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How Long Can Raw Shrimp Stay in Fridge?


Delicious and versatile, shrimp is one of the most popular varieties of seafood, besides prawns. To ensure that your meal turns out perfectly, you need to know a few things about selecting and keeping these crustaceans before you start cooking.

How Long Does Raw Shrimp Stay in the Fridge?

Shrimp are perishable and must be kept in the refrigerator. Fresh and cooked Shrimp are both susceptible to microbial spoilage, such as bacteria, if not stored properly. Raw Shrimp can be refrigerated for two days.

To store raw Shrimp wrap them in plastic wrap and place them in an airtight container. For maximum quality and storage time, place shrimp in the coldest part of your refrigerator at 32-38 degrees Fahrenheit. Refrigerate fresh Shrimp in a zipped bag in a dish of ice until use.


How to Store Raw Shrimp in the Fridge?

You can extend the shelf life of fresh Shrimp by freezing it, but if you do it improperly, you could end up with spoiled seafood. It is possible to freeze fresh Shrimp either in their shells or without their shells.

  • Before freezing raw Shrimp, remove the shell and vein but keep the heads. Raw Shrimp shouldn’t be left out on the counter of the kitchen for more than 2 hours.
  • Rinse the raw shrimps well. When frozen, the moisture on the surface of shrimps generates an ice glaze that preserves them.
  • Place the washed Shrimp in a Tupperware container or a yogurt box. Close the shrimps securely to prevent air entry.
  • Use 2 tbsp salt per 1 US qt water and make a Brine solution. Submerge the shrimps in the brine: 1 inch or a few centimeters of headroom.


Use the portion quantities you anticipate using, rather than one giant batch of Shrimp. You won’t have to thaw all the Shrimp each time you want a portion in this method.


Shrimp should not be frozen for longer than five months at a time. Quality will decrease even if they are frozen in water. The Shrimp should never be left out at room temperature for long periods when they’re still raw. This will keep you safe from food poisoning, infections, and diseases.


Shrimp Shell-Life

The given table shows an estimated shelf-life of shrimps in different storage conditions.

In the pantryIn the FridgeIn the freezer
Past printed date Past printed date Past printed date 
Fresh Shrimp (shelled)1-2 days 5-8months 
Fresh Shrimp (shell on)1-3 days 8-12 months 
Cooked Shrimp2-4 days 7-9 months 
Frozen Shrimp3-5 days 8-12 months 
Canned shrimp 5-8 months 7-8 months 10-12months 


The freshness of raw Shrimp can be maintained in the refrigerator for up to three days. Place the raw shrimp in the coldest part of the refrigerator, preferably the bottom, where temperatures will be the coolest—using plastic wrap or an airtight container, store the Shrimp in a dish to catch accidental dribbles.

If the Shrimp is spoiled it emits an ammonia-like odor when it is unwrapped. Any strong fragrance is a sure sign of deterioration, whether the Shrimp has been cooked or uncooked. In the refrigerator or at room temperature, the Shrimp should be firm, not soft and squishy. There should also be no dark patches or blotches on either cooked or raw Shrimp that indicate bacteria growth. Even if the Shrimp has been refrigerated for just a few days, and shows any above-mentioned sign just throw it. Your health is more precious than a shrimp.

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