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How Long Can You Freeze Sausages


The most essential part of our daily meal is the healthy sausages. They provide high levels of Vitamin B-12 and iron and are so delicious to have with our meals. My dinner feels incomplete without sausages. However, if you are like me, you would understand we barely have time to prepare sausages daily. The pre-cooked sausages take only 10 minutes, but raw ones take up to 30 minutes.

So, freezing sausages is the last resort we have. Moreover, people like me are usually concerned about, “Do sausages freeze well?” and “How long can you freeze sausages?” Here, we will get to know all about sausages and how long we can freeze them.

Can You Freeze Sausage?

Yes, the way to preserve sausages is through freezing. However, different types of sausages have different freezing limits. According to USDA, it is safe to freeze sausages for up to six months. However, here’s how long different sausages can be frozen:

  • Fresh Sausages: 1 to 2 months
  • Cured Sausages: Up to 6 months
  • Hard/Dry Sausage: 1 to 2 months
  • Summer Sausage: 1 to 2 months
  • Cooked Sausages: Up to 3 months

Sausages contain grains, pork, breadcrumbs, poultry, ground meat with a touch of salt, spices, and other fillers, extenders, or flavorings. As we know sausages are a type of meat product which means they have a certain frozen time limit. The minimum frozen time for sausages is between 1 to two months and can be frozen for six months.

How Long Do Sausages Last in the Refrigerator & Freezer?

Sausages add flavor and make our dishes scrumptious, no doubt about it. We love to add a little bit of spice to our everyday meals but preparing these magical yummy treats daily can be a hectic task. Therefore the best way to preserve sausages is to freeze them. However, these sausages are perishable and must be handled with care and preserved properly. Vacuum packages come in handy when we are focusing on saving that sausage flavor. Here is a guide on how long you can freeze sausages:

(40°F or below)
(0°F or below)
Raw sausage from
chicken, turkey, or beef
1 to 2 days1 to 2 months
1-2 months from
the date of purchase
1 week1 to 2 months
Frozen Sausage1 to 2 months from
the date of purchase
1 – 2 months from
the date of purchase

Food Hygiene Rules for Freezing Sausages

When we freeze any food we try to avoid contamination at all costs. When dealing with sausages that have been stored in the freezer for over two months, it’s important to take proper precautions. Therefore, there are certain rules to follow if you want to keep sausages well-preserved, keep their flavor, and maintain their quality. When freezing sausages, you must follow some of the essential hygiene rules approved and recommended by the FDA and USDA. Follow these to make your sausages last longer:

  • Keep the freezer surface and your hands clean when dealing with any foods, especially sausages.
  • Keep the cured, cooked, uncooked, and raw sausages separate. Use vacuum packages, plastic wrap, aluminum foil, air-tight boxes, and brown paper.
  • Label your stored sausage packages with dates. This way you will know when you last stored them.
  • Portions are better, so slice the whole sausage into portions and freeze them in separate packages.

Sausages can be frozen for six months, but it’s inevitable that after this time flavor and texture will not remain the same.


Can You Freeze Sausages for 12 Months?

According to USDA, you can store the sausages in the freezer (0 °F or less) for one to two months. However, most people prefer to keep the sausages frozen for up to six months because they can lose their flavor and texture after being frozen for two months. It’s important to note that sausages that have been frozen for 6 to 8 months are still perfectly safe to eat. You can rest assured that if they have been stored correctly, there is no risk to your health. So don’t hesitate, go ahead and indulge in your favorite sausages without any worry!

Can You Freeze Commercially Frozen Sausages?

According to USDA, it is safe to freeze commercially frozen sausages, but its packaging matters. The best way is to wrap the commercially frozen sausage in an airtight foil or a good quality freezer wrap. These frozen sausages can easily last for a month or two.

How Long Can You Freeze Commercially Frozen Sausages?

The commercially frozen sausages can be frozen for one to two months without compromising their quality and taste. In case you want to keep it frozen for more than two months, it’s completely fine however, the flavor and texture are compromised.

How to Individually Freeze Italian Sausages?

It’s pretty easy to start individually freezing Italian sausages by wrapping each in plastic or aluminum foil – as it prevents sticking. The next step is to place these wrapped items on a baking tray such that they are non-sticky with each other. Simply put this tray in the freezer and allow the sausages to freeze until they’re firm.


Once done, shift these frozen sausages to a resealable freezer bag or airtight container after labeling it with the type of sausage and date of freezing. You can also store this container in the freezer for further use. This method allows for easy retrieval and thawing of individual sausages as needed, without the entire package needing to be defrosted.

How to Tell if Cooked Sausage is Bad?

Dealing with food involving meat requires extra care, including sausages. They have a minimum shelf life, even the cooked sausages. Here are some signs which can help you identify the rotten cooked sausages:

  • Taste: Rotten sausages taste dry and bad.
  • Odor: Rotten cooked sausages have an odor similar to spoiled eggs or sour milk. Sometimes, it smells a bit fishy and cheesy.
  • Texture: A good sausage must have a firm and sliceable texture. However, rotten sausages are soft, mushy, slippery, or too hard.
  • Appearance: The spoiled sausages have greyish, brown, green or black spots. They should be pink or brown when cut.

In a Nutshell

Those mouth-watering smoked, salted, fermented, and dead sausages are indeed a must-have in your meals. However, preparing sausages every time you cook a meal can be a time-consuming task. When it comes to cured sausages, it becomes an impossible chore. So, freezing them would be our last resort, but how long you freeze sausages is a valid concern.

The suitable time for the sausages to be stored depends upon the type of sausages. For Instance, cooked sausages are safe to be frozen for up to three months, fresh sausages can be frozen for up to two months and cured sausages for almost six months. However, the way you preserve sausages, freezer temperature, and packaging also play a vital role in how long they can be kept in the freezer.


Can I freeze cooked sausages?

Yes, you can freeze cooked sausages for two or three months. However, the fresh sausages can only be kept in the freezer for one or two months. However, it is ok to keep cooked sausages in the freezer.

Can you freeze a dried sausage?

Dry or smoked sausages are safe to be frozen for 1-2 months. However, the shelf-life of a freeze-dried sausage is 10 to 15 years in an unopened sealed can. It includes an oxygen absorber, ideal storage conditions, and using it within a month after opening it.

Can you freeze sausages for 6 months?

Yes, you can freeze sausages for six months however, the flavor will be compromised. However, any food including sausage can be frozen indefinitely. It’s an easy way to store sausage and reuse it according to your convenience.

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