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How does the Interior Characterize the Owner of the House?


The decor of a house or apartment is a reflection of the inner world of the owners. We surround ourselves with things that make us feel comfortable and at ease. Do you want to know how outsiders perceive some of the interior details that are familiar to you? Now we’ll tell you.

Facts that Characterize the Owner of the House

  1. Plenty of Open Space: You have an open-plan apartment, there are no curtains on the windows or even panoramic glazing is installed, and the boundaries of functional areas are only slightly marked or completely absent. There is a minimum of decor in the house, there are no “extra” things on which the eye lingers. The owner of such an apartment will be perceived as an open, sociable person, oriented to the outside world.
  1. Lots of Nooks and Crannies: The apartment has many places where you can retire. Even if it is a studio, there are necessary elements of zoning in the form of partitions, curtains, screens, and niches. There are blackout curtains on the windows and a lot of chamber light sources. Most likely, the owner of such an apartment appreciates home comfort and tranquility and invites only the closest ones to visit.
  1. Ultra-fashionable interior: If the whole atmosphere of the apartment is like a living illustration of the latest design trends, a person most likely does not rely on his own taste and tends to blindly follow trends.
  1. Homemade Decor: There are many handmade items and decorations in the house, they are not bashfully hidden in the corners, but deliberately attract attention. Most likely, a bold, creative person lives in such an environment, for whom self-expression is extremely important. Such an interior is fully able to tell about the character of the owner, his hobbies, and tastes.
  1. Regalia and Achievements: If the first thing that catches your eye when you enter the room is a collection of medals or cups, there are certificates and photographs of the owner on the walls, capturing the moment of his success – most likely you have an ambitious person, for whom it is important to impress others. Such an environment is also characterized by expensive, but not very practical furniture and decoration.
  1. Lots of Indoor Plants: If there are many flowers in the house, its owner, most likely, not only loves nature but is also distinguished by responsibility, and knows how to take care of others. It is also believed that the flowers in the house are loved by those who are young at heart.
  1. Perfect Order: The house looks like a picture from a glossy magazine: there is no dust, no unnecessary things in sight, and even in closets, pantries, and dressing rooms everything is spotless. Most likely, the person living here is not just neat, but pedantic values his time, and is practical. Although, excessive sterility can also speak of anxiety and obsessive perfectionism of the homeowner.
  1. Vintage and Antiques: If there are a lot of antiques in the house, its owner most likely appreciates quality, is kind to history – first of all personal, and also knows how to see and appreciate the beauty in furnishings and choose Hamptons style furniture.
  1. Lots of Family Photos: As a rule, family photos, hung on the walls, framed on shelves, or in a chest of drawers, give out a kind, caring, and somewhat sentimental person in the owner. He values his family and perhaps tends to idealize the past a bit.
  1. Lots of Crockery and kitchen Appliances: If the dishes in the kitchen area are much more than enough for those who live in the house, the owners are most likely hospitable and hospitable people. And a lot of kitchen gadgets indicate that they love culinary innovations and are not averse to experimenting.

Peace and Quiet


Balanced people who value home comfort choose muted soft colors in the interior. In their apartment, you will not see defiant photo wallpapers with scarlet roses or a sofa in the form of red lips, as in the theater museum of Salvador Dali.

Light blue, pale pink, olive, beige – these are the colors that can be found in the house of calm family men.

As for furniture, most of them choose practical interior items made of high-quality and safe materials that can last for many, many years and be inherited by their grandchildren. They are prone to stability, and therefore the pursuit of fashion and bold design decisions is not for them.

Order Comes First

A rational person who appreciates punctuality and the ability to think logically about those around him will not allow his apartment to look like a dump of unnecessary things. Order always reigns in his house, every object knows its place. As for the color scheme, there is no need to think about it for a long time – such people, as a rule, choose a monochrome interior. They don’t need a riot of color – it distracts from important thoughts and creates a feeling of chaos. Namely, chaos is most frightening for those whose whole life is one continuous schedule.

When we create the interior design of our apartment, we put a piece of ourselves into this process. And it is not surprising that the walls of our house can sometimes tell much more about us than our closest friends. But here’s what’s interesting: not only do we influence the environment, but it can also bring something new into our lives. If you are passionate about change, start with your home – you’ll see, that changes in the interior will naturally affect you yourself. The best part is that you can make the house a mirror image of yourself despite considering cost-saving tips.

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