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Useful Smoking Items to have if you Care About your Health


It’s no secret that smoking is bad for your lungs. But did you know that it can also be detrimental to your overall health? This is why it’s important to have some smoking items on hand that will help you to quit smoking for good.

Here are seven useful smoking items to care better for your health.


Nicotine Patches

Nicotine patches are a great way to wean yourself off of cigarettes gradually. They work by releasing a small amount of nicotine into your bloodstream, which can help to curb cravings and withdrawal symptoms. These are especially helpful if you had it bad with the smoke and struggle with quitting cold turkey.

All you need to do is apply the patch to a clean, dry area of your skin, and it will work its magic over the day. Be sure to follow the instructions on the package carefully and consult with your doctor before using it, as patches can cause skin irritation in some people.

For Cannabis Users

For example, cannabis smokers are a great way to help you quit smoking cigarettes. Cannabis smokers work by heating cannabis so that you can inhale the vapor, rather than smoke. This is a much healthier way to consume cannabis, as it doesn’t involve combustion and thus doesn’t release harmful toxins into your lungs.

On the other hand, if you use a pipe for smoking cannabis, you can opt for the very same device, but without any combustion. This is where glass bubbler pipes come in, as they don’t require any type of lighter or open flame. You just need to put your cannabis in the bowl, add some water, and inhale.


E-cigarettes have become a popular cessation aid in recent years, and for good reason. They provide many of the same sensations as traditional cigarettes – the hand-to-mouth motion, the nicotine hit – without all of the harmful chemicals and tar.

Of course, e-cigarettes are not without their risks. The jury is still out on the long-term effects of using them, but they are generally considered to be much safer than traditional cigarettes. If you’re looking for a smoking alternative that will help you to kick the habit for good, e-cigarettes are a great option.


Cigarette smoking isn’t the only kind of smoking that’s bad for your health. If you’re a fan of cigars, pipes, or hookahs, you may want to consider switching to vaping. Vaping involves using an electronic device to heat a nicotine-containing liquid, which then creates a vapor that you inhale.

This is a much healthier way to smoke, as it doesn’t involve the combustion of tobacco leaves. Plus, you can control the amount of nicotine that you take in, which can help to make quitting smoking easier.

Additionally, there are many different types of vaping devices and liquids available, so you can find the perfect combination for your needs.

Cleansing Tea

When you smoke, the harmful chemicals in cigarettes make their way into your bloodstream and can cause damage to your organs. That’s why it’s important to detoxify your body after you quit smoking and occasionally if you still smoke. One way to do this is by drinking cleansing tea.

Cleansing teas are made with herbs that help to remove toxins from your body, such as dandelion, milk thistle, and ginger. Drinking one cup of cleansing tea per day can help to boost your liver health and improve your overall well-being.

On the other hand, if you’re not a fan of tea, there are other ways to detoxify your body, such as sweating it out in a sauna or taking a natural detox supplement.

Nicotine Spray or Inhaler

If you find that patches or gum aren’t giving you enough nicotine, you may want to try a nicotine spray or inhaler. These products work by delivering a small dose of nicotine directly to your right and left lungs, which can help to curb cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Nicotine sprays and inhalers are available over the counter, but it’s important to talk to your doctor before using them, as they can have side effects.

However, inhalers are more effective in helping people quit smoking than nicotine sprays, so they may be worth trying if you’re struggling to kick the habit.

Lobelia Supplement

Lobelia is a herb that has long been used as a quitting aid for smokers. It works by helping to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms, making it easier to quit smoking.

Lobelia supplements are available in health food stores, but you should talk to your doctor before taking them, as they can interact with other medications.

Still, if you’re looking for a natural way to quit smoking, lobelia may be worth trying.


Smoking is bad for your health as it can cause asthma or bronchitis. If you care about your health, it’s important to quit smoking and to have some helpful items on hand that will make the process easier. From cleansing teas to lobelia supplements, there are many options available to help you kick the habit for good.

Choose the one that’s right for you and get started on your journey to better health today.

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