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What are the Best Exercises to Help Baby Crawl?


There are many milestones that your baby achieves as he is growing. You daily fantasize about his different activities, cherish his growth, and prays for your baby’s further development and health.

There is no doubt about the fact that the milestone that parents are usually looking forward to the most is seeing their baby starting to walk. It takes a lot of time, effort, and patience to see your baby walk on his own.

However, before your baby starts walking, he crawls and chases you everywhere and goes to all the unwanted places, which might be irritating at times for you but trust me, these are some of the best memories that you will remember for your entire life.

To all the new parents out there whose babies have now moved towards crawling, this article is written for you to help you make crawling quicker and easier for your child. This article includes exercises that will strengthen your baby and help him crawl more efficiently and move to the walk phase of his life.

Baby Crawling

Crawling is when your baby uses his hands and feet to drag his body and move to different areas of your house. Your baby will start crawling from 7 months, and some may begin crawling after their first birthday, and there is no issue with that.

Crawling is one of the most amazing things to witness of your baby. He will use his right arm and left leg or left arm and right leg alternatively to drag their body and move forward.

It is the first move towards standing and starting walking, and therefore you need to do different exercises on your baby to help him crawl and move towards the next milestones more quickly.

Exercises to Help a Baby Crawl

There are different exercises that parents opt for to make the crawling experience better for their baby. These are the best five practices that have personally helped me make my baby strong and crawl perfectly.

Tummy Time

Tummy time is one of the most important times for your baby that will help him in crawling a lot. This exercise will help your baby to strengthen his back, legs, neck, and arms and make him stronger. It is simply placing your baby on his/her tummy under supervision while he/she is waking.

You can start tummy time as soon as your child reaches home, and there is no issue with that. Do not overspend time on the tummy, and do not do this exercise right after feeding as that might be dangerous for your child.

Do not leave your child in a tummy position and do not allow him to sleep in that position. Always be there when you are conducting any exercise and take care of your child’s mood as well and do these practices when he is in a happy mood.

Hand Exercises


During crawling, your baby will put his weight on his hands, and therefore hands exercise is vital to strengthen your baby’s hands muscles.

You need to do exercises by opening your baby’s hands, forcing him to hold objects, and try picking his toys on his own as that will provide strength to the hands. You can also do oiling of hands and feet and massage them slowly for further nourishment and help to your baby.

Encourage Your Baby with his Favorite Toys


Every child loves toys and there are some toys that are the favorite among all other stuff that your child plays with. These toys can also help a lot in forcing your child to crawl and walk on his own.

Encourage your baby by sitting at some distance and forcing him to come near the toys. Do this exercise when it’s playtime for your baby, and he is active and in a good mood. Start with the least distance and gradually increase the space so that your child starts to crawl slowly but early.

Do not over force your baby. Give him ample time as children do have fears. If your child is not comfortable crawling and grabbing the toys, give him time and try unless he is ready to do so. Always remember, you need to be very patient, and any hurry can result in huge trouble.

Assisted Crawling

A baby’s upbringing is not an easy task and requires a lot of hard work and patience from the parents. You need to spend maximum time daily with your child and assist him during playing and all other activities so that he can grow healthy and fast.

For crawling, you need to assist your baby and help him crawl. Place your child in a crawling position in the beginning and hold him unless he can stay in that position on his own.

Once this step is done, hold your baby in the crawling position and help him move slowly so that he can know how crawling works. This will not happen in one day, and you need to do this every day for months so that your child can perfectly crawl.

Massage your Baby’s hands and feet


Not only for crawling but to make your baby healthy and fit you need to massage your baby every day. Use a good massaging oil and carefully massage your baby’s hands and feet by watching videos and asking your baby’s doctor.

Massaging will help your baby to become stronger and your baby will achieve crawling and other milestones at an early age.

During crawling, your baby will fall and may have minor injuries. Massaging will strengthen the muscles, and you will protect your child from any significant mishaps.


We always want to see our babies achieve all the milestones as quickly as they can. Crawling is one of the experiences that will bring many positive memories and moments to cherish for life. You can make this experience more harmless for your child by following these exercises. The exercises will not only help him crawl but will make your baby healthy and more robust.

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