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How to Help your Child Pass Competitive Entrance Examinations


Competitive entrance examinations can be a make-or-break situation for students. A good score on these tests can mean the difference between getting into the school of your choice and being stuck at a mediocre institution. If you want to help your child pass these exams, follow these tips.

Find them Practice Tests

If your child runs through some tests that are similar to the exam they’ll take, it will be much easier for them to pass. There are great 11+ Practice Papers you can choose from that will surely benefit them when they want to achieve their goal. Going through all these exams will surely help your child’s confidence and they will be more familiar with the type of questions asked.

Check the answers together with them to see where they’re struggling and help them to understand the concepts they find difficult. This way, you can be sure that your child is better prepared for their exams.

Create a Study Plan for them


A firm study plan will give your children the structure they need to stay on track and make the most of their time. This will help them immensely when taking competitive entrance examinations.

The first step is to sit down with them and find out how much time they have to dedicate to studying each day. If they have school and other extracurricular activities, you’ll need to be realistic about how much time they can actually study. Once you’ve figured out a schedule that works for them, help them stick to it by creating a study plan.

Their study plan should include what topics they need to focus on, what resources they’ll use (books, websites, etc.), and when they’ll take breaks. It’s important that they take breaks periodically so they don’t get burned out.

If you need help creating a study plan, there are plenty of resources online and in libraries. Once you have a plan, be sure to check in with your child periodically to see how they’re doing and make adjustments as needed.

With a little planning and effort, you can help your child succeed in competitive entrance examinations. Good luck!

Examine their Progress

Make sure to quiz your kid regularly. This will help you gauge where their understanding is at and what areas need more work. If they’re consistently getting low marks on a certain topic, then it’s time to step up the review for that subject. You can do this by drilling them with questions or having them take practice tests. Also, give them plenty of encouragement along the way!

When it comes to examining your child’s progress, don’t just rely on their grades. Take a close look at how they’re doing in each subject. Are they struggling with any particular concepts? Do they seem to be graspings things quickly?

This will give you a better idea of what areas need more attention. In addition, talk to their teachers and get their input on your child’s progress. They can provide you with valuable insights that you may not be able to get from just looking at grades.

By examining your child’s progress regularly, you’ll know what they learned and where they need improvement.

Reward them for Hard Work

Positive reinforcement will surely motivate your kid to keep up the good work they’ve been putting in to pass their entrance exams. These rewards can be the following:

  • An extra hour of TV time
  • An afternoon at the park
  • A new toy
  • A day out with friends
  • A road trip with family
  • Ice cream, their favorite food, etc.

Remember that rewarding your child should be based on their efforts and not on their results. This will help them feel appreciated for all the hard work they’ve been doing to pass their entrance exams.

Give them Study Aids

There are lots of great study tools available to help your child ace their competitive entrance exams. Give them access to online resources, flashcards, and practice quizzes. If they’re struggling in a particular subject area, consider hiring a tutor. You can also create a study schedule for them and help them stick to it. With your support, they’ll be able to confidently take on any examination. Good luck!

Giving them study aids is one way you can support your child as they prepare for competitive entrance examinations. There are lots of great study tools available online or in print form that can make exam prep more manageable and even fun for kids.

Flashcards are a great way to help kids memorize key information, and there are many free online resources like Quizlet or StudyBlue that offer practice quizzes in almost any subject. If your child is struggling in a particular subject area, consider hiring a tutor for extra support.

You can also create a study schedule for them and help them stick to it. With your support, they’ll be able to confidently take on any examination. Good luck!

Remove their Distractions

If your child is easily distracted, removing anything that can cause this can be a big help. That means no TV, no video games, and no social media. If they’re used to having these things around, it might be hard at first, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

Make sure they have a quiet place to study where they won’t be interrupted. And if they need music to concentrate on, give them some headphones so they can listen to calm classical music or white noise.

Make sure to explain to them why you’re doing this and that it’s only temporary. Once they’ve Ace their exams, they can go back to their normal routine.

Eliminate their Fear

You need to make sure your child doesn’t live in fear. Encourage them and help them build confidence. If they’re afraid of failing, they might not even try. The first step is to eliminate their fear.

Your child should know that you believe in them and that you think they can do it. Take the pressure off by eliminating any expectations you have for them. Just let them know that you support whatever decision they make.

If your child doesn’t feel confident about taking the examination, help them build their confidence. Encourage them and remind them of how smart and capable they are. You can also help them prepare by providing resources and studying together.


Your child’s education should always be a top priority so make sure you get them some practice tests to prepare for exams. Create a study plan and examine the progress they’re making. Reward your kids for hard work and make sure to give them some study aids they can use. Remove every single distraction from their room and make sure they’re not afraid of the entrance exam. They’ll pass it without any trouble!

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