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Different Ways To Enlarge Breasts: Do They Work?


There are many ways to enlarge an individual’s breasts, without the use of surgery. The following article will detail a few of those different ways and discuss whether they work. So, if you are interested in learning different ways to enlarge breasts, read on.

1. Breast enhancement oil

Breast enhancement oils are a new and innovative way to enlarge the size of breasts, without surgery. Breast enhancement oils contain natural ingredients that will help increase breast size, such as fennel seed, blessed thistle, and saw palmetto berry. The increased blood flow is what helps encourage the growth of mammary tissue. With continuous use of these types of oils, you should be able to see positive results within four weeks.

Many women who have used breast enhancement oil claim that they were able to attain one or two cups sizes larger than their original size. You can find them at or look for some recommendations online. There are many benefits to using this type of oil, some of which include: no side effects, no painful surgeries, and the ability to achieve desired results within four weeks.


2. Breast enlargement pills

Breast enlargement pills work similarly to breast enhancement oils, in that they both have natural ingredients that will help increase breast size in a woman. Some natural ingredients found in these types of supplements include: fennel seed, blessed thistle, and saw palmetto berry, just like the oil. All of these are herbs that have been used for centuries to relieve symptoms such as gas and bloating.

The only difference between oils is that pills do not contain oil, but rather a powder form consisting of all-natural herbs mixed with other nutrients like amino acids, vitamins, or minerals. Many women who have used these types of supplements claim they were able to attain 1-2 cup sizes larger than before they started taking them. There are no side effects that come along with using this type of pill, but you need to be aware that they are not regulated by the FDA, so there may not be what is listed on the label.

3. Breast Creams


A breast cream works similarly to breast enhancement oils and pills. They all contain natural ingredients that promote healthy breast tissue development. Some of these ingredients include Vitamin A, vitamin D3, vitamin E & K1, fennel seed oil, black cohosh root extract, blessed thistle herb extract, and holy basil leaf powder. The cream must be massaged onto the breasts several times a day for about 15 minutes each time in circular motions until it is absorbed into the skin.

It is recommended to use the cream every day because the ingredients will stay in your system until they are used up by your body. Women who have used this type of product claim that they were able to see positive results within only one month. There are no negative side effects associated with this type of product. However, if you do choose to try a breast cream, make sure it does not contain parabens because these ingredients may cause cancer or other diseases.

4. Breast exercises

Women are often looking for ways to enlarge their breasts naturally, without surgery or spending a lot of money. Many women think that weight training is the key to increasing breast size, but this thought is incorrect. For increased breast size, it is best to do exercises that focus on the upper chest area, such as push-ups. One of the main components involved in developing female breasts is hormones, and your body has enough estrogen to grow breasts.

Women who have used this type of exercise claim they were able to see positive results within only one month after doing numerous push-ups each day. Push-ups not only work on your pectoral muscles which are located just below your breasts but also help other muscles throughout your body as well. This type of exercise is considered safe and extremely efficient at naturally increasing breast size.

5. Soy milk

Soy milk has been used for centuries as a natural beauty remedy because of its numerous benefits. It is known to strengthen the body’s bones, lower cholesterol levels, improve heart health, and it can also be used topically on the skin because of its nutrients. Women who have used soy milk every day for about three months report that they were able to see results in their breast size by up to two cups sizes larger than before using it.

One way to do this is by adding 1-2 cups of soy milk into your daily diet, or by simply drinking one glass with each meal. Keep in mind that soy might not be a good option for women with a family history of breast cancer, since there are mixed reviews regarding whether consuming soy will increase the risk of breast cancer. It is recommended to speak with your doctor if you are concerned about this health issue before consuming it.


Breast enhancement products are formulated with ingredients that are natural and safe to use, these ingredients will increase your bust line over time. The product you choose may be an oil, cream, or pill, but all of them require daily use, patience, and possibly some exercises to see results. It is recommended to combine these types of natural enhancement with exercise to attain the best results possible. Good luck!

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