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How to be Happy? 12 Best Ways to be Happy


Tired of being sad and wanting eternal happiness now? Are you annoyed with being bullied by fellows? Or you may feel bored and unhappy about the uncertainty of life. Or maybe life is not going the way you want it to be. Over time, most of us become exhausted and want to feel happy again. So we start asking questions to ourselves:

  • Why I am not happy with myself? Can I make myself happy again?
  • Can I be happy with myself?
  • Is it possible to be happy and positive all the time?
  • Can I learn to be happy?
  • Can I live a happy life?

And the answer is YES. There are many ways to be happy and healthy. And you might be surprised that the secret of your happiness is YOU. The more you value yourself, the more you build confidence and become happy.

The key to the happiness of happy people is the way they treat themselves. They do some positive things for themselves each day. They are assertive and dare to say NO to something when needed. They do not allow people to cross boundaries they set for themselves.

Let’s find out how to be a better person and be happy. Here are the most important and best ways to have a happy life.

Self-Acceptance Keeps You Happy

YOU need YOU. Yes, self-acceptance keeps you happy and makes you able to love yourself. Your physical appearance, your voice, and your skills are unique. So, use positive talk whenever your class-fellows or mates bully you about your eyes or height. Always make yourself remember that being you will eventually make you happy. You are the best the way you are.

ACTION: It is imperative to maintain a positive attitude about yourself. Positive self-talk will allow you to accept yourself as you are. Give yourself positive messages like, “I love who I am. I am completely fine with what I am.”

Be Careful About Your Internal Tone of Voice

Remember! Happy mind, happy life.

Sometimes we criticize ourselves too much in our heads. This negative thinking pattern is enough to destroy your internal peace and happiness. Self-criticism, in a negative way, snatched your self-respect and confidence away. It is how to make yourself depressed.

ACTION: So start loving yourself and stop talking to yourself in negative terms.

Give Yourself Space and Admit Your Faults



No one is perfect, Right! Sometimes we make mistakes, and this is the way we learn. It is when we ask ourselves a question about ourselves how to be happy with ourselves. Mistakes are the signs that we are growing, learning new things, and exploring new opportunities for personal growth.

ACTION: If you made a mistake, don’t dwell on it. Learn from your mistakes and move on. Stay happy.

Acknowledge Your Good Qualities

Whenever you are feeling dissatisfied, focus on your past achievements.

ACTION: You have spent your life with lots of positive accomplishments. Make a list of when you achieved your goals like passing a test, graduation, delicious baking, and any art piece crafting.

You have lots of good qualities. Focus on them and grow for a better tomorrow.

Look for Opportunities for Personal Growth

Believe that happiness is not material you can buy, but these are your internal qualities and your belief in your well-being that make you happy.

ACTION: Focus on the positive aspects of your life and try to improve those areas which bring dissatisfaction. This way, you can increase your well-being.

Cherish Yourself on Your Achievements

You made a list of your daily goals. Whenever you accomplish any goal, celebrate it and cherish yourself. These are the source of our daily happiness. Don’t miss them.

One of the Ways to be Happy is Hope

“Hope for the best” is a common saying, but it profoundly affects our lives. It is a significant source of happiness and life satisfaction. Your positive thinking will brighten your future.

ACTION: Believe in yourself that the result will be good even if things are not going well.

Do not let yourself fall into the ditch of self-pity. Instead, be alert about such depressing thoughts and immediately say to yourself, “I am hopeful; I know I can’t change any external factors, but yes, I can at least control my thinking and feelings.”


Focus on the Positive Aspects of Each Situation

Life has its terms and gives us surprises with its diversity. Unfortunately, many people focus on the negative aspects of a problem, like losing a job or having a setback in a personal crisis when facing such situations. But there is always a positive aspect.

ACTION: Look at the positive effects of that situation. Identify how this lousy situation can help you to be strong. For example, losing your job indicates finding a better job that pays more and can lead to a more comfortable and happy life.

Be Grateful and Stay Happy

Gratefulness and contentment are the keys to being happy and positive all the time.

ACTION: Make a list you are grateful for, like health, family, friends, home, job, pets, partner, safety, and wisdom. Be content with what you have. There are millions of people wishing what you have today. Use your skills and knowledge to get the best out of every situation. Be content with yourself and keep yourself happy.

Forgive Others. Don’t be Resentful and Stay Happy Always.

Everyone has their perspective. When our expectations from them do not fulfill, then we become angry. Anger is two-way emotion, one is what we express to others, and the other is our internal turmoil. The inner anger or resentments are lethal. Resentments drain your energy, and you start feeling that you are not happy with life.

Remember, Happy Mind Happy Life. It is you, and ONLY YOU can make yourself happy.

ACTION: Let Go, and give people space to make mistakes. They can have a different opinion. Do not bottle up your emotions because they come bursting out in destructive ways like anger and violence when you do so.

Healthily express your feelings, balanced way and powerful way.

Own your Positive and Negative Emotions

Your feelings and emotions are yours. Happy people accept their painful emotions such as fear, anger, sadness, and stress and never hold other people accountable for their negative emotions.

ACTION: Accept and own your emotions that you are going through anger. Do not say that that person made me angry. NO, YOUR emotions are solely yours. When you own your feelings, you can feel more balanced and stay happy.


Avoid Negative and Hateful People around You

Avoid those people who harm your inner peace. Those negative people never appreciate your achievements. They always focus on your weak points. Do not trust such people. Make new friends, be in touch with sincere family members and friends. You should share your feelings with your trusted fellows only.


These are just a few of many possible ways to make a person stay happy. Happiness and comfortableness should be the top priority for all of us as a happy mind will lead to a happy soul, and a happy soul is the best! So, focus on the above tips and recommendations to stay focused on happiness.

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