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How Far is Tampa from Miami


Tampa is one of the most popular destinations in Florida. It is a preferred choice not only for living but also for tourism. People from all over the country, even within the state, visit Tampa with their partners, families, and friends. So, if you are also planning a trip to Tampa from Miami and want to know how far Tampa is from Miami, we’ve got you covered!

Why is Tampa Popular Among Tourists?

Tampa tops Forbes Advisor’s “Top locations to live in Florida.” And why wouldn’t it?

This beautiful city offers breathtaking landscapes, serene beaches, award-winning cuisine, and much more. Visitors can relish lip-smacking food, relax by the beach, explore exotic wildlife, enjoy the glamorous nightlife, and indulge in daring adventures.

So, if you are headed to Tampa, you’re in for an amazing trip. Here’s how long is Tampa from Miami:

How Many Miles is Tampa from Miami?

The distance from Miami to Tampa is 205 miles (330 km). You can plan a road trip, book a flight, hop on a bus, or take a train to Tampa from Miami to delight in the natural sceneries on your way.

How Far is Tampa from Miami by Car?

Tampa from Miami’s driving distance is 450 kilometers or 280 miles. It takes 4 hours and 13 minutes to reach Tampa from Miami when driving non-stop.

However, most people prefer to stop for food or spend time at tourist attractions when driving on roads to Tampa from Miami.

The best way to get to Tampa Bay is to take the I-75 highway heading North. It is a toll road for the first 100 miles, but it is best for people who prefer city to city like us.


If you love to see nature, this route through Big Cypress Reservation is also a treat to the eyes:

  • Take the I-75 Alligator Alley from S Miami Ave
  • Take I-95 Express, Florida’s Turnpike, I-595 W and I-75 N to Snake Rd
  • Take exit 49 from I-75 N
  • Head west on Co Rd 833 N/Goddens Strand/Snake Rd
  • Turn right on the same road and then turn left toward FL-80 W
  • Stay on the road for around 20 miles and turn left onto S Main St
  • Head north on S Main St toward W Hickpochee Ave
  • Turn right at the 1st cross street onto W Hickpochee Ave
  • Turn left onto FL-29 N/Bridge St
  • Turn left onto Whidden Rd
  • Turn right onto S Co Rd 731 SW/Fire Tower Rd
  • Turn left onto Co Rd 74
  • Turn right onto Tasmania Rd
  • Head east on Tasmania Rd toward Mears Ln
  • Continue onto County Rd 731
  • Turn left onto US Hwy 27 N Turn left onto FL-70 W
  • Get on I-75 N in Manatee County
  • Continue on I-75 N to Tampa. Take exit 8 from FL-618 Toll/Selmon Expy to N Florida Ave

Alternatively, you can take the Yeehaw Junction, which passes through country towns that interest many travelers. The FL State Road 60 to East, moving towards the other side of the peninsula, takes you to I95 (South) and the FL Turnpike; take either route to reach Tampa. Or drive across the swamp to Naples, then head north to Tampa for lesser traffic.

When we’re with family members or friends visiting Tampa for the first time, we sometimes choose US41 which takes you through the Skunk Ape Research HQ and America’s smallest post office for a little stop.

Here’s the approximate time taken depending on your driving speed:

Average Speed (mph)Average Speed (km/h)Travel Time
30 mph48 km/h09 hours 22 min
40 mph64 km/h07 hours 01 min
50 mph80 km/h05 hours 37 min
60 mph97 km/h04 hours 38 min
70 mph112 km/h04 hours 01 min
80 mph120 km/h03 hours 44 min

How Far is Tampa from Miami by Plane?

The flight distance from Miami to Tampa is 205 miles or 331 kilometers, which Is 75 miles less than road travel. It takes approximately 40 minutes to travel between both cities by air.

The flight direction from Miami to Tampa is 42 degrees from North to West.

Flying to Tampa from Miami takes only a quarter of the time compared to a road trip. However, taking a commercial flight is longer as your travel time includes the time to reach the airport, security clearance, and transit time.

  • Departure Airport: Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL)
  • Arrival airport: Tampa International Airport (TPA)

You can go to Tampa from Miami via American Airlines, JetBlue, or Spirit Airlines. Spirit Airlines flights are as low as $80, but direct flights with other airlines can be costly.

Train to Tampa from Miami


Alternatively, you can travel to Tampa from Miami through Amtrak. On average, the train journey takes you to Tamps in 5 hours and 26 minutes. You can find one-way tickets for $37, whereas a round-tip costs $74.

Bus to Tampa from Miami

A bus trip to Tampa from Miami is another favorite choice among travelers because of its convenience and cost-effectiveness. It is especially a more suitable option if you’re traveling alone and don’t want to take a flight.

Flixbus, Greyhound, and RedCoach all provide service on the route. RedCoach takes you to Tampa from Miami in 5 hours and 15 minutes at max. The ticket from 21 Miad Cir, Miami, to 3801 USF Holly Dr, Tampa, costs $24.99.

At the same time, Greyhound and Flixbus operate from multiple locations between both cities. You can catch them from the Miami Intermodal Center and Miami Golden Glades. They drop you off at Tampa Bus Station and Univ of South Florida; the bus tickets cost between $24 and $29.

Major Cities on Tampa from Miami Route

When traveling to Tampa from Miami by road, you will pass through multiple cities, including big cities, such as Miami Gardens, Hialeah, Miramar, and Brandon. You will also pass Cape Coral halfway through the trip.


Furthermore, you can also visit the following if you’re in no hurry to reach Tampa:

  • St. Petersburg
  • Fort Myers
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Siesta Key
  • Punta Gorda
  • Gumbo Limbo Nature Center
  • Tigertail Beach Park
  • Naples Botanical Garden
  • Sarasota

The Bottom Line

Tampa is a gorgeous Floridan city with gorgeous beaches, lively nightlife, and food that makes you lick your fingers. Many people visiting from Miami for the first time ask, “How far is Tampa from Miami?” Tampa from Miami’s driving distance is 450 kilometers or 280 miles. Driving non-stop takes 4 hours and 13 minutes to reach Tampa from Miami. Alternatively, flights to Tampa from Miami take around an hour. You can also opt for a bus or train journey, which is typically longer.

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