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Keeping Your Home Safely Under Lock And Key – Without The Key 

Keep Home Safe with Smart Lock

There has been a 69% drop in US property crime since 1993, a fact largely attributed to the increased availability of home security systems. Constant innovation in home security technology allows us to keep our families safer than ever before, and more and more parents are choosing smart home security systems to ensure peace of mind and protect their homes. An important component of a home security system is the entryway, and modern developments allow the integration of a smart lock, which offers benefits for the whole family.

How Do Smart Locks Work?

Some smart locks fit over your traditional lock without many modifications, while others require a complete lock system replacement. They employ various technologies from smart cards to biometric fingerprint scanners to keypads. They can work with other smart technologies in your home, which, according to DSC, can allow you to integrate your access control system with alarms and surveillance equipment to achieve a comprehensive smart security system.

Many locks now offer compatibility with Amazon Echo, Samsung SmartThings, and Google Assistant, and allow you to lock and unlock your house from your smartphone or using a code on the doorstep. Some systems even allow you to use a voice command to gain entry, and technology has advanced enough that all systems use encryption to ensure your security and peace of mind. Most locks also notify you if you’ve forgotten to lock the door in the morning, allowing you to lock it from wherever you are and prevent the niggling worry that you might have forgotten to do it.

Perks For The Adults

Smart locks, as well as enhancing home security, allow a level of freedom that traditional locks don’t provide. For the early morning jogger, keys can be left at home (providing you have your smartphone with you) and for the busy parent laden with shopping and small children, access can be gained quickly without setting everything down and searching for a key. The new technology allows you to open the door from afar, which means you can let friends, neighbors, or a cleaner in without needing to be present.

Many smart lock systems allow you to send designated people virtual keys via email or SMS, or directly through the associated app, leaving behind a digital trail of who has accessed your home. They also allow peace of mind for the working parent who may be worried about whether their children have returned home from school safely, as apps will notify you of who has entered the house.

Safer For Children

Many parents worry about giving their children their first house key. While the kids enjoy their new independence, the adults are left to worry about whether the key might be lost or stolen, but smart home technology allows children to access the property without a physical key. This can also take the worry out of whether they’ve remembered to lock up if they’ve left the house after you, and if they do forget their phone or the code for the door, you can unlock the house for them from a distance.

Smart locks can also keep younger, more inquisitive children safe, allowing you to keep the doors locked when you’re in a different part of the house, restricting their access so they’re unable to unlock the door to investigate an interesting sound or an ice cream truck.

Smart locks are useful in keeping your home secure and reducing the risk of unauthorized access, but they also allow a degree of freedom for your family. They can enable you to safely allow older children more independence and help you control deliveries and visitors to your house when you can’t be around, offering you peace of mind no matter where you are. The fact that they can be integrated with other smart technologies such as doorbell cameras means they can form part of a full smart home security system.

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  1. I loved the post and love to get more ideas of how you can keep your home safe. I have a lot of things that I need to make sure are locked up properly, but since my house is so big it’s hard for me to remember them all. You made this much easier with the list and pictures of what needs lock up right now or before we leave on vacation!

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