Chemistry is the branch of science that deals with the properties and composition of different substances along with their chemical reaction and properties. It concerned with the substance from which it is formed. It is the study of properties, characteristics, physical and chemical changes of that matter.

In other words chemistry is the study if interaction of matter and energy

Importance of Chemistry in Daily Life

Chemistry is important in our daily life because

  • Our body is composed of many chemicals and in very minute even in every second various chemical reactions take place in our body. Biochemistry is a subject concerned with study of chemical composition and function of living organisms.
  • Everything is composed of chemicals. Our food, drugs our world, sun moon start everything is made up of chemical even the changes that’s occurs in the universe e is the cause of chemical reactions
  • In cooking chemistry elaborates us how to cook food, how to preserve it, which ingredients makes your food tasty and which food is useful for our body
  • It helps you to understand the proper use of drugs, medicine or supplements. it helps you to judge either that supplement is helpful for you or harm you
  • Cleaning is the important part of chemistry that explain which cleaner is best for dishes and for cloths etc. Its helps you to decide how disinfectants soap and detergents works

Agricultural Fields

In this field chemistry/chemicals are used by farmers and gardeners. They use chemicals to prevent their plants and crops from insects, bacteria and fungus etc. These chemicals are insecticides, fertilizers and pesticide. These chemicals are used to prevent and to get the best result on the day of harvest. These pesticides are used by farmers to kill insects like grasshopper bugs etc. It also helps to prevent form the growth of fungus, bacteria or viruses on the crops. Viruses, Bacteria life cycle studied in Biology.

Industrial Fields

Chemicals are widely used by the industries to manufacture different by products like cement, paints tiles, furniture food preservative and every little thing. The things that are manufacture in industries can have go through the chemical reactions .like in the cement industry sand is mixed with some chemicals so that a high quality cement is come to us.

Medicinal Fields

Chemistry gives the huge help in medicinal fields. More often the drugs are used for prevention and treatment of the disease is made up of chemicals. It help us to know the actual composition of drug and in understanding the chemical nature of help us to diagnose the disease and to give knowledge about the benefits and effects of drugs. it help us to form new drugs that are more powerful to cure the diseases.


The basic component of the computer is microchips that are made up of silicon. The use and properties of silicon is discovering by chemistry. The main body of computer is made up of plastic that is also the composition due to chemical industry.

Household Appliances

Chemicals are exists in our house like cleaner, soap, shampoo and detergents etc. We use all these to remove the stain or to clean dishes cloths and floor etc. Regularly chemicals reactions take place in our surrounding. The fire that blow in our stove.

The gas in the pipe or Tyre of any vehicle the candle the burning fuel even a burning of match stick is a result of chemical reaction. Preservatives that we use to preserve our food. Refrigerator that we use also contain many chemicals that take the surrounding air and cool down pour things.

Microwave to warm and refresh the food also have some chemicals in side it that makes the food warm or refresh.


Chemistry and is advancement is needed for the advancement of technology. It helps us to explore the great universe. By using principles of chemistry we are able to explore and extract different types of metals and form new type of things that is made up of plastic or any metal.

Plastic and metals are used in all every field of life like household, hospitals, transportation, schools and offices etc. the new gadgets are also form due to chemistry. Due to chemistry we are able to make more new thing like phones, tablets, clothes, shoes, bags and many types of medicines, new treatments and many more.

In shorts every man made thing have linked with chemistry so chemistry is one of the essentials of our life


Hifza is a student of bioinformatics. She is a research student and working on cancer.

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