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How to Prepare Dragon Fruit?


Dragon fruit is native to Cambodia and Vietnam in Southeast Asia, where most of the world’s crop is grown. It resembles a spiny cactus. It is also known as pitaya, named after the Spanish term for the fruit, which means ‘little scales.’ This fruit is a subtropical cactus.

Dragon fruit, also known as dragon eye, dragon apple, and dragon apple kumquat, is a small citrus fruit with a thick rind and a tart, sweet taste. It’s also one of the world’s healthiest foods and can help keep your immune system in peak condition. This article will explain how to make dragon fruit and what exactly makes it so healthy!

What are the Benefits of Eating Dragon Fruit?

It contains more vitamin C than an equivalent amount of oranges. Dragon fruit has high nutrients that include plenty of B vitamins, major minerals, and small amounts of protein. Vitamin A is in low supply, but not to worry because it’s nearly impossible to eat the seeds. It has about 3.5 oz of nutrients for every 100 grams.

What does Dragon Fruit Tastes Like?

Dragon fruit is a type of tropical plant that grows on trees. It tastes like a combination of strawberry, kiwi, and papaya with an unusual texture because of the red inner flesh that surrounds its spiny black seeds. It’s refreshing to eat on a hot day or to enjoy as a healthy snack. Dragon fruit has a slightly tangy, sweet flavor. It is excellent in desserts, sauces, and drinks.


How Know the Dragon Fruit is Ripe Before You Eat it?

The color of the dragon fruit flesh can be white, pink, or red, and it has many seeds inside. The lighter the flesh color, the riper it is. Pink or red-skinned fruit are usually eaten when they are still firm, with darker colored fruit ripening to softness in 3–5 days (and turning brown). If you buy a dragon fruit that has already turned brown, there’s no need for concern.

Wow to Prepare Dragon Fruit?

To prepare dragon fruit, wash it first. Then decide how you want to prepare it.

Cutting to Eat or Add in Salads

Dragon Fruit Juice

  • Cut the dragon fruit into chunks and put them in a blender with ice cubes. Fresh fruit juice from the dragon fruit is so good.
  • Blend for about 30 seconds until you get smoothie consistency, then add some sugar to taste if desired
  • Pour into glasses and serve cold!

Dargon Fruit Milkshake

  •  Another method of preparing a dragon fruit smoothie would be to peel, core, and cube a medium-sized fruit into 3/4-inch cubes
  • Freeze them overnight in a covered container.
  • The next morning, place the frozen chopped pieces into a blender with about one-third cup of milk.

Can you Eat Raw Dragon Fruit?

It’s preferred to eat dragon fruit after cutting, but it can also be eaten without cooking. Just clean the skin and remove the pulp from its seeds, then serve.

Most people prefer to cut and peel dragon fruit before eating because it tastes better when ripe.

How do I Store Dragon Fruit?


Put the unpeeled fruit in a plastic bag and put it in the fridge. It will last for one to two weeks. If you peel and cut the fruit, cover with cling film and use it within three days of cutting or slicing.

To store, cover the raw fruit with plastic wrap directly on top of each piece so that air does not get in and place it inside a sealed plastic bag.

How to Grow Your Dragon Fruit?

To grow your dragon fruit, you should purchase potted plants from a garden center in spring before the plant has flowered. Round the year best time for planting it is autumn, but they are very particular.


So, there you have it. I hope this article has been of some use to you. Dragon fruit is a versatile and tasty fruit that can be used as an additive in many foods or as a simple snack. It’s recommended to buy it fresh from the market, but don’t worry because it lasts well when stored if this isn’t possible.

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