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How to Maintain Relationship with Bipolar Girlfriend


Bipolar disorder is a manageable, long-term mood disorder. The basic characteristics of bipolar disorder are periodic high and low moods that may affect a person’s thinking patterns, feelings, and behavior. If you are in a relationship with a bipolar girlfriend, you need to understand the mood disorder properly.

People with bipolar disorder experience hypomania (manic) and depressive episodes. These mood swings affect a person’s routine and can be addressed with proper treatment.

Bipolar disorder can really complicate a relationship. Because these people may be prone to changes in their moods, their personalities, and their interactions can threaten the consistency of relationships. This way, it has a great impact on relationships.

This article helps to understand the impact of bipolar disorder on relationships. And it will also discuss relationship tips. These relationship tips for a person with a bipolar girlfriend will help to strengthen your relationship.

Keep in mind that many people with bipolar disorder have positive and healthy relationships. They took proper treatment and are enjoying their life.

Relationship & Bipolar Disorder

If you are dating a girl with bipolar two disorder, then not only may that person experience the distinct mood phases of mania and depression, but also you may struggle with several challenges.

  • Those challenges can be like how you can support her, and how to cope with a bipolar girlfriend.
  • How to make your girlfriend follow her treatment plan regularly.
  • The most important is to keep the focus on communication while still caring for yourself.

So it is crucial to understand this disorder and bipolar relationship problems. So, you will be able to help your girlfriend or partner.

Bipolar Disorder

Learn about your partner’s disease because knowledge is power. And with this power, you can take better care of your partner. You need to focus on recognizing the signs & causes of depression and signs of a manic episode so, to find ways to deal with these problems.

Educating yourself about the signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder is the first step if you really want to strengthen your relationship with your bipolar girlfriend.

Manic Phase

During this phase, a person engages in risky behaviors like drug and alcohol abuse, wastes money, and gets into trouble with the law. Your girlfriend with bipolar may lose her sense of judgment and may do things that endanger you physically or financially. These scenarios and other situations may create tension within the relationship.

Depressive Phase

The other side of this disorder is depression. Due to a depressive mood, your bipolar girlfriend may withdraw completely from everything and everyone. When your girlfriend is in depression, she may put herself in a shell and become less communicative, tearful, and pessimistic. It is really very frustrating that you want her to come out of her depressive phase but don’t know how to help her.

Mixed Phase

During the mixed phase, a person may have symptoms of hypomania and depression simultaneously. This phase will make the partner confused about the phase, and he will become stressed, and may not know how to react and what reaction to expect.

Tips for Healthy Relationship with a Bipolar Girlfriend

A healthy relationship requires empathy, understanding of emotions,  healthy communication, and self-awareness. Follow these tips to build a strong relationship with a girlfriend/partner who has bipolar:

Learn to understand what your partner is going through.

Love the Person


It is important to recognize that this disease is a piece of their life and not their whole identity. However, your girlfriend’s bipolar disorder contributes significantly to their affairs of life, their personality, and their bipolar disorder relationships. But you have to learn to love the person, the whole package.

Plan Major Goals of Your Life

When you are dating a bipolar girlfriend, it is vital to discuss and plan major future goals of your life. For instance, financial issues, children, and many more are important. This will help to decide whether you want to continue this relationship with a bipolar girlfriend or not.

Be a Support

Care is an essential part of any relationship. So, it is essential to help your girlfriend take proper medication and psychotherapy or group therapy. It is important to establish a plan to help the dating person develop suicidal ideation.

When your bipolar girlfriend has an appointment with a doctor or psychotherapist, discuss with your partner how she will feel if you attend a meeting with her. If she would not get offensive, then it will be helpful for you to have a clue about her mood swings. Also, try to explain to her how to talk to the doctor about depression.

Actionable Steps to Maintain Relationship with Bipolar Girlfriend

When you come to know that your girlfriend or partner is with bipolar disorder, then the first thing you should do is read informational material about this. This will facilitate you to understand your partner in a better way.

Ask About their Mood Swings

Girl sitting at window

Ask your partner how she feels and acts during mood swings. It is also beneficial to ask how to deal with someone who is bipolar; how can you help her during these episodes?

Be Patient

You can get frustrated with your partner’s mood swings. In such situations, take a deep breath. Remember, it is just her condition, not your partner. You can spend a weekend away from your partner.

Ask Her to Manage a Diary or Share a Journal Together

It is always constructive to vent feelings. Encourage your partner to manage a diary. This could be a beautiful way to express manic depressive feelings as it will create a bridge to understand. This could be as effective as therapy.

Communicate Openly

If you’re under stress or feeling uncomfortable, multiple strategies can help you cope with it, including being open to your partner and telling them how you feel.

Join New Activities, Like Travelling

Take time out for traveling. Save money and plan to visit amazing places with your girlfriend. These trips will fill your soul with rich memories.

Play indoor games like board games. Take classes for art, sculpturing, woodcraft, painting, or calligraphy. Swimming, boxing, or biking will keep you fit and give you tales to tell and share with friends.

Give Support

You can show your support for your partner by helping them to stick with their treatment plan.

Take Care of Yourself


Sometimes, you need help to cope with the stress that may affect your relationship and your partner’s condition. Communicate your problems with your family and friends. Those who can provide you advice and encouragement when you need it.

Final Words

Keep in mind that even if your girlfriend or partner is with bipolar disorder, it is still possible to establish and maintain a healthy and fulfilling relationship. These steps can benefit your relationship with a bipolar girlfriend. The key to success lies in following their treatment plan and getting support when you need it.

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