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How Some Amazing Plants can Enrich Our Home Inside and Out


You can beautify your living space very easily (and with not too much expense) by growing plants. Plants will add a relaxing atmosphere to your home that everyone needs after a busy day at the office – and you can’t overdo it with plants.

Plants are convenient both for the living room and for other rooms in your apartment or yard, and if you lack inspiration on how to arrange them, we have the perfect suggestions for you.

Below, we reveal which type of plant you can put in which room, and trust us, once you bring in a few plants, you’ll want to bring in more, and you’ll find yourself researching different types of plants online.

A Large Plant in the Living Room


The living room is the ideal place for one large plant, which you can keep in the corner of the room and which will create a relaxed atmosphere in your living room. You can choose a fig leaf plant, a dracaena, a palm tree, a monstera, or different types of ficus, and if you want some unique planters, get inspired more from, since, as they explain, planters and herb pots make the perfect decoration for any house since they increase the value of any living area. A large plant is an accent on which you can base the entire aesthetic of your living room, and by introducing greenery into a large area of the apartment, you will feel as if you are in nature every time you enter the living room.

Herbs in the Kitchen Area

A kitchen is also a perfect place for small plants if you have even a little natural light in it. Otherwise, we do not recommend that you bring plants into it. However, if you are lucky enough to have a kitchen window – we suggest that you bring small herbs like mint or basil into the kitchen, which you can also use in cooking. In any case, you can keep other types of small plants in the kitchen, depending on which plants you like. However, considering cooking, fumes from food, and high heat due to its preparation, it is better to opt for a more durable plant.

Plants on the Porch or Terrace

It seems to us that each of our grandmothers has a terrace or a porch decorated with plants. Now is the time to finally listen to her advice and decorate the exterior of your home with plants, and depending on whether you are decorating the area in front of the front door or the terrace – choose plants as well. The terrace is grateful for decorative flowers such as violets, petunias, chrysanthemums, or carnations, while you could decorate the porch with more durable and small bushes or shrubs, such as lilacs, jasmine, white guinea fowl, or magnolias.Z

Plants on the Porch

Decorative Flowers in a Vase on the Table or Elsewhere

Regardless of the plants that decorate your home every day, you can also refresh your home with a bouquet that will stand on your dining table and that you will change regularly. Even if you have someone to bring the bouquet to and make you happy, the pleasure of the bouquet on the table will only be greater.

Plants and not only herbs can also serve as a decoration for a meal – and today there are many different edible flowers available. In addition to flower arrangements that you can use to decorate the dinner table for friends or family, you can now directly decorate food with flowers, and you can also make a combination of both.

Plants will also refresh your workspace in the right way and make it more pleasant to work in and less monotonous. Anyone who tries their eyes by looking at the computer will want to rest them by looking at the gentle green of houseplants.

Plants for the Garden

If your yard is mostly exposed to the sun, the plants that will benefit from it are lavender, roses, and especially attractive roses, immortelle, and spirea – the golden princess. Otherwise, if your yard is mostly in the shade, we suggest you get hydrangeas, coral bellflowers, hostas, astilbes, and dwarf and ball conifers.

Today, it is becoming increasingly popular to use attractive substrates such as pebbles or mulch, which additionally emphasize your space and make the plants more complete. Regardless of the type of substrate, you will achieve demarcation thanks to high-quality stops, with which you can easily create the desired shape.

When choosing plants to decorate your space, follow the most important rule – the first plant that catches your eye is perfect for you! Give yourself the chance of love at first sight because your instincts will never deceive you (at least in the world of flowers).

Dare and go – that’s the first and most important decision you have to make. Everything else is a matter of taste, imagination, and will. What is certain is that your home will get a nicer look, and you will be happier and in a better mood. Enjoy nature and plants.

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