as you like.

Boro Water Park and Aquatics Center

When driving to Savannah from Atlanta, enjoy a fun waterpark day at the Boro Waterpark and Aquatics Center in Statesboro. It is an exciting family water park with numerous rides for children and adults of all ages. Some people find the price high, but military personnel and local teachers can also enjoy discounts at the park.

Tribble Mill Park


If your kids love interactive playgrounds and parks, add Tribble Mill Park to your list of stops on your way to Savannah. The 700-acre park offers a wide range of activities including play areas, horseback riding, biking, boating, and fishing. You can also enjoy a gorgeous view of the lake from the bridge while you’re there.

Georgia’s Old Governor’s Mansion

Have you been to a governor’s mansion before? If not, this is your opportunity to experience it.

This 19th-century mansion in Milledgeville was home to the governor, and most of it is preserved in its original form. They spent over $5 million to renovate the building in 2005. You can tour the mansion and buy souvenirs from the gift shop.

Arabia Mountain

Arabia Mountain is a suitable spot to relax and enjoy your time in nature if you are not in a hurry to reach your destination. A short hike takes you to a splendid view you’d love. The best part is that the hike is not strenuous, and you can enjoy this activity with your family. But remember that it is not the most dog-friendly path.

Hay House


The Hay House in Macon is a mansion built in the 19th century that features historical Georgian architecture. You will find stained glass windows, furniture, and marble statues. Furthermore, visitors can climb to the top floors for a small fee and learn more about the architecture and history. They also offer handicapped parking and an elevator for differently-abled people.

High Falls State Park

State parks are always an attractive spot to spend some time in nature. The entry fee is only $5, but they take that in cash. You can walk along the water, set up camps, or hike on the trail to cherish the scenic views. The park is home to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Georgia.

Hard Labor Creek State Park

The Hard Labor Creek State Park in Rutledge is another ideal spot to relax and when getting to Savannah from Atlanta. Popularly known for its magnificent golf course, this state park has a lakeside beach and over 24 miles of hiking and horseback riding trails. You can also stay overnight in one of the cottages or camp in the campground.

Alternatively, you can visit the Indian Springs State Park, Dauset Trails Nature Center, Stone Mountain Park, Oconee National Forest, Savannah National Wildlife Refuge, or George L Smith St Park.

What to Do on Your Trip from Atlanta to Savannah?

Savannah is a lovely Georgian city that offers magical architecture, exquisite roof-top bars, and unique activities. Visit the museums in the region, walk through the historic cemeteries, or enjoy a show at the Front Porch Improv. You might also fancy the ghost tours if you like a little bit of thrill in your life.

Also, don’t forget to check out the hidden gems, including the military museum and the beautiful botanical gardens. Most visitors love the cobblestone passages on Factors Walk.

Best Time to Go to Savannah from Atlanta

If you’ve already explored fun things to do in Atlanta and are now finding the best time to visit Savannah from here, know that it is embracing around the year, and is equally beautiful. Atlanta weather is usually warm, and the winters do not last long. You can enjoy various events from March to July with a moderately hot temperature. Yet, a large number of visitors go to Savanna during summer.


So, you can plan your visit in the fall as the temperatures fall. Fall in Savanna is no less entertaining, with music festivals and a comparatively less crowded city. Winter is not a tourist favorite, but it’s perfect to enjoy a cheap stay and have the streets to yourself.


What is the cheapest month to fly from Atlanta to Savannah?

Who doesn’t want to spend their vacation at the most affordable rates? When flying from Atlanta to Savannah, the cheapest month is September, as most tourists return in the fall.

What is the fastest way to Savannah from Atlanta?

If you own a private plane, taking a flight is the fastest way to get to Savannah from Atlanta. However, flying commercially takes longer, and you can reach Savannah via road almost at the same time.

What’s the best way to travel around Savannah?

The fare-free Downtown Transportation (dot) is the best option for visiting tourist areas and other parts of the city. The buses leave 10 minutes from 7 am on weekdays and 10 am on weekends.

How many hours is Savannah from Atlanta?

Covering the driving distance to Savannah from Atlanta takes around three and a half hours. But most people like to stop at beautiful tourist spots on their way which eventually makes the trip longer.

Is there a train between Atlanta and Savannah?

There is no direct train between Atlanta and Savannah. So, it will take you around a day to reach Savannah from Atlanta via Amtrak.

Is Savannah cheaper than Atlanta?

If you want to try all the tourist activities in Savannah, you might not feel a significant difference in the costs. However, the cost of living in Savannah is lower than in Atlanta.

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