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Careers you can Consider Developing if you Enjoy Helping Others 


As humans, we are hard-wired to find solace by helping others. If you’re someone who loves serving others and has empathy, choosing a career that aligns with your passion is all you need. There are several careers ranging from providing healthcare services to the underprivileged to inspiring people to cope with difficult situations. Here are the top careers that focus on helping others, providing a greater purpose in your life, and equipping you with the right set of skills to make a positive impact.

Health Services Manager

Pursuing a career as a health services manager ensures job security as it is one of the most sought-after jobs in the U.S. Although health services managers are not directly involved with patient care, they still serve patients by streamlining the operations which are keeping the healthcare facility functional. Their position requires these managers to ensure the quality of services is not compromised in any case. Creating schedules, hiring healthcare specialists, setting goals, and making an action plan to achieve the set milestones are just a few of their responsibilities.

Being a health services manager can provide a six-figure salary in the United States, making it a top-paying career option. A bachelor’s degree in healthcare management will help build a strong foundation for your career ahead. However, some positions might require a master’s degree.

Occupational Therapy Assistant

With an associate’s degree, you can land yourself a secure job as an occupational therapy assistant. Their job is to help patients suffering from medical conditions by improving their quality of life. There are several diseases and medical conditions like Parkinson’s disease that result in cognitive decline. An occupational therapy assistant can help in developing cognitive skills and motor skills.


A career as an OTA provides you with the opportunity to work with different medical conditions, improving your expertise in patient care and management. With effective occupational therapy, it becomes easier for these patients to develop and maintain their motor, cognitive, and sensory skills. They can also perform tasks on their own, improving their quality of life.

Nurse Practitioner

If you are a commissioner and have a desire to serve others, nursing might be the right choice for you. The healthcare industry has an ever-growing demand for nurse practitioners, opening endless opportunities for not only jobs but also career growth.

Several accelerated nursing programs take into account the credit hours from your non-nursing college, allowing you to pursue a bachelor’s in nursing. There are several compelling reasons to choose nursing as a second career as the career ensures job security, endless career growth opportunities, better financial outcomes, and job satisfaction.

However, opting for a second career and starting over is not everyone’s cup of tea. Dedicate some time to research, go over the reasons you want to switch careers, and ensure that you are truly willing to become a nurse practitioner as the field requires a great deal of dedication and commitment.

The duties of a nurse practitioner include performing physical examinations, prescribing medications, interpreting lab test results, implementing treatment protocols, and working on patient education to achieve better health outcomes. Family nurse practitioners provide complete healthcare services and act as primary healthcare providers. After obtaining your NP certifications, you can even further specialize in geriatrics, women’s health, pediatrics, or mental health to name a few. Recently, the demand for psychiatric and mental health nurse practitioners has increased alongside a soaring demand for other specialized healthcare services as well.

Dental Hygienist

Oral health is an essential aspect that needs to be practiced to limit bacterial growth, instances of gum diseases, and related dental issues. Ranked as one of the best healthcare jobs, dental hygienists specialize in educating people on maintaining a hygiene routine and preventive oral care. An associate’s degree is required to pursue a dental hygienist career.

Law Enforcement Officer

It’s not always necessary to choose a degree related to healthcare if you want to help others. Choosing law enforcement as a career is an excellent choice as you will be helping to maintain order within the community and ensuring everyone’s safety. The usual responsibilities of law enforcement officers range from arresting criminals to protecting the general public from threats. A bachelor’s in public safety or an associate’s degree in criminal justice would be helpful when applying for job positions in law enforcement.



There is no better way to serve communities than to become a teacher, if you like to work with people. Besides teaching in primary and secondary schools, you can choose to teach in institutions that specialize in dealing with children with disabilities. Most bachelor’s degrees can land you a job teaching primary or secondary school children. However, if you want to teach in an institution for kids with special needs, you might have to obtain the relevant certifications in order to fulfill the requirements.

The careers we’ve mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. Tons of other promising careers are centered around helping others. Choosing a career is the start of your journey and you should only come to a decision after having evaluated each aspect.

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