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Handling babies is not an easy task to do but every mother does it efficiently in all possible ways. Apart from dealing with babies in normal routines, it is much more difficult to soothe a colic baby. Babies cry for several reasons sometimes being hungry or being irritated but crying as colic is difficult to understand. Doctors and experts name colic babies for those who used to cry for no apparent reason.

Being a mother or a babysitter you must know some basic tips to make a colic baby sleep. Here are few suggestions prescribed by the experts that can assist you in making a colic baby have sound sleep for long hours. Click here to learn about different foods that might also help having a sound sleep.

Make Use Of S’s Method

According to some experts, there is a chain of S’s that determine 5 methods to keep a colic baby in a calm mood. Let’s discuss these five methods through which you can provide comfort to your baby for sleeping.

Wrapping A Baby

wraping a baby

Babies feel comfortable while sleeping and get up early without having enough sleep hours. The best thing that comes first for soothing a colic baby is to tie them nicely with a blanket. You will notice that it increase the sleeping time and reduce the fussy behavior of the baby.

Lie Them For A While On Stomach

baby sleeping on mother stomach

It has been observed and suggested by doctors that sleep on your back always either you are an elder or a baby. But as far as the crying and irritated baby is concerned, lying them for a while on the stomach helps them in relieving distress.

Blow Shush Sound In Ear

Blow a smooth and serene kinda shush sound in your baby’s ear, that may appear disturbing to you but it calms the irritated mood of a baby. It is relaxing enough that colic babies find comfort in sleeping.

Swing Your Baby By Holding In Your Hands

A baby Swimming on mother's hand

For comforting a crying baby, you can hold them tightly in your arms so that they can not lose a grip and sway them a little by moving your body from side to side. Getting swaying in the air is loved by babies and it also makes their mood happy.

Provide Them a Noise Free Environment

baby have a toy

Newborn babies during their growing period need a lot of attention as well as pay lots of attention towards everything even at a wave of the curtain in a room. So make sure to provide them with a noise-free environment. Mothers should have a kind of shady room that has a serene and peaceful effect. Any kind of disturbance and sound can disturb their sleep and left them in a bad mood for hours.

Scheduled Nap At Daytime Makes Sleep Better At Night-Time

Babies aged between one to three months old used to have a frequent nap during the daytime, and it is perfectly fine for a baby to have 5 hours of nap during the daytime with intervals. This habit stimulates the sound sleep in the night and the baby feels less struggle in having a longs time of sleep. So, for this, you need to lie down your baby in the safest yet a little dark and sound-free area.

Look At The Mood Of Colic Baby

Mood of a colic baby

Not always babies get agitated unnecessarily, if you observe this in your child so frequently consult your doctor. The reason behind colic can be a medical problem like having to have gas in the stomach, constipation, or pain in any other body part. Ask your doctor how to treat these problems with remedies or with prescribed colic drops.

Give Your Baby Massage

baby massage

As Newborn babies don’t perform the physical movement as much so they feel a kind of stubbornness in their muscles, give them massage daily for better blood circulation. Giving a massage provide enough relaxation to an infant’s body.


Follow these tips to improve the sleep quality of a colic baby. A proper application of these tips work wonders for removing irritated mood swings of a baby that disturb them for a long time. Always consult your doctor first.

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