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Places to See Kangaroos in Australia


Where to see kangaroos in Australia is one of the most common questions among first-time visitors to the region.

While Australia is popular for Kangaroos, did you know that the number of kangaroos in Australia is double that of the human population?

Surprising but true! Australia is home to over 50 million kangaroos.

You can find various varieties of kangaroos in the area, including red, Antilopine, eastern gray, and western gray. While they do not hop around on the streets and roads in cities, you can spot them on your way in open land.

Where is the Best Place to See Kangaroos in Australia?

Also known as “roos” among locals, kangaroos have made a special place in Australia, and the locals have become quite familiar with them.

Due to the abundance of these animals on the continent, you can see them almost everywhere. Red kangaroos live in the outback, while western and eastern gray varieties are common in Queensland, South Australia, and Kangaroo Island.

You will not have to make much effort to spot a kangaroo as they are almost everywhere, including golf courses and open fields. There are kangaroos on beaches, islands, plains, trees, and even vineyards.

You can enjoy this experience by joining a day trip with the local tour guides. Watch them from a distance as wild kangaroos often attack with their hind legs, which might not be an experience to remember in good words.

Keep reading to learn about the best places to see kangaroos in Australia and what to keep in mind when witnessing them.

Woodlands Historic Park

What’s a better place to find kangaroos than one with woodlands in its name?

The Woodland Historic Park near Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport is one of the primary spots for visitors. It has numerous kangaroos, with the eastern gray kangaroos being the most common. You can also see animals like echidnas, wallabies, bandicoots, and birds.


The kangaroos are fenced as opposed to other locations in the country, making Woodlands Historic Park excellent for taking pictures with the roos. Many tourists make a small visit to the park to begin their trip with the sight of the majestic kangaroos.

Murramarang National Park, New South Wales

If you are short on time and looking for THAT ONE LOCATION, where you can see kangaroos in the open, the Murramarang National Park in New South Wales is the place!


You may also call it a kangaroo farm, considering the massive number of kangaroos you can find here. The Murramarang National Park is 206 kilometers from Sidney and the best place to see kangaroos. You will not find any grassy area kangaroo-free early morning and evening. You might be disappointed if you visit the park in the afternoon hoping to come across one of these hopping animals. Mostly, the kangaroos take shelter during the peak sunny hours and graze in the evening.

Note: One important thing to remember is that you must take coins with you to print the entry ticket. It costs $8 to get one, but it is always better to keep some extra.

Pretty Beach, New South Wales

Sometimes, on a not-so-good day, you might not find kangaroos in the plains of the National Park. But that does not mean you wasted your time traveling to the park.

In case you are wondering, “How to see kangaroos in Australia now?” The pretty beach has your back!

Pretty Beach is a gorgeous surf beach in the national park that is also a favorite among kangaroos. Most tourists unable to spot a roo in the Murramarang National Park enjoy the scene here.


Kangaroos roam freely in Pretty Beach, sitting along the walking trails and hopping in front of the cabins. They are totally safe to be around until you touch them. They might gather around you or sit at a distance without troubling anyone.

Pretty Beach is among the best places to visit for kangaroo sightseeing. However, you may also move a little South to Pebbly Beach to find more of them.

Lucky Bay, Esperance

Finding a kangaroo hopping around on white sand might be impossible in most parts of the world, but not when you are in Australia.

Lucky Bay in Cape Le Grand National Park is the perfect spot for a fun day out with family or friends to enjoy a beach view while experiencing the western gray roos around you. The bay is somewhat difficult to reach, which is one of the primary reasons you find more kangaroos in this area – they like to be alone!


As a bonus, you may also see whales from the coastal walks. Some tourists dip in the sea, but we suggest talking to the locals first as the tides are exceptionally high with strong currents.

It is one of the ideal sites if you love picturesque, calm beaches. Yet, Lucky Bat is not the easiest to reach and includes lots of traveling. So, it is suggested to visit only if it falls in your route.

Kangaroo Island, Southern Adelaide

When you search where to see kangaroos in Australia, you see most people suggesting Kangaroo Island at the top. But to our dismay, we did not find as many kangaroos on the island as expected.

Kangaroo Island is the third largest island in Australia and is named after the humongous kangaroo population in the region. However, you may or may not find many of them when you visit.

The island is beautiful and majestic, with various ecosystems and places of interest for environment enthusiasts. Besides wild kangaroos, the island is perfect for seeing numerous other wildlife species, including seals, sea lions, echidnas, wombats, emus, wallabies, and marine mammals. You can also spot mighty koalas!


Specifically, head over to the Flinders Chase National Park to enjoy the sight of kangaroos as it inhabits around 65,000 kangaroos. The entry ticket costs $11 for one day and $16 for two days. You may also visit the Kelly Hill and Lathami Conservation Parks to explore the island wildlife further.

You can go to the island by taking the passenger ferry from Cape Jervis, around two hours away from Adelaide, followed by a 45-minute drive to Kangaroo Island. Alternatively, book an air ticket to reach the island faster.

