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How Different Makeup Tricks Can Help Change Your Appearance?

You have finally mastered your favorite make-up technique, and you have bought make-up products that you use regularly and intended for your face, but you have the impression that something is missing. You always look the same, no matter how you put on your makeup. You really want a change but don’t know where to start. Is it the make-up technique, the make-up colors, or just your courage to try something new?

Find out below how to apply makeup and completely change your look!

Face Contouring

Face contouring or shading is a relatively new trend in corrective make-up where dark and light colors are used to camouflage or emphasize certain parts or features of the face. With proper contouring, you can achieve the effects of a fuller face, a narrower nose, prominent cheekbones, large eyes, and countless other changes.

Contouring includes two parts: darkening parts of the face by applying contours (dark shades) and brightening (highlighting) the face by applying light shades. The basic rule of shading is that dark shades hide and light shades emphasize.


It is important to note that not every face is shaded in the same way. As we all have unique looks, tutorials should explain the principles and rules of contouring that you will adapt to your facial structure. Depending on the effects you want to achieve, the application of contours and highlights (light shades) will vary.

In the simplest shading, only two colors are used. The first one is a shade or two darker than your complexion, and the second one is a shade or two lighter. This is especially important for daytime makeup, which should look natural and inconspicuous. Greater contrasts in shades are used with evening make-up or if you like more striking shading.

Nose Contouring

With a little skill and contouring products, you can have a perfectly toned nose that will give you confidence. After applying liquid and loose powder, you should follow some tips for making your nose look smaller and effectively contouring it. The most important thing is to have an idea of how you want your nose to look. If you want to make a wider nose narrower, you need to apply shades for contouring from the inner corner of the eye to the nostril without going to the center of the nose.

If you want to “shorten” your nose, you need to “paint” its tip. To make your nose look wider, you need to lighten its center with a concealer or lighter powder. If you want it to look longer visually, add a highlighter to the center of the nose.

Cheek Contouring

To properly contour the cheeks and thereby emphasize the cheekbones, imagine a line that goes from the tip of the ear to the edge of the lip. This line passes right under the cheekbone.

Now imagine another line going straight down from the pupil. The contour is applied from the ear to the intersection of these two lines. Pay attention not to abruptly interrupt the contour, but slightly reduce the pressure of the brush.

Good Lipstick is the Key to Good-Looking Lips

Choose lipsticks that are permanent on the lips and that will not take much time to apply. When you’re disappointed in lipstick and you see that it comes off quickly, that it smears, that it doesn’t last even 2 hours, and that you need to constantly touch it up, then it’s best to get another one. Shopping mistakes are common, and women can’t stand them when lipstick in a bright color costs them a lot of effort and time. Still, there’s no reason not to finish your makeup routine with red or burgundy lipstick. Many women also choose matte varieties of these lipsticks because they don’t come off so easily and are easy to apply in one stroke.


Eyebrows Hack

Well-defined eyebrows will not only beautify you but also rejuvenate you. Correctly shaped and made-up eyebrows make the eyes appear larger, the cheekbones higher, and the nose narrower.

Eyebrow brushes, eyebrow pencils, shaping gel, pomade, and shadows are used for eyebrow makeup. All of these products come in different shades, but make sure you don’t stray too far from your natural color. A filling is done with short, gentle strokes of the pencil. Always track the natural form of your eyebrows.

To define the edges even more clearly, apply concealer or liquid powder above and below the eyebrows. Use a shade that is slightly lighter than your skin tone. At the very end, you can apply an eyebrow shaping gel that will prevent the hairs from moving.

We hope you enjoyed reading these tricks and that you will use them as soon as possible. We do not doubt that, with their help, you will emphasize you’re natural beauty and that you will be satisfied.

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