Almost every baby in the world often gets a diaper rash. It is common for babies to get rashes but indeed, it is really painful for babies and their mothers as well.

It is not that much of a serious problem, but you should treat it as soon as you see it. Sometimes, it happens that if you don’t pay any attention, it starts to spread all over the bottom area. Once the rashes reach the severe stage, it won’t be easy for you to treat them faster. As a result, your baby will go through a lot of pain.

So, it is important for the mother and the caretakers not to take it too lightly, and try to take care of your baby before he gets a rash.

Now, I am going to share with you several ways that I find useful in treating my little one’s sore bottom.

Don’t Change the Diaper With Dirty Hands

First of all, you should be careful that you don’t change the diaper with dirty hands, even if the baby has got no rash. Wash your hands before each diaper changing session. It will protect the baby from the germs that he can get through your hands.

Wash Him With Warm Water

Avoid using scented wipes to clean him because they contain fragrance and alcohol, which is not suitable for the sensitive skin of babies. Instead, wash him with warm and clean water.

Give him a bath every day during the rash period. Use mild soap and shampoo.

Frequently Change the Diaper

Don’t wait until the diaper is overflowing. Don’t let the dirty diaper stay too long on your baby. Change it frequently. Changing the diaper infrequently is the major leading cause of rashes.

Look For Another Diaper Brand

It is also possible that the diaper you are using is the cause of your baby’s rash. Change your diaper’s brand. Use the one that is suitable for your baby. Look for the diaper that is comfortable for the baby, fits properly, and exceeds in absorbency.

After experimenting with many diapers on my little one, I have found that pampers is the brand best in this field.

Home Remedies to Treat Rash

Before reaching for the ointments and different creams, you should give your first priority to the natural things. Use the treatment that you can find easily in your home such as mother’s breast milk.

According to the study, it is the first best healer for diaper rash. You can also use apple cider or regular vinegar. Olive oil is also found to be a great treatment for the rash. Apply coconut oil or use cornstarch.

Apply Ointments or Rash Creams

If your baby rashes have gone far beyond your control, then you should start using some ointments or creams. The best creams for this purpose are Earth Mama Angel Bottom Balm, Destin, A&D ointment, and Babyganics Diaper Rash Cream.


It is always better to take preventive measures first. As a responsible mother, you should never risk your baby’s health. Try as much as you can to avoid rashes. However, if your baby gets rashes due to sweating and humidity, always try to treat it with the home remedies first before you look for the chemical ointments.


Hifza is a student of bioinformatics. She is a research student and working on cancer.

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