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Important Things to Know About the Water you Drink


The human body is mostly made up of water. If you are somebody who’s concerned about their health, then you will no doubt already know how important it is that you stay hydrated at all times. However, the quality of the water that you drink is also a very important consideration to make. If you are drinking low-quality water, then no amount of it will be good for you.

If you are interested in learning more about the water that you drink, then you are in the right place. This post will explore this topic in more detail, offering some information you may not already know.

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Bottled Water

A lot of people drink water out of bottles nowadays. It’s very common for people to completely avoid using their taps, mainly because they do not want to have to drink water that has been cleaned using chemicals. However, bottled water isn’t that great for you either, since most people buy plastic bottles. Microplastics can be found in large quantities in most bottled water. If you plan on drinking bottled water, then it is very important that you only ever drink water that’s sold in glass bottles. Glass bottled water rarely contains contaminants or microplastics.


Using Dispensers

Water dispensers are a great alternative to tap water, too. According to the experts on this website, using an alkaline water dispenser can help to improve your physical health, sleep, and slow down ageing. Various studies have been conducted into the efficacy of alkaline water, and the findings seem to be that it is indeed very good for your health. Water dispensers are widely available and very affordable. However, if you’re going to invest in one, then you should try to find an alkaline one and one that is made to last. The best way to do this is to read reviews. A dispenser’s reviews should give you an idea of what it is like to use, how effective it is, and what previous customers think of it. Always watch out for fake reviews, since they are becoming a lot more common.

Tap Water

As mentioned previously, very few people drink tap water today. It’s not hard to see why really. Most tap water tastes awful. It’s not uncommon for tap water to smell like the chemicals that are used to clean it. Sometimes, tap water can be contaminated by chemicals and metals, present in the pipes, or somewhere in the public water supply. Such cases are rare but do happen. Cutting tap water out of your life altogether is a fantastic way of reducing your exposure to potential contaminants, hormones, and harmful chemicals. Yes, hormones are sometimes present in the public water supply too. However, the subject of hormones in tap water is a controversial one. It has only been confirmed in some countries that they are present in minute amounts. Scientists say that the amount of hormones present in the public water supply is too small to have any impact on people’s health.

Water Filter

A water filter is a fantastic investment if you plan on drinking tap water, or any kind of water, really. Some water filters can actually be used to remove microplastics from bottled water. If you intend on drinking from plastic bottles, then a water filter will prevent you from being exposed to microplastics. To be completely honest, glass bottled water is very expensive. It’s not something most people are able to afford. Plastic bottles can be expensive too, but they are just about affordable for the vast majority of people.

Mineral Water

One scam that you need to avoid if you intend on drinking tap water is the ‘spring water’ scam. In supermarkets, it’s common to find spring water, or mountain water, sold for next to nothing. Then, on the same shelf, you can find mineral water sold for significantly more.


The reason that mineral water is sold for more is that it is actually naturally occurring, as in it comes from a natural mountain spring. Waters labelled spring or mountain are not. Usually, they just come from taps and are just water drawn from the public water supply, essentially meaning they are just a scam. You are just buying tap water, basically.

Sugary Drinks

A lot of people think that they can hydrate themselves by drinking sugary drinks. This is not possible. When you drink sugary drinks, you are just poisoning your body with chemicals, sweeteners, and artificial flavourings. If you want to live a long and healthy life, then it is important to switch to water. Drinking water is much better for you. Even tap water is better for you than a sugary drink or a soda. Sugary drinks can also be very expensive; they are a hard habit to maintain.

Water is essential for life. More and more people need to make the switch to it from sugary drinks, like sodas and juices. If you do want to drink juices, then make your own fresh juice using distilled water, and fruit.

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