Great Ocean Road, Victoria

Australia has some of the most breathtaking views you will remember for longer, combined with the sight of hopping kangaroos – the Great Ocean Road is one of them.

Many first-time tourists do not expect to locate kangaroos on the road, but they get surprised!


The Great Ocean Road starts at Torquay, a few kilometers from Melbourne, and ends at Allansford. You will see gray kangaroos grazing on the fields around the forests and on the Anglesea golf course. Their backs are covered with gray fur, and they have pale bellies. Take a day trip around the Anglesea golf course to elevate the experience.

While you might feel lost in the scenic beauty along the road, it is crucial to stay vigilant as the kangaroos often make their way to the road.


Did you know that Canberra is not only the Australian Capital Territory but also the Kangaroo Capital?

As strange as it may sound, the city is home to around thirty thousand kangaroos, and you may find them in the most significant areas within and around the city. You can also find roos at the Governor General’s house!


Canberra is not considered a perfect tourist spot, but it lands on the list undisputedly when someone is willing to know places to see kangaroos in Australia.

Head to Campbell Park Woodland, Weston Park, Black Mountain, Australian National Botanic Gardens, or the Royal Canberra Golf Course to spot kangaroos.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Queensland

Besides parks and the country’s capital, you can visit some wildlife sanctuaries to see kangaroos; Currumbin is one of them.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is the best pick if you are in Queensland. It is close to Queensland’s Gold Coast and offers an incredible display of unique animals. This sanctuary is also a heritage-listed zoological garden, making it a favorite among zoologists and ecologists. 


Currumbin has the second largest number of gray and red kangaroos in Australia, with many wallabies. It has one of the world’s largest wildlife hospitals treating over 10,000 animals annually.

Cape Hillsborough National Park, Queensland

Cape Hillsborough National Park is another spot around Queensland to experience the kangaroos more closely. It is almost 40 minutes away from Mackay, Queensland.

It is one of the places that were lesser known in the beginning, keeping the beauty of the area and kangaroos. However, Cape Hillsborough has become more widely known, and more people go to the park to get snapped with the roos.


The park is one of the best places to visit for a kangaroo experience, as the kangaroos are more adapted to humans. But it takes away the essence of seeing wildlife. Dawn is the best time to see kangaroos roaming on the beach.

Note: Do not feed the kangaroos anything as it interferes with their natural diet.

Tips for Seeing Kangaroos in Australia

We have mentioned some of the best spots in Australia to see kangaroos when you visit the country. But, most kangaroos are unfenced and open in the wild. So, besides knowing where to see kangaroos, it is also important to learn how to see kangaroos in Australia. Here are a few tips for you:

  • Always check the website before heading to a national park or sanctuary to stay up-to-date with the timings and ticket prices.
  • Stay away from kangaroos to avoid injuries; they may kick you if they find you dangerous.
  • If you spot an aggressive kangaroo around you, do not run. Instead, move away from the kangaroo slowly or crawl and slide to a side to avoid harm. Teach the same to your children.
  • Do not feed wild kangaroos, as mentioned earlier. They may harm you, and the feed interferes with their natural diet.
  • The kangaroos come out at dawn or dusk and rest during the day due to high temperatures. So, visiting these points early in the morning is better, especially if you go to Lucky Bay or Cape Hillsborough National Park. Alternatively, wait for them at dusk.
  • Look out for roos on the road if you are heading out after dusk, as it can lead to fatal accidents. It is better to avoid driving at night when you can.
  • Ask locals to understand the area you are visiting and if the kangaroos possess risk. Avoid going to dangerous areas.

The Bottom Line

Amazing places to see kangaroos in Australia is the most common thought on one’s mind as a tourist. And why shouldn’t it be? Kangaroos inhabit Australia more than any other part of the world. You can visit the Woodlands Historical Park straight from Australia if you have a trustworthy local with you. Or, visit national parks such as Cape Hillsborough and Murramarang National Park. Pretty Beach, Canberra, and Kangaroo Island are also considered among the best places to see kangaroos. Also, do not drive after dusk to avoid accidents.


Where to see red kangaroos in Australia?

You can find red kangaroos in mainland Australia’s semi-arid and arid regions. They are spread over most of arid Australia as they prefer open plains.

Where to see wild kangaroos in Australia?

Wild kangaroos are everywhere around Australia, including Kangaroo Island and Pebbly Beach. You can find them more commonly in the Southern region.

Can I see Kangaroos in Sydney, Australia?

The Featherdale Sydney Wildlife Park is among the best places to spot kangaroos. Or visit the Australian Botanic Gardens, Blue Mountains, and Jervis Bay for a kangaroo experience.

What are Western Australia Kangaroos Places?

You can find western gray kangaroos in Western Australia from Shark Bay to the Nullarbor Plain. You can also find red kangaroos and wallabies in the area.

What are Spots to see in South Australia?

South Australia also inhabits the western gray kangaroo as it prefers living in woodlands and open forests. Deep Creek and Adelaide Hills are among the top spots to see kangaroos in South Australia.

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