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Nicknames for Sabrina


Everyone has known the name Sabrina since Netflix released “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.” You may also be familiar with the 1999 cartoon “Sabrina: The Animated Series” if you are a 90s baby. Older readers looking for a pet name for their granddaughter Sabrina might remember the 1954 film “Sabrina.” The name has been quite well-known, and thus the need for nicknames for Sabrina.

Whether you are looking for a nickname for yourself, your child, a friend, or an Instagram username for Sabrina, there are many!

This article has all the funny, cute, and unique nicknames for Sabrina you will love. But first, what does the name mean?

What does Sabrina Mean?

While Sabrina sounds modern and chic, the name is not a new one. This name has a Celtic and Arabic origin with different meanings in each language. 

Sabrina in Celtic evolved from the River Severn and means “a legendary princess.” Meanwhile, the Arabic name comes from “Sabar,” meaning patience; thus, Sabrina means patient. Moreover, Sabrina was also the name of a gorgeous Celtic goddess. 

Best Nicknames for Sabrina

If you have known Sabrina, you must know how lovely and charming they are. The Sabrinas I have known are the life of the party and light up your mood immediately. They are brave and soft at the same time. Also, they are beautiful, like the Celtic goddess and patience, as the Arabic origin translates it. 

Creative Sabrina Nicknames

So, without any further ado, let’s tell you the perfect nickname for Sabrina you are looking for:

  • Sab
  • Sabi
  • Sabby
  • Sabbie
  • Bina
  • Binu
  • Binny
  • Saba
  • Bree
  • Breena
  • Brina
  • Sebi
  • Sabri
  • Rini
  • Rena
  • Rina
  • Reenay
  • Bini
  • Sabria
  • Bree-Bree
  • Bri-Bri

Unique Nicknames for Sabrina

Searching for something out of the box? Check these unique Sabrina nicknames:

  • Starlet
  • Socrates
  • Scarah
  • Sabrina Summers
  • Trippysabrina
  • Rio
  • Sabrina James
  • Sully
  • Sabrina Overkill
  • Saucy Sabrina
  • Sylvester
  • Sabrinanow
  • Sabrinaie Bear
  • Scarsy

Funny Sab Nicknames

Some funny and humorous nicknames for your lovely Sabrina include:

  • Soyster
  • Swiss Roll
  • Sawie
  • Osabrina
  • Sayres
  • Sawby
  • Soy Bunny
  • Sabrina VIII
  • Saw Bear
  • Saw-Saw
  • Sharlee
  • Sykes
  • Sawy Sweety
  • Indy Sabrina
  • Sawcy
  • Sabrinaie
  • Renny Sabrina
  • Scarly Sizzle
  • Sabrinaie Pie
  • Sabrina O’Hara
  • Scaramel Cookie
  • Sascha
  • Soso
  • Sabrina Moffatt

Popular Nicknames for Sabrina in Other Languages

  • Italian: Sabrinaa or Sabry
  • Spanish: Sabi or Brinna
  • Hebrew: Sabriella or Sabri
  • Irish: Sabriana or Briana

Fictional and Real Popular Sabrina Celebrities

Sabrina has been popular since as early as 1954 when the Audrey Hepburn-starrer Sabrina was released. John Fletcher already used the name in The Faithful Shepherdess and John Milton in Comus, but it was not as famous. Later, the comic book “Sabrina: The Teenage Witch,” followed by “Sabrina: The Animated Series” on television, also popularized it among children. 

You may have also heard of the popular singer Sabrina Carpenter and the Italian model and actress Sabrina Salerno. Sabrina Floyd and Sabrina Ionescu are also widely-known celebrities and sportspeople, making the name even more popular.

How to Choose the Best Nickname for Sabrina

Choosing the right Sabrina nickname requires brainstorming and picking the right nickname after shortlisting a few. Nicknames often reflect your personality as an individual, so you must choose them accordingly. 

Create or choose a nickname considering one or more of these options:

  • Shortened nicknames
  • Noun nicknames
  • Personality-based nicknames
  • Incidental nicknames
  • Work-based nicknames
  • Gangster-type nicknames
  • Funny nicknames
  • Unique nicknames
  • Different language nicknames

Instagram Usernames for Sabrina

You can use a mix of numbers, symbols, characters, and anything that best describes you to create a unique username. Some of the best and quirky Instagram usernames for Sabrina are:

  • Soyster_Sabrina02
  • Soy_Bunny_Sab
  • O_Sabrina007
  • Saw-Saw-Sabrina
  • SabrinaO’HaraSayyonara
  • Sacha_Pasha
  • Sawcy_Senorita
  • ScaramelCookie101
  • SawySweetyBina

Variations of Sabrina

If you are looking for a more formal nickname or variations of Sabrina, the following are among the top choices:

  • Sabreena
  • Sabrena
  • Sebrina
  • Sabrene
  • Sabryna
  • Sebreena
  • Sabrinna
  • Sabina
  • Zabrina
  • Marina

Middle Names for Sabrina

Some of the most popular middle names for Sabrina include the following:

  • Sabrina Cooper
  • Sabrina Hank
  • Sabrina Scarlett
  • Sabrina David
  • Sabrina Mae
  • Sabrina McCall
  • Sabrina James Ford
  • Sabrina Caryn
  • Sabrina Louise
  • Sabrina Denise
  • Sabrina Dickson

The Bottom Line 

Sabrina has been a popular name since 1954 after the release of “Sabrina” starring Audrey Hepburn, followed by the 1962 comic “Sabrina: The Teenage Witches” and the TV show “Sabrina: The Animated Series.” Finding the best nicknames for Sabrina is not very challenging, as you can choose a personality-based, noun-based, funny, or shortened nickname from those mentioned above. You can also use them as Instagram usernames for Sabrina by adding symbols and numbers. 


What is short for Sabrina?

You can choose a short for Sabrina from various options such as Sab, Bri, Bina, Binu, Rina, Ria, Brina, Bini, etc. 

Is Sabrina a beautiful name?

Sabrina is a gorgeous name with beautiful meanings in its Celtic and Arabic origin. It refers to elegance and glory in Celtic and was also the name of a Celtic goddess. The Arabic meaning of this name is “Patient.”

Is Sabrina a Turkish name?

Many Turkish and Lebanese parents name their girls Sabrina and Sabreen, but the name has English, Arabic, Celtic, Italian, and Latin origins. 

Is Sabrina a unisex name?

Sabrina is a feminine name usually used for girls in Arabic and American culture. You may also find girls with this name in Spanish culture. It comes from the Severn River, originally from Celtic roots.

What is Sabrina’s personality?

Sabrina is a beautiful name, and girls with this name are lively and high-spirited. They are also thoughtful, kind, and compassionate. If you have a Sabrina around you, you must know how loving and caring they are.

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