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How Long to Freeze Grapes


Summer is around the corner, and so are yummilicous, cooling grapes.

Grapes are one of the most loved staples of the summer season, and why wouldn’t they be? They’re sweet and refreshing, without any added sugar.

Enjoy a refreshing grape drink, toss them in a salad, or snack on frozen grapes during hot summer days. The best part is that frozen grapes last longer than refrigerated ones.

So, keep reading to know how to preserve grapes by keeping them in the freezer and how long to freeze them.

To Freeze Grapes or to Not Freeze Grapes?

Many people believe you should not freeze grapes as they lose their natural flavor after freezing and are best eaten fresh. However, others argue that frozen grapes are a delicious snack in winter, and freezing grapes also allow you to eat them even when the season is over.

So, in all, there is no right or wrong! You can freeze grapes to enjoy a healthier snack or eat them off-season too. Otherwise, enjoy the fresh grapes straight from the supermarket shelf.

How Long to Freeze Grapes?

Frozen grapes can last for as long as twelve hours if your freezer works properly. Do not worry about them being spoiled once you freeze-store them. Remember to label the date on your frozen grape packet to know how long they have been in the freezer.

Which Type of Grapes Can You Freeze?

While most people freeze and store green grapes, you can freeze all kinds, including black, purple, red, and seedless grapes. The most crucial factor is to buy and freeze sweet, flavorful grapes to relish the flavor.


How to Freeze Grapes for Long?

Freezing grapes allows you to enjoy them for a longer time. Taking out the moldy or bruised grapes before you freeze the rest is one of the most important elements of freezing grapes.

Here’s how you can freeze your grapes to keep them fresh for longer.

Step One: Washing

The first step of the process is to wash your grapes to ensure they do not have any dirt on them. Put the grapes in a bowl and rinse thoroughly to remove all dirt. Alternatively, put them in a colander and place them under running water to clean them.

Step Two: Separating

Now, you must separate each grape from the main stem to freeze them properly. Once the water drains, remove the grapes from their stems.

Step Three: Arranging

When you separate the grapes from the stem, line a tray with parchment paper or a baking sheet and spread the grapes on it.


Step Four: Freezing

The next step is to put the grapes in the freezer to freeze. You may leave them overnight or for a whole day. It will ensure that the grapes are properly frozen.

However, if you want to give your children frozen grapes as a snack, freezing them for two hours is enough. This way, the grapes will not be too hard to chew on.

Step Five: Packing

When your grapes are frozen, take the tray out of the freezer and put the grapes in a zip-lock bag. The individually frozen grapes will not cluster and will take less space when stored in the zip lock bag. Using a perforated bag is preferred as it will allow them to breathe.

Step Six: Storing

Put the zip lock bag back in the freezer and store it for as long as a year. Keep all grapes in one bag or make smaller portions to take out and thaw when needed.

How to Thaw Frozen Grapes?

Thawing grapes is super easy, but you must thaw them a few hours before using them. To thaw frozen grapes, shift your pack of frozen grapes from the freezer to the refrigerator. It is best to leave them in the refrigerator overnight. Or take them out in the morning if you want to use the frozen grapes at night.

How to Use Frozen Grapes?

While thawing grapes is simple and convenient, it is not the best way to use frozen grapes. Frozen grapes taste best when used frozen; you might not experience the same freshness after thawing them.


How to Tell if the Grapes are Fine to Eat?

You do not have to worry for a year when you follow the proper procedure to freeze your grapes for a long; they can be consumed for up to twelve months. So, always check the freezing date before eating frozen grapes or thawing them. If the grapes have a mushy texture or smell foul, discard them.

The Bottom Line

Grapes take around four to twenty-four hours to freeze properly, and you can enjoy frozen grapes for up to twelve months. Spread each grape individually on a baking tray and freeze them overnight. Eat frozen grapes as a refreshing natural candy or add them to smoothies and wine to avoid diluting the flavors.

As they say, “The flavor of premium grapes is poetry in the mouth.” So, make the best out of the sweetest grapes of the season!


What are the health benefits of grapes?

Grapes are among the most favorite fruits among children and adults, especially in summer. They have fiber, copper, vitamins, and minerals. Eating grapes may benefit heart health, improve memory, mood, and attention, lower blood pressure, protect against infections, and lower inflammation.

Can I freeze grapes with caramel?

Yes, you can freeze caramel-coated grapes if you like them that way. Some people also freeze grapes with sugar, chocolates, or jelly. But frozen grapes already feel sweeter than fresh grapes. So, it’s better to taste test before freezing a whole batch.

Do frozen grapes help with weight loss?

Eating frozen grapes does not boost metabolism or help you reduce weight directly. However, munching on frozen grapes can help reduce sugar intake when you crave something sweet.

How long do you freeze grapes for flavor?

It takes grapes between four and twenty-four hours to freeze for storing them for a longer time. Make sure your freezer provides continuous cooling for proper storage.

Why do frozen grapes taste sweeter?

Freezing grapes intensifies the flavor, so sweet grapes taste sweeter on freezing. Meanwhile, if the grapes are sour, they will become more sour on freezing. Buy sweet grapes to enjoy healthy sweet treats throughout the year.

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