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Nicknames for Lana


Nicknames are perfect to show affection to your cute friend, sister, daughter, girlfriend, wife, niece, or granddaughter named Lana. Top nicknames for Lana include Lala, Lany, Lanita, and if you are looking for something fun, “Banana” is a good choice!

Lana is a short, cute name with a sweet spot, and has been quite popular since the early 2000s; yet, it is not overused. While it gives Spanish and Latin vibes, the name is a widely adapted island name.

If you are looking for the perfect “Lana” nickname, you are at the right place. We have compiled the best nicknames for Lana to help you choose the perfect one. Let’s dive in!

What Does Lana Mean?

The name Lana comes from multiple origins, especially from Greek and Slavic origin. Russians often use Lana as a short form of Svetlana while Germans prefer the name Alana. Spanish and Italians like Lana and Greeks use Helen. You might also hear this name in many Arab countries.

The meaning of Lana in different languages depends on the word it comes from. For example, Lana in French translates to fair, attractive, or good-looking. Meanwhile, the French origin Alana means little rock, Russian Svetlana translates to light, and Milana means gracious. Lana in Arabic translated to tender, gentle, and soft. Namaah is also famous in Hebrew and means grace, sweetness, and beauty.

Furthermore, German versions of the name mean precious and valuable, whereas Alana in Hawaii is a popular name for translating to “awoken.”

Nicknames for Lana


Here’s a collection of the best and most unique nicknames for Lana that will undoubtedly bring a sparkle to her eyes.

LantasiaLana + Fantasia (vivid imagination)
LanarchyLana + Anarchy (independent, spirited)
LuminaraLana + Luminous (radiant)
Lan-StarLana + Star (shining, guiding)
Lan-GeniusLana + Genius (brilliant mind)
EclanaticEclectic + Lana (diverse interests)
Lantastic VoyageLana + Fantastic Voyage (adventurous)

Some Funny Nicknames for Lana

Here’s a list of some unique, yet funny nicknames for Lana, but make sure to just use them positively!

  • Banana (Lana -> Lan-a -> Ban-ana)
  • Lanarama Ding Dong
  • Laninator
  • Lanapillar
  • Lan-tastic Four
  • Lanana Split
  • Lanachronism
  • Lanabug
  • Lanalicious
  • Lanadactyl
  • Lanasaurs Rex
  • Lanapotamus
  • Lanachos (like nachos)
  • Lanaliciousness
  • Lanamazing

Remember, funny nicknames should be used with affection and in good humor. Make sure that Lana is comfortable with playful and humorous nicknames before using them!

Famous People Named Lana

There are a few American celebrities in the US from different fields including the American actress and model, Lana Clarkson, American songwriter and singer, “Lana Del Ray,” and the American director, “Lana Wachowski” for The Matrix Trilogy. Moreover, Lana Theis is a well-known politician from Michigan and Lana Turner is a popular American actress and model. Their family and friends have unique nicknames for Lana.


The Bottom Line

Lana is a sweet name with various meanings in different languages. It means rock in French while the Arabic name translates to gentle and soft. At the same time, the Russian variation means light and the French name has the meaning of attractive and good-looking. While Lana is itself a short and simple name, many people look for nicknames for Lana. They can be cute, sweet, or witty according to your preference. While Lala, Lany, and Lalina are favorites, pick the ones you like the most!


What is a good nickname for Lana?

If you are looking for a nickname for your girlfriend or wife, Linny and Lina are good choices. At the same time, Lala can be a good pick for your mother or aunt. However, Lanana, Banana, Lana Banana, and Lonny are funny nicknames for Lana.

Is Lana a popular name?

Now people know the name Lana through Lana Del Rey while Lana Turner (Judy Turner) popularized the name in the 1940s. It is still a popular name in the US, but not overused.

How do you pronounce Lana?

The pronunciation of Lana may depend on your country and region dialect, but it is commonly pronounced as, “Law-nah.”

Is Lana a full name?

Lana is a full name in many parts of the world including Spain, Italy, and Arab countries. However, it is a shortened form of full names like Alana and Svetlana.

What is Lana in Latin?

Lana in Latin translates to long, dense, curled, and matted hairs, often also directly translated to “wool.”

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