Dragon fruits are fruits grown in a hot and stuffy environment, having a lot of nutritional benefits. Such tropical fruits are rapidly earning popularity because of their numerous health advantages seen. People also like its fresh taste that, most probably, appears to be a combination of pear and kiwi.

Dragon fruit falls under cactus species, also known as strawberry pear, pitahaya, and pitaya. The bulb-shaped fruit doesn’t only provide health benefits but also looks fantastic in pinkish/reddish color. We’ve collected all the nutritional facts and advantages of dragon fruit, so without wasting another minute, let’s move towards them.

Rich in All Major Nutrients

All the naturally grown fruits benefit an individual in one way or another, so does dragon fruit. They have the essential minerals and vitamins in it with reduced calories. Moreover, a significant quantity of dietary fibers is also present. We have presented a list of nutritional facts of this fruit in 100 grams below.

Carbohydrates – 13 grams

Proteins – 1.2 grams

Fats – 0 grams

Calories – 60

Fiber – 3 grams

Iron – 4% of what’s recommended

Vitamin C – 3% of what’s recommended

Magnesium – 10% of what’s recommended

We’ve briefly reviewed the essential nutrients below to let you know about their nutritional facts and make it more clear.


We now know from the above list that dragon fruit is a low-calorie food. Most of the calories in this food naturally comes from carbohydrates. Furthermore, there are two kinds of carbs present in dragon fruit, such as fibers and sugars. They play a pivotal role in stimulating the growth of beneficial bacteria in the stomach and intestine.


It provides a small amount of protein, usually 1.2 grams per 100-gram fruit, that promotes the immune system.


As the fruit is low in calories, there is little to no fat in it, which is great. An edible seed of dragon fruit contains all healthy fatty acids, including polyunsaturated fats, omega-3 fatty acids, and omega-6 fatty acids.

Minerals & Vitamins

The fruit is rich in minerals and Vitamin C that is the best for your immune system. Moreover, it has sufficient iron and magnesium quantity responsible for numerous reactions in the human body.

Fantastic Health Benefits by Dragon Fruit

Like any other fruit, the nutritional components of dragon fruit come along with various medical advantages. Here are a few of them!

Combat Against Chronic Ailments

Dragon fruit is rich in antioxidants that play a significant part in fighting chronic diseases. Free radicals are dangerous compounds that damage a body cell and head towards inflammation. Antioxidants counterbalance these radicals and stop the process of chronic inflammation. They are also helpful in preventing other diseases like arthritis, cancer, diabetes and heart diseases, etc. Following are the antioxidants present in a dragon fruit:

Betalains: These are the pigments that not only work as an antioxidant but also help in detoxification and anti-inflammation. Studies have shown that Betalains reduces oxidative stress and helps fight cancerous cells too.

Vitamin C: There is solid interlinking seen between Vitamin C and cancer risk. Besides, Vitamin C greatly helps in boosting up a human’s immune system.

Carotenoids: The throbbing color of dragon fruit is due to lycopene and beta-carotenoids present in it. A few studies revealed that fruits rich in carotenoids and related anti-oxidants helps lessen the chances of heart diseases.

Lowers Inflammation

There could be many reasons for a body to get oxidative stress and eventually inflammation. Dragon fruit naturally comes up with flavonoids that aids in repairing the damaged cells and lowers inflammation. This way, it is best to fight some chronic diseases.

Manages Blood Sugar Level

A lot of evidence proved that dragon fruit helps in managing the blood sugar level in pre-diabetics. Intake of this fruit helps to reconstruct the pancreatic B-cells that give anti-diabetic effects at the end.

Enhances the Digestive Health

Dragon fruit is rich in dietary fibers, which are found the best to enhance digestive health. They not only increase and regulate hunger but also aids in reducing blood cholesterol levels. Other benefits of fibers include dealing with obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and some cancers.

Final Verdict

This tropical food is worth eating after we have checked all of its nutrition facts and health benefits. The distinguishing red color of these fruits makes them look more appealing to the eyes and enhances their flavor. The best part of this fruit is that you’ll get all the essential nutrients despite being low in calories. A few of many might face some allergic reactions to dragon fruit, but overall it’s the best and safest fruit to consume every day.

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