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Fun Things to Do in Amsterdam for Couples

Couple Fun Things in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most gorgeous, exciting, and welcoming cities. It has always been known for its serenity, and many people find it even more romantic and beautiful than Paris. However, with time, Amsterdam has evolved, offering a lot more to visitors and locals, interesting more people looking for a romantic getaway. Thus, the list of fun things to do in Amsterdam for couples has also broadened.

From secret concerts to coffee shops that sell marijuana and a red-light district, Amsterdam offers more than you think!

Best Things to Do in Amsterdam for Couples

If you wonder what makes Amsterdam a favorite among couples, this article answers it accurately!

As it is not as hyped as a few other European cities, the FOMO element is a lot less. However, you might be surprised to know what this city offers when exploring it.

Amsterdam makes the perfect couple vacation, honeymoon, or anniversary trip location because of its versatility. Whether you are an introvert who likes beautiful long walks with your partner or an extrovert who loves the adrenaline rush, Amsterdam won’t disappoint you.

From exploring the city on bikes to taking Europe’s highest swing and romancing at the van Gogh Museum, this city has it all!

Let’s tell you all the romantic, fun activities you can enjoy with your partner here.

Explore Amsterdam on Cycle

Known as the ‘Cycling capital of the world,’ Amsterdam is a cyclist-heaven. So, if you also love cycling, add it to your best things to do in Amsterdam for couples bucket list right away!

People in Amsterdam take cycling very seriously, and the city is overcrowded with cyclists. They commute throughout the city on their cycles, leading to a higher cycle of traffic on roads. Get a cycle to take a quick tour around the city with your girlfriend or boyfriend and lock these joyful memories forever.

Remember to stay away from cycling lanes when walking.

Immerse in Amsterdam Beauty on a Boat Ride

Boat rides might seem cliché at first, but the views at Amsterdam’s Canal Ring are to die for!

The 165 canals surrounded by mesmerizing 17th-century buildings take you on a historical adventure. If you are visiting Amsterdam for the first time, this is a no-miss opportunity to lie in your sweetheart’s arms while you boat through the canals.


You can get a paddle boat or opt for one of the tour companies to take you on a ride. The Amsterdam City Card offers a free basic tour, but you may book a three-course dinner cruise or a private boat tour.

Also, this could be the best way to ask the love of your life to marry you!

Rent a Houseboat

If you wonder what could be more romantic than a boat ride at the canal, it’s renting a houseboat!

Many service providers offer houseboats on the canals to enjoy time with your partner. You can rent it out for the whole night and spend time on the canal with your spouse, soaking in the beauty of this city.

Look for them online or walk around the canals to find a houseboat that suits your taste.

Admire the Magnificence of the Van Gogh Museum

A trip to Amsterdam with your significant other cannot be complete without visiting the Van Gogh Museum, exhibiting the evergreen artist’s incredible work. The main exhibition is at the Rietveld building, showcasing Van Gogh’s timeless pieces like Sunflowers and Skull of a Skeleton with Burning Cigarette. It is a beautiful place to roam, holding hands, feeling and appreciating the iconic artwork.


Ride the Extreme Swing

As we said, Amsterdam does not only offer romantic and cute options for couples but a lot more. The Extreme Swing is one of the most fun things to do in Amsterdam for couples; you will talk about it for a long time!

The Extreme Swing at the A’Dam Lookout is a favorite among young couples and ride-or-die-together honeymooners. The free ferry from Amsterdam Central leaves you at the Amsterdam-Noord, where you can find the A’Dam Tower. The swing is on the top of the tower.

This is not an adventure you get to try every day; we suggest taking the opportunity when you have it. It might sound scary, but it is thrilling.

Walk Under the Moonlight in Jordaan

Nothing can replace romantic walks under the moonlight with your partner. The sweet little moments and conversations on these walks become memories for a lifetime. And Jordaan is the perfect place for a stroll together. Tourists have not yet fully discovered Jordaan, making this one of the hidden fun things to do in Amsterdam. It saves you from the chaos where everyone is looking for the right place to take pictures. In Jordaan, it’s just you, your spouse, and a few other locals, ensuring you enjoy your time best.

