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7 Steps Guide on How to Make Window Stickers for Kids


The family that plays together stays together. Once your kids get old and move out of the house, you will cherish the time you all have spent together. They are your future, and whatever you feed them emotionally today will come back at you with the same intensity. It is not what we do, once in a while, that shapes our lives. It is what we do consistently. Building a family habit of doing something together once a month or every weekend can create a strong family bond.

One of the best activities with families of toddlers is to create something that reminds them of those unforgettable moments every single day. What better way than to beautifully decorate their room with window stickers? If you want to figure out how to make window stickers for kids, you have come to the right place. Here we will crack on the fun and easy ways to make window stickers for your kids.

How to Make Window Stickers for Kids in No Time

So, you have decided to spend the upcoming weekend with your kids making window stickers. Before you move around to gather materials, make sure you are aware of your kids’ interests.

What cartoons do they usually like to watch? Are they interested in nature, animals, stars, galaxies, or anything special? Use this information and give it a shape by making window stickers for kids.

Listed below are the materials you will need to create fun, adorable, and beautiful window stickers for kids:

Materials to Make Window Stickers:

Food coloring (your kid’s choice)Liquid dish soapTransparent, clear, or white glue
Any small containers,
paper plates, and cups
Paint Brush, Rigger Brush,
Filbert Brush, Liner Brush
Plastic page protector or plastic baggie

Step-By-Step Process on How to Make Window Stickers for Kids

Once you have a roadmap of what you will be making with your kids, involve them in making stickers with you. Through this process, you will not only spend quality time with them but also create something that they like. Below are the simplest and easiest ways to make window stickers for kids.

Whichever container you have chosen, pour two tablespoons of glue with 1/4 teaspoon liquid dish soap. Add this mixture into more than one container to add variety.

Choose food colors of your liking, add the selected colors into different containers, and mix them well.

Now that you have created your own color palette with a colored glue mixture, move on to grab a plastic sheet for your canvas. Let your kids use these tools to portray their creativity, or you can draw an elephant with the color blue, a butterfly with multiple colors, and trees with the use of green.

Assure that the mixture is thick enough and in a less liquid form. Remember, less is more when creating art.

You can also use shapes to make flawless and snatched edges, such as to make a ball sticker, using the cap of any round jar. Spread the mixture of colored glue in it, and do not move the cap until the mixture dries out.

Let the mixture dry for a while, preferably overnight.

Peel off the sticker from the plastic carefully so it won’t tear apart. Stick it to the inside of your window. There you have it, an unforgettable time with your family and some beautiful stickers on your kids’ windows.


Making Window Stickers for Your Kid with Two Materials

There are multiple ways to figure out how to make window stickers for your kids, but making them with only two materials sounds convenient. This method is less messy with more fun. Here is the easiest and snappy way through which you can make window stickers for your kids. They can be used on their room windows, laptops, water bottles, and room mirrors.

Required Materials for Window Stickers:

Parchment paperPrinter the image or cut it
through books/magazines
ScissorsScotch Tape

7 Steps Guide on How to Make Window Stickers for Kids

After you have had an idea of window stickers and how to make them for kids, below is a step-by-step guide too:

  • Cut out the image of the graphics your kid adores, or get a print of your kid’s favorite cartoon character.
  • Grab your scotch/packing tape, and put the sticky side down onto parchment paper.
  • Place the cut images onto the parchment paper.
  • Place another piece of packing tape on top of those images.
  • Cut around the stickers leaving a tiny space from the edges of the sticker.
  • Peel the parchment paper from the backside.
  • A simple and easy method of making stickers for your kids, and they learn something new in a fun way.

Tips for Making Window Stickers for Your Kids

Let your kids display their imaginations by creating window stickers. However, avoiding any failure is in your hands. Consider the following tips before jumping into making window stickers for your kids:

Suitable Materials

Choose the material based on where you want to stick your stickers. If you are making stickers for windows, PVC or vinyl is the best option. Why? It will stick around longer on any material so do your memories. Although these are only used for outdoor purposes, there are no rules on making stickers for your kids.

Size and Shape

Involve your kids in this fun activity, especially when deciding to choose the size and shapes of the window stickers. Ask them what color and size they prefer to use. It will increase their confidence level and boost their confidence.

How to Remove Stickers from the Window

Your kid got tired of the same window sticker and wants it removed? However, if you are concerned about the stain it may leave behind, don’t worry! Removing any debris from the sticker is quite easy. Following are some materials you need to remove window stickers:

White VinegarAlcohol
HairdryerLiquid soap

No, we are not making potions, don’t worry! Above mentioned are just some materials you might need to use separately to remove window stickers.


Methods of Removing Window Stickers

Here are the steps for a quick DIY on making window stickers for kids:

  • Apply slightly hated soap water onto and around the edges of the sticker. Let it slide down, clean the excess liquid, and let the stickers soak in for 10 minutes. Slightly scrape it away with a plastic scraper and put your expired credit card to good use.
  • If you don’t want to create a liquid mess, use this alternative way, thoroughly spray a small amount of vinegar onto the edges of the window sticker. Vinegar is an acid, and it helps dissolve the adhesives. The sticker will come right off with a gentle tug.
  • The alternative way is to use alcohol in the same way if you get irritated with the pungent odor of vinegar.
  • Window stickers consist of tape or glue, and a moderate amount of constant heat can make them lose their grip on the surface. Use a hairdryer to heat it up from all sides and rip it away with your fingers (only touch it if it gets a bit cold).

Final Verdict: Making Window Stickers for Kids

There are many swift and laid-back ways of making window stickers for kids. Some of them are snappy methods, and a few are time-consuming. Window stickers can be made at home through glue, food coloring, and PVCs. The core reason for this is to make their room attractive and spend time with your kids. Use the above-mentioned methods and DIYs to create alluring window stickers for kids and use them as an alibi to hang out together. Do anything but let it produce joy!


Can I use wax paper to make window stickers for my kids?

No, it’s hard to peel stickers off wax paper, the stubborn residue of wax stays behind on the sticker, and it’s just extra work to take off every tiny particle. It takes away the fun part of this memorable activity.

Do window stickers melt?

It depends upon the temperature of the area you live in. If the temperature increases more than 100°F, your window sticker may lose its stickiness and melt away.

Can a 3-year-old use stickers?

Kids who are 18 months old can create a sense of things to eat and not to eat. Stickers are a fun way to engage toddlers in learning, and it is safe for them to play with it but under supervision. Once you make sure that they understand that it’s not something to eat, only then they can be left alone to play with stickers.

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