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how to make glucose water for babies

Glucose is the most important carbohydrate needed by infants for their normal growth. It maintains the sugar level in babies and provides them the energy to deal with the growth spurts.

Many infants face glucose deficiency due to dehydration that generally occurs during diarrhea. In that case, it becomes crucial to provide the baby with the required amount of glucose, or otherwise, it can lead to serious loss.

Instead of giving the glucose drips, doctors go for the glucose water, which isn’t that hard for a baby to digest. Glucose water prevents and restores dehydration and maintains the sugar level in the baby’s little body to fight the disease. Doctors suggest that if you observe signs of baby dehydration, you should give him a little dose of glucose water regularly so that a balance is maintained. But, how to make glucose water for babies?

It can easily be prepared in home. Buying ready-to-use sugar water from stores is only suggested when you have no other choice or some emergency. So when you are dealing with the situation in which your baby requires glucose water, experts suggest you go for homemade glucose water.

But regularly giving your baby sugar water should be made with your own hands because, in this case, you have complete trust over the ingredients, and you know that there is nothing harmful going on in your baby’s body. In contrast, readymade water often contains preservatives that aren’t good for a baby’s health. Plus, it can cost you several hundreds of dollars.

Importance of Glucose Water


Glucose water holds great importance when it comes to performing surgeries on babies. Most hospitals also give glucose water to babies after giving shots and pricks to reduce the pain. Moreover, glucose water becomes a must before blood is drawn on babies.

How to Make Glucose Water at Home?

You can make glucose water at home by following these super-simple steps. But remember, the glucose water you will prepare must consist of 76 % water and 24 % glucose. It is the ideal ratio of glucose water.

Ingredients Required for Glucose Water


To make the glucose water at home, you will need these simple ingredients available in every household.

  1. 6 teaspoons of sugar – leveled
  2. Half teaspoon of salt – leveled
  3. One liter or 5 cups of distilled or boiled drinking water

Warning: Always consult with the doctor before giving it to the baby. Do not give your baby regular tap water as they contain bacteria and viruses that can make your baby’s condition worse.

Glucose Water for Babies Recipe


Add salt and sugar (you can also go for sweetened rice cereal) to the water. Stir until the mixture thickens a little bit. Now you can give the glucose water to your baby with the help of a dropper or spoon.

Note: It is suggested to feed your baby with breast milk, carrot juice, or rice 3 water before giving him the glucose water as it can boost the restoration process of dehydration.

Benefits of Glucose Water for Babies

There are many benefits of drinking glucose water, especially for babies. Glucose water not just provides physical benefits to your baby but also helps with mental growth. Some of the benefits of glucose are:

  • Regulates Sugar Level: It maintains and restores the sugar level in babies in case of diarrhea.
  • Prevents Constipation: Glucose water prevents constipation in babies, which is the major complaint of most parents.
  • Ease Giving Shots: Glucose water helps distract the babies when giving shots.
  • Relieves Pain: It also helps relieve the pain.

Caution: This article is only for information purposes. We strongly recommend visiting and consult the nearest physician or child specialist before giving it to your baby.

Frequently Asked Questions

Would it be safe to give glucose water to my baby?

Always recommend your child’s doctor before giving him the glucose water. It’s comparatively unsafe to provide glucose water to newborns/infants as breastfeeding will provide him sufficient nutrients. However, if the blood glucose test results in less than 2.6 mmol/L during the initial 72 hours of the baby, consult a pediatrician.

What is the recommended age of giving water to a baby?

Babies under six months of age get their nutrients from infant formula or breastmilk, so there’s no additional need for glucose water. Please consult a doctor when your child reaches the age above 6 months and provide him water accordingly.

Are there any side effects of giving water to an infant?

If you make your infant drink water when not required, it can cause a serious health condition called water intoxication. It occurs when a lot of water lessens the sodium concentration in the body, further causing electrolyte imbalance and tissue swelling.

Is there any alternative to make my baby drink glucose water if he vomits?

No need to worry as it’s a common situation. So, if your baby vomits while you’re giving him water, give him the rest of 10 minutes and start again with little sips.

Can we treat the baby’s dehydration without glucose water?

The best way to treat dehydration of your baby is to continue breastfeeding if he’s three months old. The nutrients through mother’s milk are sufficient for a healthy baby’s body requirement, so there would be no additional need. If he’s above this age, contact an experienced doctor.


It’s more important to understand if there is a need to prepare glucose water for your babies besides knowing how to make it. Give your baby this solution only after discussing it with his pediatrician and not on your own, as it may risk your child’s health. Make sure to avoiding its use generally to soothe your baby.

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