Besides Jordaan, Pijp is another gorgeous spot along the canals, offering a romantic setting for you and your partner. Live in the moment while you walk and pass the canals, and later enjoy a warm cup of coffee from one of the cafés.


Swim in Pllek

We don’t think a romantic getaway is complete without a swim at the beach, so we have swimming in Pllek next on the list.

The Pllek Beach by the IJ in Noord is an excellent location to watch a sunset with a martini in your hand, followed by a cooling swim in the waters. The beach looks even more enticing after sunset, inviting you to dip with your partner. But stay near the coast and not swim too far away.

Picnic at Vondelpark

Vondelpark is one of the most popular getaway locations in the city among tourists and locals alike. The stunning park with playgrounds, ponds, and ornamented lawns makes the perfect spot for picnics. You can cycle or skateboard with your loved one to bring out the child in you.

You might be lucky enough to enjoy a show or concert here in summer, while it serves as the perfect picnic spot in spring.


Watch a Movie at Pathé Tuschinski

This activity on the list of fun things to do in Amsterdam, Netherlands, is perfect for movie and theater lovers. Pathé Tuschinski is a 20th-century theater with Art Nouveau and Art Deco architecture. The majestic curtains and massive auditorium make you live in vintage cinema’s magnificence.

Enjoy arthouse and contemporary movies in this Amsterdam cinema and relax by your partner’s side, resting your head on their shoulder.

Buy Flowers at the Floating Flower Market

If a woman tells you she doesn’t like flowers, don’t trust her words!

They say it so you do not take the effort of buying flowers or spending money on them, but who doesn’t like spoiling their girl?

Bloemenmarkt is (almost) every girl’s dream place in Amsterdam. This unique floating flower market has uncountable varieties of tulips. You can also buy bulbs to plant and see them grow, and your love grows. It is an ideal souvenir for couples.

However, you can skip it if your girl is allergic to flowers, especially tulips.


Enjoy Free Impromptu Jazz Sessions

Bimhuis, next to Muziekgebouw Complex, is a well-known music venue in Amsterdam, offering over 300 live jazz and music shows annually. The best part is you can also enjoy workshops every Tuesday at 8 pm, followed by a jamming session at 10 pm. The shows are open to all without age, gender, or interest restrictions.

Date at the Rijksmuseum

While you might not have a museum date on your list of fun things to do in Amsterdam for couples, don’t be surprised!

The museum displays the work of artists like Vermeer and Rembrandt. You can also view stunning artwork from other local and international artists.

Whether you are an art enthusiast, museums have a mysterious yet interesting vibe. Walk through the corridors hand-in-hand, and take in the magnificence of this beauty.


Dance Together

Amsterdam is a city of art and culture, not restricted to bars and theaters. The city has numerous dance places offering salsa, tango, and indie rock sessions where you can dance with your partner. Don’t worry if it’s your first time; you will cherish every moment of this experience with your better half. Also, the Amsterdam Dance Event is one of the most famous EDM events in the world if you are there at the right time.

Roam Around the Christmas Markets

While there is no particular reason, Christmas time elevates the romance in the air. Walking through Christmas Markets as a couple differs from visiting them solo. Hold each other’s hand and explore the gorgeous festive environment.

The sun sets early in winter, and the streets and markets light up in the Christmas spirit. Wear your coats and head out for a delicious cup of glühwein (warm mulled sweet wine), a popular Amsterdam winter staple in Christmas markets.


Play Glow-in-the-Dark Golf

Golf might not be on your mind when you think of the best things to do in Amsterdam for couples at night; it could be a fun idea!

You can find various glow-in-the-dark mini-golf places with a full bar to ensure the best time of your life. It is an amazing idea for a short date while you wander around the city.

Go Ice Skating

Amsterdam winter holidays with your partner are not only about glühwein and Christmas. The snowfall in freezing cold weather allows you to enjoy ice skating – even the sound of it is exciting!

Do not worry about impressing your partner and thinking you might not be good at it. Take it as a fun and exciting experience you enjoy together. Skate, skid, and slip, but laugh at it and race each other to the bottom; call it a date.


Roam Through the Oudemanhuispoort

When we said Amsterdam has something for couples of all different interests, we did not exaggerate. The next of our best things to do in Amsterdam for couples list is a little tour through Oudemanhuispoort for all the bookworms; it’s like Hogwarts for book lovers.

