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Can Celery Juice Cause Constipation

can celery juice cause constipation

Bloating and constipation are some severe health issues that every other person faces. There could be numerous reasons why people face constipation. However, it’s even more critical to seek its cure.

Each year, you will see that some trendy superfoods appear on the internet and promise to cure all your ailments. This year, celery has been trending online and offline for its extraordinary health benefits. Proponents claim that, among other benefits, celery, in the form of juice, can help cure the digestive tract and relieve constipation.

But is this claim worth the hype? Is it safe to replace your prunes with this green vegetable? Or does celery juice itself cause constipation?

The answer is yes, and the answer is no. There are both sides to this claim. Anthony William is the author of Medical Medium, the New York Times bestseller, who declared that celery juice is the ultimate treatment for certain infections and many diseases, including bacterial infections, liver diseases, thyroid issues, and autoimmune disorders. Let’s continue to discuss whether celery juice really causes constipation or whether this juice is a magic elixir to help with digestive issues.


What is Celery Juice Good for?

This juice is extracted from the green vegetable – celery and has several nutritional benefits. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Patients dealing with Vitamin A and C deficiency can definitely consume it to overcome their health issues.

If you talk about its nutritional efficacy in relieving digestive problems – yes, it does have that, too! Most of the scientific and experimental pieces of evidence claim that celery juice does not cause constipation; in fact, it has a lot of components that help make you poop easily. Moreover, its low fiber content compared to celery vegetables adds to the benefits of helping with bloating and constipation.

According to William, the diuretic effect of drinking celery juice will replenish the body fluids, being a strong diuretic. It helps the body get rid of accumulated toxins. In this way, it is a suitable laxative for those suffering from acute and chronic constipation.

Other Benefits of Celery Juice for the Body

Due to its rich nutritional value, drinking celery juice is connected to helping in the following:

Restores Gut Health

It has the ability to restore hydrochloric acid in the gut area, thus helping people digest things more efficiently. If you were previously unsure if celery juice causes constipation, things should be evident to you now! No, it doesn’t cause constipation but produces several enzymes and stomach acids to fasten the digestion process. Besides, studies revealed that celery juice has the tendency to restore gastric mucus, which further helps reduce acid reflux and ulcers.

Reduces Liver Inflammation

The cause of a sluggish, stagnant liver may be the build-up of toxins due to the consumption of highly processed foods. The liver may also slow down due to the fatty inflammation caused by high-fat diets. Improper liver functioning can cause constipation in such patients, besides other issues. Celery juice aids in reducing liver inflammation. It helps by producing different enzymes that directly help remove unwanted toxins.


Rebuild the Intestinal Walls

Celery juice triggers peristalsis and helps the food to move through the digestive tract. Even though it lacks fiber, it helps relieve constipation by reestablishing the small intestine lining.

Improves and Makes Digestion Speedy

Celery juice has fibers, vitamins, and minerals that increase the blood circulation in the intestine – obviously good for relieving constipation! Not only this, but it also acts as a diuretic and natural laxative.

Regulates Neurotransmitters and Hormones

There are sodium cluster salts in celery juice that act as efficient neurotransmitters. These components help the body relax. In the presence of these neurotransmitters, the body’s hormone-producing mechanisms work correctly. When the body is in a relaxing state, it ultimately will have good digestion, thus relieving constipation.


So, if you were previously confused and questioning, “Does celery juice make you poop?” The answer is pretty straightforward – yes! However, there is another story by nutrition experts, and let’s get to that.

What’s the Other Side of the Story?

Some nutrition experts are, however, not convinced with William’s point of view. The award-winning nutritionist Carolyn Williams believes that celery relieves bloating because it is a diuretic. These effects can be attributed to the vegetable’s ability to maintain a water balance.

Rachel Goodman, a renowned nutritionist, said there is not enough research-based evidence that celery juice can cause constipation. It is just a boost of vitamins and minerals, along with an ample amount of water.

In other words, he believes that celery juice causes constipation if you minimize your daily dose of this vegetable. Remember that the juice is extracted from the celery, and all of its fiber is completely removed. It may actually cause constipation if you do not consume enough dietary fiber in a day.

Maintaining Your Health While Consuming Celery Juice

If you experience constipation while having celery juice, you should opt for a balanced approach. Taking everything in the right amount will help you stay healthy and not deal with constipation every day. We recommend the following:

  • Incorporating a variety of other vegetables, fruits, and fiber-rich grains is best to have besides drinking celery juice. Your nutritional value should not solely depend on celery juice to support digestive health.
  • It’s essential to always stay hydrated, especially if you’re dealing with constipation. Besides drinking celery juice, you should drink plenty of water to maintain your hydration level.
  • If you see someone having positive effects from drinking celery juice and you do not have the same, don’t worry! Everybody is different, and so does its digestive system. You can consult with your doctor if you’re continuously facing constipation despite having all fiber-rich foods and celery juice.

Final Verdict – Celery Juice for Constipation

All in all, constipation is not expected if you’re drinking celery juice in sufficient quantity. Consuming a couple of celery juice glasses on an empty stomach will not harm you, but if you are coping with constipation, you should remember that celery juice is not a magical potion. Everything claimed in favor of celery juice is not backed by research. It would be best if you continued taking your optimal dose of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables to regulate your bowel levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does daily drinking of celery juice have a disadvantage?

The juice naturally has chemicals, such as psoralens, that expose your skin to sunlight and make it more sensitive. So, a high intake of celery juice can cause skin-related issues, probably skin cancer. Similarly, there are many other types of cancer caused by reasons such as obesity, mutation, radiation, etc.

Can celery juice affect your thyroid?

An excessive celery eating disturbs the average body’s iodine intake, thus resulting in goiter. So, always consult an expert if you’re regularly taking this drink to cure any health-related problem.

Does celery work to reduce belly fat?

There is no such evidence showing a relation between weight loss and celery juice. However, if you prefer drinking this juice over high-calorie fizzy drinks, it will definitely aid you in losing weight. Moreover, this drink helps maintain blood pressure and reduce inflammation.

Is there a way to naturally get rid of constipation?

Several natural tips and tricks eliminate your constipation issues, thus helping you poop immediately. The treatments enlisted below indeed accelerate the bowel movement in a matter of hours:

  • Fiber supplements
  • Stool softeners
  • Drinking a glass of milk or consuming yogurt
  • Food rich in fibers
  • Using enema on prescription
  • Taking laxative stimulants, etc.

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