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Are you Struggling? Here’s How to Regain Control of your Life


Trying to get your life under control can leave you feeling overwhelmed, depressed, and completely exhausted. The struggle to make important decisions can leave you feeling stuck, confused, and helpless. Many people find that the pace at which life appears to be moving is too fast for them to handle, and they end up feeling so anxious that they don’t get much done at all. These struggles include financial crises, relationship issues, career pressure, and health issues, among other things.

When you start on the path to regaining control, you begin to let go of your struggles, fears, and feelings of anxiety. When you are in control, you feel good and at ease; when you are not, you feel hopeless and helpless. It’s easy to blame others or the circumstances surrounding you for how things appear to be turning out when in reality, you hold the keys to your own ‘prison’ doors and make the decisions. Take back control by becoming the person you want to be!

Here are a few pointers and suggestions to get you started on regaining control of your life.


1. Accept Who you are

This is the FIRST and most important step on your path to regaining control. If anything at all, you need to know and fully come to accept the person you are – ranging from your strengths to your shortcomings to your weaknesses and your limitations. You do not have to always be too hard on yourself.

Everybody struggles with one thing or the other, at one point in life. You become unproductive and you end up hurting yourself once you begin to self-criticize and feel guilty about every little detail of your life. As you work towards improving certain areas of your life, it is important to do so with a positive mindset. Quit feeling sorry for yourself and accept the fact that you are doing the very best you possibly can.

2. Stop Worrying About things Beyond your Control

In as much as the goal is to regain control of your life, you need to understand that there still exist certain things you just cannot control. Regardless of the amount of planning you do and the preparation you make, there are things that still would not bend or play out the way you expect. Hence, there is absolutely no point in wasting your time, energy, and resources trying to force these things. Yes, it feels scary, but in the end, it is what it is and you can only learn to embrace it. Sometimes it is actually better not to know about certain things or have the ability to control them.

Focus on the things you can change and stop worrying about the ones you cannot and live without fear. The universe has its own way of aligning things and, chances are, they’ll end up working out for you rather than against you.

3. Get Help

Most people are of the opinion that they can do a lot of things on their own. They feel they can face their problems alone but they rarely succeed in doing so. Sometimes there are certain issues you might need a little help with and that would require that you talk to either your parents, counselor, doctor, a professional, religious leader, or a close friend. A common type of this kind of problem is the abuse of drugs and alcohol which has developed into an addiction. Getting over an addiction can be the hardest thing to do.

In San Diego California today, over 400,000 persons above the age of 12 use illegal drugs annually. In 2015, treatment centers recorded 20% of admissions due to alcoholism, 15% due to marijuana abuse and 10% due to cocaine and heroin abuse – these numbers have continued to rise ever since. Thanks to the internet, people can now easily search the website of different treatment and recovery centers where they can get the best care. Fortunately, San Diego has one of the best treatment and recovery centers in California and you are in luck if you live in or around that area. Most people trying to overcome related problems require lots of professional help and treatment programs.

4. Set Goals

Setting goals is essential if you truly want to turn things around and regain control. Set goals for bringing about the changes you want to see. It is also critical to divide these objectives into small, manageable steps. Your goals would appear a lot more realistic this way. You then start working meticulously towards your goal by creating a daily routine that follows those steps. Everything will eventually pay off, which will boost your confidence to go for more!


Your inability to freely choose between different options contributes to the feeling that you do not have control over the situation. It compels you to put off taking responsibility for your actions and to place blame on others for your shortcomings while you carry on living a life of denial. You can reclaim control of your life by making plans and efforts that are deliberate and conscious, and by doing so, you can create the life that you have always dreamed of living.

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