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Effects of a Male-Dominated Society

Male Dominated Society Goods\Bad

How often is it that you see women in power? Not much.

Patriarchy has become a deep-rooted part of our system. Male dominance is prevalent in most parts of the world, where men dominate women in almost all fields. Men take power in country politics, home management, and workplaces as well.

While people did not previously notice the ill effects of patriarchy, education and awareness led to a better understanding. Let’s tell you the effects of a male-dominated society.

What is Male Dominated Society?

Collins dictionary defines male domination as “A male-dominated society, organization, or area of activity is one in which men have most of the power and influence.”

It may also be explained as “dominated or controlled by males; having more males, esp in powerful positions, than females.”

All the definitions explain a male-dominated society as an environment controlled by males. It refers to males having more power, influence, and authority than females.

The Beginning of Male-Dominance

If you wonder that the concept of a male-dominant society dates back a century or two, let us tell you it’s an old affair.

A 2004 study by Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, suggests that the dominance in a society is related to agriculture. A theory suggests that the dynamics changed around 12,000 years back. The power shifted to males because they were physically stronger than their female counterparts. They got more authority over decisions, and the inheritance flowed from males from one generation to the next. And that’s how patriarchy emerged.

Effects of a Male Dominant Society


Female Feticide and Infanticide

Females do not only face the consequences of a dominant male society when they are old enough to understand. Instead, it starts even when they are not born. Female infanticide is an area of concern in many populations globally.

A report by the United Nations shows that around 2,000 unborn girls are illegally aborted every day in India.

The first effect of a male-dominated society is an increase in the number of men and a decrease in the number of women. It later leads to problems when there are not enough women to marry men, and the sense of competition prevails.


Most third-world countries do not have access to proper education. Many parents do not send their daughters to school because of limited resources. They believe that their sons will take care of them in their old age, and they must be able to earn a decent living. These uneducated women without any skills are not capable of making a living. It disables them to stand against violence as they are dependent on the abusers many times.


In many cultures and countries, women do not get an inheritance. The generational wealth passes from the grandfathers to uncles and fathers to their sons. Women are deprived of a basic survival need where they must have been given a share of it as men. It leads to financial instability among women. It also causes disparity in the incomes of men and women, making it more challenging to survive in a dominant male society.

Workplace Discrimination

Despite changing trends, many workplaces do not prefer women in top positions. One of the most illogical adverse effects of a male-dominated society is that men are thought to be more emotionally intelligent than women. However, many women are far more emotionally smart than men and capable of running a country.

Jacinda Arden and Benazir Bhutto are two of the most influential female leaders.



A male-dominated society motivates men to feel that they are superior to women. They understand that they are physically more powerful than women. This leads to safety issues where women are afraid to go on their own. Women do not feel safe in a crowd of men, whereas men might not feel threatened standing among thousands of women. The patriarchal mindset has led to security issues among females.

Workplace Harassment

Besides public safety issues, women are more susceptible to workplace harassment than men. Considering most men are in managerial positions, women are often expected to give favors to work their way up. It may include lunch, talking to them for a long time, or being at their service.


Have you seen men being told that they dress up to impress women or get their attention? Not really!

Alternatively, women are judged for their actions in this male-dominated society. If they get a promotion, people assume it is because of some favors to their boss. If a female decides not to have kids, people come around telling her that it is not right. Many Asian cultures also judge women for their choice of living by themselves.

The Bottom Line

A male-dominated society is giving birth to an environment with unconfident females. Women work hard to make their place in a male-dominant community. Less education and job opportunities, safety and harassment issues, and no right in inheritance are the most fundamental ill effects of a dominant male society.

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