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How to Keep Fit While Having a Sweet Tooth at the Same Time


It can be challenging to keep your sweet tooth at bay, especially when trying to reduce your sugar intake! When you are attempting to eat healthily, stay fit, and watch your calories, the lure of an enticing treat can be incredibly difficult to ignore. However, there are ways that you can indulge your sweet tooth and stay on the right fitness track. Trying to cut out your cravings completely will have you binging on food in a way that is not healthy, so to keep fit and healthy and still enjoy the foods you love, consider these simple options.

No Sugar Added Chocolate

There are some great options available to you if chocolate is your weakness. You can enjoy the rich flavour of chocolate, with little to no sugar added, resulting in reduced calories for the same amount of chocolate. If you are looking for alternatives to gas station chocolate bars to soothe that craving visit this website and see all the options available to you for gourmet chocolate with limited calories and sugar. Many people will agree that cutting out items in their entirety is a great way to sabotage your diet, instead look for options that give you the flavour to fill your cravings with reduced sugar and calories.


Reviewing your Calorie Intake

While calorie counting is not always recommended, it can be a great way to track your intake and have a view of what you eat and how much carbs does the calories contain. While you never want to eat less than the recommended daily calories, at the beginning of your fitness journey keeping a log of what you eat, and what it contains, can set you up for success. You may find that you don’t consume that much sugar overall and can continue to eat the way you usually do.

Or it can tell you if you are indulging too much and need to replace certain sugary items with healthy alternatives. Calorie counting is a good way to set a baseline for eating healthy, rather than being a way to deprive your body of what it needs. You should always eat the recommended calories for your body, and should never consider counting them as the only way to be healthy. Rather, use it as a tool to help you journal your dietary habits and change them as needed.


“Cheat” Days as a Reward

If you are on a strict diet and exercise regime, then giving yourself a day to indulge is a great way to take a mental and physical break. Giving yourself one day in which you can eat pizza and have a refreshment is a great prize for your hard work and healthy eating throughout the week. You should not use your cheat days as an excuse to binge eat, as this is not healthy, but rather if you have held out all week not eating your favourite chocolate bar, buy yourself on the way home one day a week, as a reward for all of your hard work throughout the week. Cheat days can be a great tool in your

Balanced Excercise and Diet

One way to allow yourself to indulge in your cravings is to add extra activity to your day to compensate for the food you choose to eat. To stay healthy and not gain weight, limit your proteins and carbs intake, so you can easily burn the calories you consume, rather than consuming calories and not being active. So indulge in that ice cream cone, but walk to get it, take the stairs throughout the day to make up for that pizza you ate, and incorporate activity and exercise daily into your routine.


You don’t have to cut out the foods you enjoy completely, and you can feel free to indulge your cravings, the main thing you need to keep in mind is doing so in moderation. If you consume in moderation, you won’t have to worry about your fitness habits excessively. Drink plenty of water, incorporate daily exercise and make sure you are consuming more healthy food than junk food. A fit and healthy lifestyle are about balance, balancing cravings with healthy food intake.

If you are eating your leafy greens, taking in lots of protein, and avoiding fatty foods, then why not indulge in that after-dinner dessert?! Life is about enjoyment, enjoying your time, enjoying those around you, enjoying good food, and enjoying exercise. As long as you balance what you are eating and keep active, then there is no harm in the occasional sweet treat!

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