This small covered corridor between Oudezijds Achterburgwal and Kloveniersburgwal takes you to a magical world of books and fantasy. You can get second-hand books on most days from 11:30 a.m. to 06:00 p.m. (except Sundays). This small market also has music sheets, vintage posters, old maps, and much more.

Dine at Vuurtoreneiland

Dining is one of the most important experiences of a fun trip as a couple, but overcrowded areas in busy streets often ruin it. However, this is not the case with Vuurtoreneiland.

This little restaurant on an island on the city’s outskirts makes dinner as romantic as possible. The chefs cook the meal on an open fire using old artisan techniques, making you feel like you are in 20th-century Europe. A private boat takes you to and back from the island.


Sip Beer at the Heineken Museum

Dinner and Christmas markets are all great, but what about a brewery tour?

The Heineken Museum is a former brewery, now used for tours to tell you how your beer is made. They take you through different steps, ending with some fine Heineken beer. Though it feels better with wine, drinking beer while drowning in your partner’s gorgeous eyes isn’t a bad idea either!

Sip Drinks at a Rooftop Bar

The lively city of Amsterdam is filled with rooftop bars, giving you an exquisite view of the city skyline. These bars offer the best space to relax and enjoy each other’s company while sipping your favorite drinks. Head out to one of these a few minutes before sunset to see it set behind the gorgeous Amsterdam skyline.


Attend the Light Festival

The Light Festival from November to January is one of the best things to do in Amsterdam for couples at night.

You will see the whole city beaming with different kinds of lights at every nook and corner. Even the water bodies are lightened up for this yearly festival. It is a one-of-its-kind event you must not miss if you visit the city around Christmas. You may take a walking tour or a boat ride to experience this wonderful festival.

Kiss on the Skinny Beach

An Amsterdam legend says that if you kiss on top of the Skinny Bridge, your love will last forever. So, why not test it for yourself?

The Skinny Bridge or Magere Brug above the River Amstel is popular among the locals and visitors for the reason we mentioned above. Believe it or not, trying is a must!

Steal a kiss from your partner on Magere Brug at sunset to enjoy the colors of the setting sun and remember this moment forever.


Relax at a Spa

Roaming around the city and visiting tourist locations with your partner is fun, but nothing matches a couple’s spa.

Numerous Dutch spas around the city offer couples spas where you can unwind after exploring the city for some days. It is a must-do whether you are visiting with your girlfriend/boyfriend, honeymoon, or enjoying a second honeymoon.

The Bottom Line

Amsterdam is a beautiful city with plenty of activities for couples looking to spend quality time together. This city offers boat rides along beautiful lakes and gorgeous parks to enjoy picnics. You can also take Europe’s highest swing, play mini-golf, watch a movie at the Pathé Tuschinski theater, or join a dance session. Other fun things to do in Amsterdam for couples like a date at the Rijksmuseum, ice skating, staying on a houseboat, attending the light festival, and sipping beer at the Heineken Museum make the trip even better. Amsterdam has something for everyone, making it an ideal couple vacation spot.


What is the most romantic place in Amsterdam?

The Canal Ring is one of Amsterdam’s most gorgeous and romantic places for couples to visit and spend their time. Other romantic locations in Amsterdam include Bloemenmarkt, Skinny Beach, Van Gogh Museum, and Jordaan.

Can couples go to the red light district in Amsterdam?

The Red Light District in Amsterdam is quite a touristy area, and many couples visit it on their trip. If you are also curious, take a stroll around the Red Light District. Alternatively, you can indulge in some fun activities while you are there.

Where to kiss in Amsterdam?

Besides the Skinny Beach, where you can steal a kiss during sunset to make a lifetime memorable, Prisengracht Canal and Rijksmuseum are also gorgeous spots.

What is the prettiest area to stay in Amsterdam for couples?

Staying in a pretty neighborhood elevates the experience significantly when visiting with your partner. If you are looking for a place to immerse in the beauty of Europe and enjoy quality time with your spouse, Jordaan is the best choice. This neighborhood west of the canal ring makes it a charming place to stay with your partner.

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