You will see that each year some trendy super-food appears on the internet and promises to cure all your ailments. This year, celery juice has been trending online and offline for its extra-ordinary healing properties. Proponents claim that among other benefits, celery juice can help cure the digestive tract and relieve constipation.

But does this claim worth the hype? Is it safe to replace your prunes with this green vegetable?

The answer is yes and the answer is no. there are both sides to this claim. Anthony William is the author of Medical Medium, the New York Times best seller who declared that the celery juice is the ultimate treatment to all diseases including liver, thyroid and autoimmune disorders.

According to William, the diuretic effect of drinking celery juice will replenish the body fluids, as it is a strong diuretic. It helps the body to get rid of accumulated toxins. In this way, the high water content of celery juice makes it a suitable laxative for those suffering from acute and chronic constipation.

Here is how, according to Anthony William, heals the inflamed gut and liver, detoxifies them and revitalize them for a better performance.

Reduces Liver Inflammation

Many people have to face constipation because their liver is not working to its full extent and is not producing enough bile. The cause of a sluggish, stagnant liver may be the build-up of toxins due to the consumption of highly processed foods. Liver may also slow down due to the fatty inflammation caused by high-fat diets. Celery juice will revitalize a slow liver by helping to remove toxins.

Kills Unwanted Bacteria

An over-burdened liver results as a decrease in the production of bile acids, which regulate the process of digestion. When fats are not digested properly they accumulate in the gut and feed the colonies of bacteria causing bloating and constipation. The celery juice contains sodium cluster salts which are natural pathogen destroyers and help kills bacteria, including strep which turn resistant to antibiotics.

Rebuild the Intestinal Walls

Celery juice triggers the peristalsis and helps the food to move through the digestive tract. Even though it lacks fiber, it helps relieving constipation by reestablishing the lining of small intestine. It also

Regulates Neurotransmitters and Hormones

The sodium cluster salts are efficient neurotransmitters, and they act by relaxing the body. In the presence of these essential salts they body’s hormone producing mechanisms work properly. This state of body helps relieve constipation.

What’s The Other Side of Story?

Some nutrition experts are however, not convinced with William’s point of view. The award winning nutritionist Carolyn Williams believe that celery relieves bloating because it is a diuretic. These effects can be attributed to the vegetable’s ability to maintain a water balance.

Rachel Goodman, a renowned nutritionist told that there is not enough research based evidence that celery juice can relieve constipation. It is just a boost of the vitamins and minerals, along with ample amount of water.

Celery juice can cause constipation if you minimize your daily dose of whole fruits and vegetables. Remember that the juice is extracted from the celery and all of its fiber is completely removed. This may actually cause constipation if you do not consume enough of dietary fiber in a day.

In short, we can say that consuming a couple of glasses celery juice first thing in the morning will not do any harm. But if you are a patient of constipation, you should remember that celery juice is not a magical potion. Every thing claimed in favor of celery juice is not backed by researches. You must continue taking your optimum dose of whole grains, fruits and vegetables to regulate your bowel levels..

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